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Indian Sarees Manufacturers: How to reduce the exam in Kesaria Textile Company, whenever the customer joins us for the first time, you also get sales executive in their language and here you get the detailing of each variety, which is on this side. This whole is going to be our accounts department, you can easily get all this collection with the convenience of transportation. How are you Kesaria Textile Company I have once again connected with all of you less time it happens customer ask us what is Kesaria Textile Company how to reduce in textile company how they get the collection and when they online If they do purchasing, then how their couriers are delivered to them, so how are they. Kesaria Textile Company is the biggest manufacturing company.


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Here you will get to see the complete experience of 45 years. who is courier see Whatever customers do online purchasing now, their quotations are prepared in the same way, the samples they like, they will get the same collection from here as if the customer is retiring. If we want Carry Bag separately, then you also get that collection inside it and you can get all these collections sitting at your home through video call because festival season is going on, so everyone wants that directly here. You can come and visit and easily purchase the entire collection, which is complete, you will find a separate packing department, inside which the quotation is made, here you can see that the quotation is going to be made in this way and what is here You get the detailing of each variety, you have to take the complete set vice from here because we deal only in oil selling, so here you can see that you will get each variety from the bar coding system only.


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Price is going to be your pick if you come offline or do online purchasing. If you are not going to get any change in the price, then you have seen that the account department of offline is only ours, which department is going to be online, through which the collection now belongs to you from wherever you are, with the convenience of transportation. The whole collection is easily available, now it is a matter of Keshod delivery, then Keshod delivery is also available to you, that means in any corner of India, where the code is available through pin code, all the collections are easily delivered to you. When you go to this side you can see that this is our living reception area where whenever the customer wants to join us for the first time, you also get sales executive in their language so that it becomes easy for you to get information.


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The collection which is in this way the whole set is vice, all these are scanned, after that further processing is going to happen, that means how its packaging is going to happen, where you have to deliver it through transport or else by hand if you want to take So you can take it by hand, so this was our whole process of Kesaria Textile Company, how to provide you varieties, if you want to get more information, make a small call or message on the numbers given on the screen. Give and where do you belong from, we will definitely tell you and which Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam as well as English videos, if you want to watch, then you get all the facilities, then subscribe to our channel as soon as possible. Do also press the bell icon and with this we will meet in some new video with some news information till then thanks for watching!

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