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Designer Dupatta Manufacturers: Kesaria Textile Company is where you get womens line complete collection, now collection what if I talk about, wherever your eyes will go, you will get many collections means here all scooty legis dupattas plazo suit materials lehengas as well as Along with what is there, you also get collections like conversation here, but this is a collection that you will not know until you visit, so for this, please subscribe to our channel and press it as soon as possible. So that there are many collections of this method, which can be purchased sitting at home, then the final collection that is going to remain today will be the dupatta collection, which means that the dupatta starts from 29th, whose varieties can be seen here. Samples you must be looking at how Kesaria Textile Company, you get all the varieties which is segment baggy here and you are going to get all India test here too, so look at our collection here along with the price. It happens to you birding sis You will get only according to the order, because the Kesaria Textile Company in Surat is the only company where there is a pay bar coding system, that is because the transparency that is with the customer, you are going to get what is intact here every time.


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Today’s collection is going to be according to the festival season, like see this, first of all, I would like to show you the whole collection of Banarasi dupattas, inside which the whole giving design is made, but according to the traditional look, the concept is very It is also in high demand, so look at it completely, weaving has been done inside it, you can see that it has been made in a very good way, if I talk about the length, then the concept of 2 1/4 meters is given to you. Properly here it is going to pay means not here 2.25 if you want up to 2.5 meter dupatta then it is available in such collection if you want to know its price then every time we tell you to take screenshot and contact our online team Will join but who is this time I also want to show you the price, see this bar recording system, the market starts from 250, here you will get the setup of 8 pieces, you can also see the colors, in this way you get the color combination, which makes it easy for you. We have to increase our sales because whenever the customers come, if they are coming in the festival season, then we have always made the collection in the same style, so as the time is changing, so do the products. If it is necessary, then the next concept grows, why see this, the next concept that is about to come, it will be completely inside the quota checks, that means there is a variety of cotton, but inside it you will get to tie it completely.


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Oil painting was done in a very good way. here you can see the border made samosa border concept which is the same concept you get here completely you get this dupatta with two and a half meters length you can also see the proper you are going to get You can also see the width, you can get the full width from here Means if you belong from anywhere and if you want to have a collection of Patti then very easily how you can join Kesaria Textile Company for that if you want to see more varieties go to youtube channel there Jo hai dupatta collection Kesaria Textile Company search many collections which you will be able to see at the same time means you get the whole view from here then see what it will become you can see this way you get the packing Starts from 149 and this type of collections are going to be received from the catalog named Trisha means you will take a screenshot of it so that you will message again so that sitting at home online with a minimum budget of 10000 If you will be able to read then utensil next collection is coming which is mass demanding variety in our punjab and haryana chinnan basis fabric will remain and design of dupatta you can see the complete threading work inside it with studded work And see what’s in it, you will see lace bows on both sides.


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The order is going to be received and if I am talking about the lamp, you will get a proper dupatta of two and a half meters. Available but all the collection you can read from here by measuring yourself, so see here it is going to be priced in this way, it also starts from 149, you can see the colors inside it, all of the dark colors You get the accordion and you have to purchase all these varieties from here set wise because how to deal in fruit selling from Kesaria Textile Company, exporter is also there, then world wide shipping will be available to you so that our customer does not have to face any ticket. Aaani to bharte next concept why see this most unique red answer pattern means you are going to get this whole net basis with gota patti lace border this fabric will remain very soft inside which you can see flower bowties also made has gone and here you see the borders that have been made With the same finishing, you get from here, then such collections are there, if you want to order, according to the stock, according to your business, then dial was, now you can contact with the Kesaria Textile Company, so that in this way many more If you will be able to order all the collections from here, then let’s see what will be its price, then see the price which will remain, quantity starts from Rs.


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If there is then why not include such a variety now and in this season means Diwali season is about to come so in Diwali season many customers come for purchasing but it is necessary to keep our collection as well as it is related to If you need any information while sitting at home, if you want to purchase, with this video call, this facility, you will be able to order a lot of collections of this type pet vice from here, yes, this scarf is also what you are looking for. 95 starts up hijab dupatta georgette dresses ji aa You are going to get it means if you belong from Delhi side or you belong from some area where there are a lot of Muslim clients, then you can show it with such variety because your profit will remain. Well setup will be done then why look at the next collection the next collection that is going to happen now it is georgette basis dupatta full area type inside it is embroidered look with sequence you also get small butts here And in the same way that starting here you will see the whole border all around, then there are such varieties of colors inside it, you are going to get a lot of brights, but first of all know its price quantity, its price starts from ₹ 145.


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Colors are done, you can see, according to the regular color charts, still if you want the facility of PDF, yes, you also get the facility of PDF, for which you can message us on WhatsApp, the bus number on the screen is the same. Have gone so that your only through the online team You get sales executive in the language, who can give you very good information and support about all these collections and your business related, then the next dupattas grow, why see this, the next dupattas that are about to come are also georgette dresses. But this is a very heavy material, you are going to get trading work, which has been made, the whole design concept, which is very different, is a new collection, that means, in the special collection of 2022, I am showing you the lace border, you can also see it, in the same way you will get this If you get a proper creation, then many such collections are available, if you want to order, take a screenshot immediately and if you want to know its price, then you will definitely tell us by commenting that what is going to be its price or you can see this according to your own accord and What kind of collection do you want to see, then here you see the colors that are going to be available, in the same way you get the color charted here.


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Also join They also believe that the transport facility is available from here at which places, so I tell you every time that world wide shipping is available from here, easily keep a minimum budget of 10000 and You will be able to order this entire collection from us and also, if you go to Mahan, then you will get the code available in any corner of India, that too through the pin code, where you will get the facility of transport, then move on to the next. Look at the election, the next collection that is about to come will be like a red base ji dupatta, but the design made inside it is a very good concept, that means, like earlier Lucknowi pattern dupatta, so will the net dupatta. The whole creation has been done inside and the lace border is also very beautifully all around, till you get inside it, then you will get all these dupattas with a cut of 2.5 meters, as well as packing If I talk something like this you get packing and what is here is balkonding from everyone Means this collection starts from 105 then we have seen today’s collection of dupatta jogi selected varieties I have shown but I have told you all the prices so if you want to order immediately place the order keep minimum 10000 It is not necessary that only scarf Subscribe to the channel that is right, I will do a new collection, you will keep getting notifications and with this, we will also be with you and I will keep taking a bath with my new collection, thanks for the time.

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