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Designer Suit Manufacturers: So see this is the first collection, you will get it in a similar way, it is completely inside black color, now you can see black color, it is very beautiful, Rayon Basis, this fabric will remain inside it, touch up of silver colored Sirs diamond It is given here that you can see the complete catalog name, which is not mentioned in its full length 42 + length, you will not find any shortfall in it, even if you come to visit directly, neither will you. If you will be able to purchase all these varieties by taking measurement, then we also move towards its dupatta, look at the dupatta completely, which is a combination of black and white, you also get lace border all around, there is a starting border of satin somewhere. But here you can see that you will also get the complete touch up of Sirrus’s diamond, all of them are going to get black color only because you get the complete black color chart, that too with four piece setup.


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The next one which I have brought for you in the collection is this variety which is completely inside the crepe. And you can see that the entire silk pattern will be there, so here you will get the product with quality zero, this whole design has been made from its diamond, which is complete, you would have got according to the party ware concept. hai to here you can see Siroj ke diamond ka pura you are going to get touch up and in that you can see music tu naam se yeh pura catalog rahega in which you are going to get four piece setup ji han abhi four piece I can also tell you that many customers, when they want to join us, they ask that Madam, you have to take a set vice, but how many varieties we get inside the set, so what we have here is the setup of four pieces.


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Starting from last, you need a design of up to 12 pieces, otherwise you will find that collection here, even then its dupattas keep on increasing, why see that now its dupatta is about to come, you will get the full chiffon this dupatta here. You get which is very soft material, both sides you have golden color lace border here Pay is going to be available and in this way you can see the collection, sir, you can see the colors, in this way you are going to get the colors here and along with them you also get the complete catalog so that you can get an idea of ​​the overall look. So let’s move on to the next variety why see this next collection you will get in the same way this is also a silky pattern means crab variety inside crepe you can see semi stitch you get neck work here here you get Complete trading work is going to be found, which is done with silk thread.


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You also get full talchak of siroos diamond, here you can see the border also and you are going to get it inside the bottom in a very classic way, so this You all know that the collections are made in different ways, they are in high demand in every area and you will be able to sell them at a very reasonable price, so here you can see the catalog, the name has already been given, so you Quickly take a screenshot of what is there so that if you message us, we can easily know about the price. If you will know then its colors are increasing now, why then see the colors that will remain, you will get some bright color accords in this way. If you have liked it very much then I will keep coming Himanshi with new collection from new to new varieties but you do not forget to tell in the comment which varieties do you want to see or in which language, how are you Kesaria Textile Company want to watch videos because in our place malayalam has become kannada ho gaya or if you want videos within telugu, hindi is there and within english also if you want to watch videos then you get all the information from here. Do give us a small comment Tata bye bye thank you!

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