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Top Dupatta Manufacturers in Surat: Hello I Barkha welcome you again where today I have brought some very beautiful variety of Dupatta from Dupatta segment as you all know how this Kesaria Textile Company which is manufacturing all womens wear like Century lehenga kurti dress material leggings kurti saree blouse petticoat you get under one roof so today I have brought you in the segment of dupatta because you must have seen many videos of century kurtis but our viewers who are dupattas If we sell from home or retail or shop, then they are also looking for a manufacturer so that from where we can get good dupattas which are reasonable and of good quality. We are a manufacture, we want to show you that in this way you can get set vice dupattas from us, if I talk about the price, then we have starting from Rs 29. If you have a business then you can contact here They say the number is being given on the screen, you can contact them and get PDF of all the dupatta with the online team.


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Darswin’s dupattas are also very good, which is with work, which is going on with the work, which is available here, see the complete dupatta, I am showing you one more quality, you will get another quality hair coding system like this. We get bar coding from us, which you will not find anywhere in Surat, we deal with our customers with full transparency, so that you do not have any problem in taking any product, nor do you have any problem in pride. Take it for 1 lakh or take it for 1000, you are going to get the same price at the same price that others are going to get, so we keep all this transparency for the convenience of our customers that they should never have to worry about what Whatever price I am getting, others have also got it at the same price, so in this way Complete details are written here in our child coaching system, which scarf is it, what is its material, what is its price and how many pieces are there, so in this way everything is written here, so look at Naazmeen’s scarf like this.


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I am showing you this which is of 2 1/4 meter, it will be written in size, 2 meter, 2.25 meter or 2.5 meter dupatta. You get dupatta it is not going to be available in complete single piece that’s why we do not disclose the price because you also know that we are associated with retailers, shopkeepers who are selling from home too, so supose if we are a starting Let us tell you the price so that you can get an idea of ​​what kind of starting things you will get from our place, if I talk about the next variety, then look, I am opening such a net scarf for you, this net is very cute. This type of collection which runs a lot in Punjab, so if you do it like this from Punjab, Haryana or Delhi, then You can contact our online team for purchasing this type of dupatta, see very cute whole thread work in it, multi thread work and chain stitch work done on it and on the side. You are getting lace border in this way, you know that this type of net dupatta is available in many varieties there, that means there is a lot of demand, so for this type of purchasing also you can contact Kesaria Textile Company.


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See, now whenever you come here, you must take it here for selling or for purchasing, here you will get all the variety like dupatta, along with suit, dress material, you are getting all the collections under one roof here. If we talk about Banarasi Dupatta, then you can also see Banarasi Dupatta, I am showing you this full variety which is going to be available here, see this type of Banarasi Dupatta which is of 2.25 meters. Colors Designs are going to be available If you are selling then you are as soon as possible Don’t delay because no Do you know, this type of scarf or whatever you are selling, what are the varieties that you should keep in your stock at this time, because at this time the festival season has started, what kind of wedding season is going to start next? Variety is the season of selling at this time, so you also know that in this way you should not have any shortage of stock like we do not have, but there is a complete dupatta segment and here late variety of dupatta is heavy for you.


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If we talk about the next strip, then look at this type of vertical scarf, which is a very classy piece, this type of scarf, which is also our own level, you will also find kalamkari dupattas here, look at this very cute vertical scarf. You are getting this dupatta along with it, look at the whole, there is a very cute vertical print and you can also get such classy shower pieces from here. Next, I show you the dupatta. At this time, the lehenga on top of the lehenga is very Christian and if you do the business of lehenga, suit vote. If you do business then this type of dupatta variety of lehenga is what you should keep because there is a demand for extra dupatta as well for marriage and party. You can take it but single piece will not be available here you will get dupatta like this set vice only see this dupatta of net which I am showing you it has pearl work on it and the edge is full zari cut You will get the design of the work, you will get the full booti in the middle, this is a very cute dupatta of 2 1/4 meters.


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The show is happening, you contact with the online team there, whatever variety you want, you are getting all kinds of variety in any corner of the country, see here I am showing you a dupatta, something different from the traditional. These type of stole type dupattas which girls wear a lot these days You will find it here, look at this type of dupatta, which girls carry on car etc. with Teejal, which is in fashion, then this type of dupatta, which is just a simple beauty, you can also find it here. Next few If you talk about the variety of cotton, then you will find this type of samosa lace border in cotton, which is very popular in Rajasthan, then see this type of diet dupatta which is cotton samosa lace border, which we have a lot of variety. You will get many types of light color dark color in this, you will get all types of colors available here, see in this type of van chest, you will have to go to buy set vice only dupattas like this whole.


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If you have this type of collection, you can find it here, there is no shortage of any variety, whenever you visit Surat, we will love it if you come to us, we have a lot of variety of century suit lehenga kurti. All variety of dress material, dupatta ki saree is available, don’t delay here because you also know this is the season of selling, so you should stock new stock as soon as possible and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, watch our video If you haven’t liked then definitely like the video because we keep bringing new videos for you daily, in which I bring you different types of don variety, keep subscribing to the channel so that you will get new notifications. Keep getting and you know the new products which are our add ons. Let’s go to some varieties of dupattas, some varieties of blouses that I will be present till then, greetings from Kesaria Textile Company.

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