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Bridal Saree Wholesaler Surat: Hello friends I am that achusti devices me feedback jo this chakra feedback me and bhawna kumar in this channel ₹1000 ke apne k fighting renu message chicken maratha third question me nayi soch nayi disha with new direction I warmly welcome you to come today’s video Wala Hai Specially Festival Accordion is going to happen and you know that there is a lot of different demand for pistols and within that different demand, if you have such a different collection, then what? It is worth saying that inside our website, which is going to show you the product and on the top of the net sequence, you can see that this fabric has a wonderful flavor, but the work you are going to get on top of it is not going to be different. From which you will get ID that if I keep this kind of family because you know that it is going on now, Rakshabandhan is about to come and after that I will come to you in Rakshabandhan, festivals are coming, they are coming for Navratri. There are many festivals coming in the song, but the cameras are ready that you are ready to celebrate this festival.


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Kesaria Textile Company, we have done all the preparation from our side but I have done my preparation, the question is to ask yourself, if you have a collection, then you will get great benefits, but along with it, the customer now comes here, he will give you If someone demands something, then if you have that thing or that product, then you can present it in a better way, but the customer will leave you unsatisfied because it is said that satisfied customer is our plus point, so all those things Keeping in mind that you can see that inside the net you are going to get the complete sequence of work, along with the border of the cirrus is taken inside the contrast and you know that whatever the contract is, the fabric is taken. it’s use it’s very much in demand and you can see why on the net you’re getting all the sequence work it’s getting it’s like this find it’s gonna get it’s product it’s gonna get it like this water concept inside going to meet and then meet with its border with contrast, friends like this If you are going to get it from the phone, you will get it only in the case registered company and it is said that you do not have pre-preparation, it can take you far ahead and for that pre-preparation, I brought today’s video here for you.


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You can see that here in this way you are going to get the full time of what you have, with the special and the less that you get inside the cord, which makes the beauty of the whole look wonderful, then countless words like this Countless which ones you are going to get, you will get them only inside case registered company and if I talk about blouse then you can see. You can have a blouse inside the contract and you are going to get Siroski’s work inside it, then next I will show you the rangoli fabric shown on it and the rangoli fabric is a very nice soft cloth and the soldier is yours and the work you will get in it This is how the golden work is going to be done with the mesh concept, you can see that there is such a lovely work, with intricate square meters, inside it, the first blow you have taken with Enrique WhatsApp with Diamond. Who will get such every foot to foot updates, you will get updates in this way, the whole pulp is filled with the cut and you will get the work, friends, in this way, the whole shell of the whole is going to be found inside with diamond.


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If you are with then such different contact unicorn search is going to be found, they will be found only and only within the Kesaria Textile Company of friends, do not wait, come quickly and such wonderful which ones will you get, you will keep them on your shop, the customer If you can pose better than the best thing from here, then its blouse which you is going to get it in this way it is going to get inside the face you will get many such patterns only in Kesaria Textile Company so don’t delay let’s see which one you are going to get That on top of this 6 grams, on top of the 6 grams, which is the fabric, which is going to give you time, the whole mesh concept is going to be found inside, look how beautiful it is looking, and the border that you have taken, take it with multi color. The teeth work inside is said to be different, threads are taken inside it, due to which the beauty of the whole is looking very nice and in this way what you are going to get is Buddha which Golden Zari with different 26 taken If it has happened then you can see which one you will get in this way and I am telling you again and again that you will get the thing here, it is going to be completely complete, you can see that you will get complete complete lace.


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Maybe all is about to end but lace is still not over then you are going to get full article I want to tell you that Kesaria Textile Company It does not compromise at all in its court, our aim is to provide the best thing to the customer from here, so that the customer does not have any problem, then on the next side, the work that you are going to get in this will be shown to you. Work is going to be done with golden zari date, so you will get problem in this way. Vichitra fabric inside that too with diamond and full cutwork is done inside it and golden zari has booti tapa inside it which is used for saree and also It is looking very wonderful so which of these types of A’s are you going to get and the matter is Everest’s fennel is very healing and you are going to get different which ones are going to be found inside it and at work in India the fabric is good work You will get complete and in this way the blouse that you are going to get will remain, this is how you will get it, so friends, keep these small things in mind, then we will not have any kind of problem, then you can see ho and let me talk on Kesaria Textile Company guys yes i want to tell you Kesaria Textile Company The beginning of which is very wonderful and strong, since last 45 years working inside textile printer, I want to tell you that we are going to give you all the things in manufacturing from here and you have whole sale whole here.


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But the products are going to be great, you will get it, you are careless about it, so in this way you can see from whom you will get it, this is the concept, the whole golden zari is taken, along with the golden further work, so what is inside it. The beauty of this face with diamond chat start is going to get even better, so it is wonderful like this, which one is going to be found inside the bridal collection, there are many patterns, but I want to tell you that I have given you only a few things. Shown because the video will be very big and you can go through the problem in it, so keeping all these things in mind, I have made today’s video, you have to watch from Sara *, so how to get out inside the Kesaria Textile Company, see who you have here- what kind of meeting, how is it going to meet, whatever you will get here No, they are going to get very good, they are going to get wonderful, WhatsApp will get full code, you will get full, and the quality quality is going to be available to you, then the one who will show full in the next, it is within 60 grams, this Gurjar within a WhatsApp You will get and the work you will get in this, how you will get the whole network, with the whole golden zari, along with the diamond catchup, so friends, you will find such best patterns here, inside the bridal collection, and the work of the work You are going to get very cool here, you can see if you want to meet the complete work with typing, then you will find many such patterns here, but what to do, you have to come here, the wonderful collection is ready for you.


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You have to come and see what kind of concept I am going to get friends and the thing is that the product of the product you will get many under one roof Hajj friends I just showed you the bridal inside the saree collection but you have the elasticity You are going to get the complete collection of Cattle In the log you are going to get all the correction of love, inside the cm you will find many different patterns inside the service, after that in the cotton section you will find different prints, on that we will go on to tie the waves. This is inside friends you are going to get all things under one roof because not if I get all I want then I don’t need to go anywhere else don’t delay let’s see how you will get different things here dates you turn around me on a date it has to dry up in that I have shown you just a few problems if you want to keep doing this cut SIM what kind of t-shirt companies welcome you so hope I hope you have liked today’s video very much and remember all these things, you are going to be very beneficial, so friends, see you next, but keep it, if you have not subscribed to our channel, do it now, do not forget to press the bell icon because These small things are going to benefit you a lot in your business, so see you next thanks for the video till then bye-bye.

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