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Pure Banarasi Silk Saree Manufacturers: So now you can see that today’s sarees are going to be made, we set up five pieces of complete weaving concept, but the release has been done, inside the color combination, jhumka type, this design, inside each design, very soft material, complete lens. Have executive get readymade blouse 79 start ups join with manufacturing company and buy all these collections at factory rate from here because you can see today’s sarees are going to be very special collection means banarasi This whole catalog is going to be called Mallika Silk of the century, now if I talk about the colors, then you can see something like this, you get the packing.


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You are going to get the setup of five pieces, as well as the catalog It is also available if you want to see only the catalog without seeing the variety, then you can see it very comfortably. Flower design has been reduced according to the weaving concept. are found in a very best way, that means you are going to get its complete mesh type pattern, now the complete pallu will come, look at it completely, in this way you get the pallu, it is very cute, color combination has also been made inside it.


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And you can see the border, which is complete, you will get the complete border of Kanjiram test type here, inside which you will also get the Jhalar pattern, so if you want to join us, then you can just call us. Give message and world wide shipping is available from here you get the next collection which is going to be catalog named Gulzar you can see it completely you get training here The color of saffron will remain from inside but the release has been reduced.


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Very cute flower pattern has been made here in this way wing design is weaving you can see you are going to get with puri finishing then go ahead next vaari thank you amrita name will be catalog amrita volume van se jhumka type you will get this design full inside pallu which is bell According to the pattern, this border has been made and here you get the complete length of 630, now inside the all over body part of the century, you are going to get the design in this way, inside each design 10 plus 20 plus designs are found.


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Colors are also whatever you want dark color, light color, so far we have seen some sarees here, but now this century is going to be made of cotton, inside this concept you get this concept, inside which weaving is done inside gray color. The design is made lotus type pattern is available here very soft material concept you are going to get inside the entire pallu according to every and area also test vice here you get the century then increasing the next variety why the next collection is light color is inside because as I told you the color of light Varieties are also available here, so in the same way you are going to get this complete collection, inside it Puri is made in golden color with proper designing, because our customers who are direct if they come to visit Neither do they want to get an executive in their language so that they can easily explain the varieties of their tests, so we have world wide shipping available here.


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You see, this catalog will be complete by the name Radha Rani, which is the same way you get this concept, which is made inside the peacock pattern, in a classic way, you get the design inside it, it has been done in multiple colors because Banarasi Jo There are sarees, the colors inside it are completely different, because here it is done with tone colors, as you can see, like the peacock, the silk thread is done inside it in the same way throughout the century. If you get designing then this is the same collection of the century. But with Banarasi century, if you want a collection of regimental blouse, then you also get that quantity, which is available here, readymade blouses are made from 79 pieces, so I hope you have liked today’s designing very much, but if the price If you want to know, then join us directly, how to retrical with the company and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, I will keep coming Himanshi with new to new collections with new to new varieties till then thanks!

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