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Kurti Manufacturer in Jaipur: The variety I have brought for you, selling sentence, according sleeves is available here, these look have been given, now the difference is less than 89 startups, with the power, you get every single designing variety here, now live purchasing is going on. It is also possible to easily convince the customer, so when we start the business, first of all we set a small amount, according to which we can purchase varieties, how rate with the Kesaria Textile Company, if you add From here you get the best quality varieties with economical power, because how Kesaria Textile Company, which is not only a variety, but also helps in furthering the business of the customer. bhi if you want to be a part of our Kesaria Textile Company’s family, then you can subscribe to our channel quickly, ab jo hai, if you subscribe, you also become a part of our jo hai 10 ke family, ko new se Updates of new collection also keep getting time so that whatever you want in your business Full help goes inside the press that which design is coming inside the new market, then you come to know its collection, then the variety that I have brought for you through today’s video is going to be very beautiful inside the kurti.

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There is a lovely collection inside which you can see very lovely designs have been made according to the patch work, every time according to the suit materials, we see that we get patch work, but inside the kurti also you will find Patch work is going to be attached and here the entire fabric which will remain cotton, that too the lining sleeves which will remain, you can see the 3/4 sleeves are going to be available here, in that also you get the border concept completely. Each and every collection you have to win the set, the next collection is going to come in the same way, you are going to get this variety inside the soft cotton, you are going to get triangle accord sequence ka kam, hamare yahan pe matra jo hai 89 se startup And I am showing you all the designs up to 500, the next which is now tomorrow.

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The action is going to be very bright color and you are going to get it in a very beautiful sub pattern because the design of the bike in the middle of the yellow and also the sequence above the A linings you get, isn’t it very If you are going to get more beautiful varieties, if you like the resort, you will take the shoes, this variety is going to be inside the cotton, inside which you can see the neck basis, very cute button look, van button look and inside it you can see Complete hand work has been done, flower’s acording ballad work is also available here, so you will get different colors inside all these collections so that if you are doing business from home or your shop If you have then you can easily convince the customer that the colors are going to be the designs in this way catalog non catalog every pattern you get here then move on to the next variety see the next pattern coming hai ye kuch khari cotton ke accordion aapko milta ji han khali cotton hai lekin next this isse aap jo hai You can see the simple design, you will get the neck here and you can see the ballad work, you will also get the flower design, you will get the sleeves according to the 3/4 pattern, now the minimum budget of 10000 with mix Want to make varieties inside, you can order through cash on delivery, in any corner of India, where you get whatever code is available through pay pin code.

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Not only century, but kurti is also very much in demand now, so the collections of this type are started from 300 in our market, inside it not only kurti but also if you want complete frock style pattern or three piece Concept is needed, every single designing variety is available here, if you want to see all these collections, YouTube channel which lives like our Kesaria Textile Company, then go to the search box and just write the collection of Kurti. How to see the rate of Kesaria Textile Company, then it is complete You will be able to see the complete collection of long frock here, then we go to the next variety, why the next collection that is going to be here, you will get the entire according to the long frock, which is based on the fabric, the neck, the stand collar you will get.

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The look of buttons is going to be found in these shorts, this is a complete sherwani pattern, that too according to the umbrella house, such collections are in high demand in every area, you belong to anywhere in India. Not only thoys from na but also all varieties will be able to be ordered through complete observe transportation, that too on us, world wide shipping is available, so on here, whenever customers come directly, like here you can see live now. Purchasing is going on, in their language they get sales executive, they are told very well about the fabric and they also get the idea of the design, so Himanshi I hope you liked the varieties very much. till then i will wait for you Thank you because when you comment, we will be able to know in which language you want to watch the video, which varieties you want to know, till then thank you!

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