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Varanasi Saree Manufacturer: I warmly welcome you in the Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction and today’s video is going to be on sim did work and you know that you will get to see such concepts inside the diet. And friends, you know that now Navratri is about to come, after that there is Diwali and in between Diwali there are many such small festivals which are going to be very important for our business, but in the midst of such an important festival, if our If the collection is going to be wonderful, then the result that you will get is also going to be wonderful, so I request you to do some pre-preparation at your place, then let’s start with today’s collection which is going to be on Simmi Diet. If it is going to be like that then friends will start with the fabric in which you can see the work of the sequence has been given to you and let’s talk about the complete touch of the sequence you have mixed and if you talk about the fabric then you yourself You can see how much shiny fabrics you will get cut properly you will get 6:30 There are a lot of selections but van by van.


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I am showing you some collections so that you can get an idea that the collection you are going to get inside Kesaria Textile Company is very positive according to the festival and talking about the collections friends By sharing this much collection we will continue to make videos, it will take a whole day but the collection is not going to end, so my request is that whatever collection you understand, take a screenshot of that set, you can book your order in seconds. I am showing you the collection tone to tone work only on Simar but you will get the thread of embroidery, you will get it in different color combination and talk about friends catalog is Karnal catalogue, you can mention because you If there is no problem in replacing the order, then in this way you are going to get different fabrics, now in the next I am showing you the concept, simple sober, within the golden zari, you are going to get the silver zari inside the rebellion. Diamond you got inside it Big borders are going to be taken, you are going to get them, you are going to get them on silk base and talk about friends, Play Store is the name of this catalog, you also mention that the collections are very simple, sober and such collections which are made by the government.


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There are teachers who do jobs, they like this type of collection very much because simple riders who are very attractive, what you have on top of the bizarre favorite, in this way you are going to get laces in contrast and you In the upper lace which you can see, you are going to find frills, that too inside the contract base i.e. the collection is going to be simple and sober, but the frills you will get on the contrast base in this way, because as the lace is, you will like it. Fringes are going to be found and the fabrics you know are bizarre fabrics, shiny and silk fabrics are going to be found inside it, so the next bandh you are going to see is also on the bizarre but on contrast base you will find the whole collection of it. Will go as you can see golden and different threads The inside is done with lace, the designs you will get are on the contrast base, you will get many designs, the catalog which is going to be Jaspreet catalog, you can see its collection, it is a wonderful collection, friends, and when you get such a collection If you want, then you know that the collections that are going to be different, you will get different ones, so next I am showing you different ones on chiffon base, on contrast base, you will find small but different designs, that too different.


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Different windows along with golden diamond are attached on top of it friends collection you will get a lot of it’s clock name is Jackpot you will mention friends because if you don’t have any kind of problem then you can see silk on top of satin border In this you will get the touch of mirror with embroidery, in which we talk about the designs, then you will get the wave pattern design, in which you will get the corn of embroidery, the concept is very shiny and the lace inside it will be found. Which is in high demand right now And let’s talk friends, what is it, shaadi.com is the name of the catalog, you will mention in which you will find the color chart, which is going to be found inside the light chart, then next we will see that you will get it on top of the georgette fabric. You will get tone to tone with silver color work inside it and you will also see diamond inside it, that is, you will get simple sober attractive collections and whatever collection is showing you friends all over India. Let’s go inside and especially you know that wherever you look Bihar, Maharashtra, South, there is a lot of demand for centuries and the collection is being shown to you for the same purpose as you will know that the collections which are living How will they stay, then you can see the cutwork on the georgette base, you can see the embroidery touch up in it, you can see the different color diamonds inside it, like the whole of the century.


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The look is looking very nice friends and favorite can see very light and Everyone is going to get the most favorite color combination inside it, next I am showing you the mirror touch on the top of the phone with simar, you are going to get cutwork, there are many collections, next I am showing you Rangoli Favorite will be found but the work done is taken on golden base, in which you can see that along with release you will get diamond touch, you will get different concepts like this, friends, then van by name, some samples Let’s see so that you will come to know how the collections are going to be Jaari bol do weightless hai shifa ne turkii hai 60 ga hai jitne bhi concept as you can see you will get complete Siroski collections Many but you know friends, due to this lack of time, we are showing you only some collections, as you will know that in which state the collections are going to live and we want that If your relationship with us continues to grow in this way, then I get its name Marathi. In the hug video but friends before that if you have not subscribed to our channel then don’t forget to press the bell icon now because it will give you new notifications of new videos which will help you a lot in business then see you guys in the next video with something brand new till then thanks for watching!

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