Diwali Special Banarasi Silk Saree Manufacturers and Banarasi Saree Wholesalers 2022

Banarasi Silk Sarees Manufacturers: Dupatta Plazo Suit Materials Lehenga Wali, it will be inside the Banarasi century, which you can see, here you will see many concepts, which you will get only Seth Vising, because such concepts are there if you are doing business. If you are doing business from home or if you have color options inside your shop, then you will be able to convince the customer very easily. Today’s variety of Banarasi silk sarees in the Kesaria Textile Company, so the collection of all such centuries, you can purchase from one place, you just have to purchase everything set wise from here because we have Deals are done only in fruit selling, if I talk about its pricing rate, then the startup which is going to be starting from 765, I am going to show you the varieties up to 1465, in which you will get a lot of paitans. But we do have silk sarees which are normal. hai 176 starts, so see here, I am showing the first variety, the whole catalog is going to be named Wonder Color Silk and from the look, you must have guessed that according to the festival season, such sarees are in high demand.


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I am going to live in it so see this concept which will remain complete with work in progress weaving is not done inside it pallu you can see it is made very nice it has article and pattern inside it flower pattern has been made At the same time, here you get the concept of pallu with full border and with fringe concept, so this is the design of the century, inside the whole body part, you can see that some butes have been made. Which you get according to the weaving concept, then if you like the collection of this method, now quickly take a screenshot and all these collections, keep a minimum budget of 10000 every sitting and purchase comfortably. If I talk about the price of tomato it starts from 799 and inside it If you get a lot of patterns too, then move towards the next variety, then the next concept that is about to come, look, this is going to be a complete catalog called Special Laxman, inside which you can see the colors, the color of five pieces, but very different.


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You will get the lovely color according to the dark color and inside it you will get the design which you will get according to the brand new friend, see this whole concept of red color means if I talk about it then initially our Many festivals have started in India, in which Karva Chauth is about to come, in which you all know that the concept of red color is more liked, so this particular concept is going to remain the same, weaving has been done in it. Here you can see the border here, you can see the border very beautifully with the concept of Jhalar, this pallu is going to be seen by you, now it is a matter of the whole background of this century, so it is completely, in the same way, this design If you find the double border concept in it, then it is like Yes, you will get very reasonable rates from us, that means quantity is available in 65, Yes, you have heard it right, this quantity is of 765, inside it you will get five piece setup, so order such collections quickly. Do it because when many customers come to visit us, they say that madam, you had shown some other varieties in the video, but we are not able to get it here, so this is the issue because we do not have it here.


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Pay Varieties always get out of stock because now in the festival season many varieties are being ordered back to back and in that there are some fancy collections which are out of stock, so I will tell you this variety. If you like it, call us on the number given on the screen, then proceed to the next design, because this is going to be a full catalog of Puri named Samrat Beauty Series, inside which you will see the complete set of six pieces, you will get it now. The variety which has a professional look has become a party wear concept. It is in high demand and if I talk about its design, I would also like to show you the props, in the same way that you are going to get this pattern with copper zari work, inside which you will get the whole concept of silver zari work. Here you can see the pallu which will remain in this way, the accordion of complete shining is found. Very lovely flower butes have been made inside Puri’s Puri century. In its pallu, you can see that tasals have been made, which are looking very cute, because the Banarasi sarees that are made now have a special taste of Banaras, but the concept that remains inside it is something new every day.


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Changes will keep on coming, then the next concept will increase, why see this, the whole catalog is available in the name of drop silk, now if I talk about its price, then it is a variety of 1000 65, the design of which is going to remain, not the organs of fabric. above you get inside which you can see these poo Ra’s entire golden zari work has been reduced and it is very soft material which you can see and inside it you will get Jhalar concept also according to the color dawn, which is going to be the whole background of the century. From here the pattern has been made, inside it you also get small booties, you also get the border according to the bell pattern, so many such collections are going to be available to you with the setup of quantity five pieces and such as the price Also, I told you along with it so that it becomes more easy for you to purchase varieties, I do fashion, you must be liking the collection very much, if you want any idea related to your business, then you will get a lot of information about all these collections.


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It is easily available from here, so let’s move on to the next variety, why see this, you are going to get a catalog called Sharmilee Silk, that’s why we are telling you so that you can get an idea of not only the overall look but also the design. You take a quick screenshot and keep a minimum budget of 10000 somewhere Wherever you belong, Van Buy Shipping is available to you, Cash on Delivery is available to you. The concept is very good, if I talk about it myself, then this color is also looking very beautiful and its pattern is unique, which means that you will not find varieties anywhere in the market, you will get a quantity of Kesaria Textile Company. You get it in which you see the whole carry pattern is made with silk thread, multiple colors design is made and that too with jhalar pattern and such concepts are now found inside the organza itself.


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Also live pattern is made here flower design you see how beautiful it is made means weaving concept but weaving which is not very finishing very beautifully you are going to get set up of five pieces now price in it If we talk about the quantity which is 125, this is the century in which your If you like the set-up of five pieces, then the collection we have seen today is very beautiful, if you like it, subscribe to our channel immediately, do not forget to press the bell icon and if you want to see more such collections If you want, you can simply search on YouTube channel, Banarasi Saree in Kesaria Textile Company, through which you will get to see many collections at once, then Himanshi will keep coming with this, new variety with new concept today. How did you like the collection, do not forget to tell me through the comment and how do you want to see the collection, in which language do you want to see Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu or Tamil, you get it from here and you also get the link will share thanks!

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