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Banarasi Silk Sarees Manufacturers in Varanasi: The century is about to come, in this way the set lock of the whole bunch is also available, so that it is easy for you to show it to the customer and you will get this type of packing, on the beautiful palle, you will get multi-colored embroidery and such If you buy the collection from us, then you will also know that you will not get such reasonable prices in the entire Surat. Hello friends, how are you all today I welcome you again Barkha Nai Soch Nai Disha like this Kesaria Textile Company, so today I have again brought silk collection for you, that too bridal and party wear collection because you also know that festivals are about to come and marriage season is also about to come, so if you have stocked like this in your stock. If you have not kept the collection, then do not delay, then let’s start with the new collection, see what you have, this type of collection will be found here with the complete work of Saroj and in this way with the complete work of Saroj.


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You are getting the collection these days as you know that Diamond Rosky Keval Bahut Chale Mein complete release work. And on the border, you are getting his work from the beginning, see also on the palle, the work of the source has been reduced, then you must keep this type of collection in stock in your collection, because if you keep this type of collection If not, then you get more profit and people get attracted quickly and like it too. See next, as organza is having a lot of collection these days, you must also keep this type of collection in your stock. We are giving you the work started with multi color, the work is going to be completed in full century and if we talk about the length of the century, then the whole century is going to come with 650 meters of blouse, so there will be no compromise in quality and quantity.


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Hai Kesaria Textile Company seeing full saroski work with tassels you are getting this century very lovely collection one thing and I would like to mention this century you are not going to get single piece ji haan brother to aapko jo Have to take the complete set vice only this collection light color dark color all collection available here If it is like this collection, in this way you have to buy a set of whole bunch, as you have to take set vice, here you are seeing, in this way box packing is also available and in this way you also get catalog with it, so that you It is easy to show the customer that see this collection of six pieces, this collection of 8 pieces is the level here and see in this way, which is of four, it is also available in this type of packing, you would get it in this type of box packing. And this type of attractive looking that in this type of box packing also you get the collection with photo and you will get this type of packing which is complete like it is a set of art, it is a set of 10, then it is like You have to take from it let’s go to the next variety, I am showing you the type of collection that is used in the hilly areas, because our viewers are watching the video from anywhere, you will get every type of collection which is saffron textile.


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It is going to be found in the company, look, this is a little hilly area, this is how the collection of Mau has come here, it is beautiful. On the palle you will get multi color embroidery which is diamond square in the middle you will get bowtie. This type of bright colors are popular in our hilly areas so if you are watching our video from there also then it is for you. Surely talk is available in saffron textile, so you can purchase from there, you can purchase online by taking a screenshot of it, whenever you come to Surat, you are definitely welcome in any textile company because such When you see the collection from the front and like it, you like it even more because see, whatever happens, when you take it online, you get a PDF of whatever it is, from where you like the collection, but if you take it here So you get to see more variety of which you can’t find pdf because daily our collection which is add on keep on look inside next color which is I am showing party wear and wedding collection to you tesals see how many beautiful testers With this century you will get this kind of See the work is getting a very lovely collection, this type of collection you want to give to someone in a wedding or party, you can also get this type of collection from us, you will get it at a reasonable price and in this way you will enjoy it for the whole century.


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You have to see the work, this type of design is beautiful design, I am getting you, if we talk about the length of the century, then look, you are getting the full century of 650 meters and look at this piece of blouse, you are also getting the work on this collection. Which is, you can take a single piece from us, yes, this collection is a wedding collection and if you want to give it to someone like you have a special wedding, then you can give this type of collection. All these are available here at a very reasonable price, when you go to take them in retail price or in a showroom etc., then you get all these sarees in 8 to 10 thousand. Can be ordered in piece also, in double shade, it is in combo like red and green, in this way you will get gajri color also, all collection Shan which is available in bright color only and looking at this type of collection you will get full zari work on whole century along with Teejal which is full diamond work is also available so it is very lovely collection it is like this Collection you know this type of collection runs all over India and all over India, wherever you are, you can buy this collection from us under one roof.


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If you are getting everything like leggings etc., then you must visit here once and join us, we would love to give you our service and if you buy such collection from us, then you will also know that you will get Such reasonable prices are not going to be available, so just friends, you can contact on the number given on the screen, you can place your order by contacting our online team and if you have any query, you can put it in the comment. We will definitely try to fulfill what is there and in the next video I will be present with some more new collections for you. till then thanks for watching!

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