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Suit Wholesale Market: If you want to do business and that too according to the turn to ton setup according to the latest design varieties of clothes, here you can see Sirrus’s diamond hameyer, you will find that Mulayam has also done sasida work, yesterday its design with him when he You can see how beautiful the suit is when you are about to get it, then I would like to tell you that now you can do the business of suit materials very well because the designs that are inside it, which are concepts, you have thousands of patterns in the same. It is available at the place, that is Kesaria Textile Company, so the collection that we have here, the quantity inside the suit starts from ₹ 145 and some of the contrast basis varieties, the quantity starts from ₹ 300.

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So here you can see some similar collections are going to be available to you here you can see full touch of siroos diamond now you will get machine work also with multiple colors and such varieties you will get full According to the length you are going to get plus length You can see the border you get attached here, now it is complete, our top which you will get with 2.5 meters, here you can see the bottom you will get. Look at the dupatta that you will get here, it is a very beautiful pattern, that means there are varieties of contrast, in itself there is some fine collection, the entire Najmeen Basis, this dupatta is going to be found, if I talk about softness, I am very soft. You are going to get it and in that also you can see that the whole of the small is less, inside it you are going to see the lace border, you can see the entire suit, you are going to get the entire according to the suit so that you get the complete make-up.

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If possible, let’s move towards the next design, now this variety is going to be a very lovely one type of accordion and in this you can see that you are going to get the full version of the release which will be a party wear concept and such varieties are there. Right now the festival season is going to make a splash, that means the collection of this style is now very easily minimal. I can purchase with 100 types of budget because you get set vice and you all know in set also you get four piece setup if you want variety of art piece then that too collection from our place If you are about to get it, you can see the dupatta which will be there, look at the tone tu tone which is there, along with you get the dupatta complete with golden lace border, here you can see the small booties too.

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The whole machine is also reduced, you will not get any reduction in the length, because you will get this whole dupatta with 2.25 meters, which is 2.25 meters, you get its top, if you get the variety of bottom Which is 2.5 meters with 3 meters if you want then inside each design you are going to get available the next concept you are going to get in the same way this jam will be inside cotton but it will be full black color and black color So you all know that everyone has a favorite color, the whole threading work has been done inside it, it is very cute, which is the color here. Cirrus’s diamonds are available here and here you can also see the full throat pattern, which is according to the cutting, here you will get the design available, that is, by whose name it is.

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There will be complete catalog and in this you can see the dupatta you are going to get, see the complete contrast basis you are going to get, it is very beautiful pattern and such varieties are there, you will get dupatta inside Chinnan, on top of full A linings which Here you are going to get less sequence, you can also see the lace border, inside the golden color, you will get the property, you will not have any shortage in the cut, as I told you, you will get the proper cut and such that Varieties are there, if you visit directly, then you can take measurement of all this collection, which is being shown, which is being told, you will also get it, so see the next design which will be full of Sirs Diamond.

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And inside it you can see very cute embroidery work has also been done here. Siroj’s diamond is also fitted according to the A linings, that means according to the design concept of 5 6 7 8 you are going to get water, you can see that the whole machine is also work, like we do stitching, so here some machinery work is done [ Sangeet] But dupatta of all these you are going to get very unique sequence can be reduced properly lace border if you get turn to turn then move on to next design look at the next collection you will get in this way But when such a beautiful design of colors is found on top of the dark color, then it looks like a very unique collection and these are the most unique varieties, you can see the complete touch of Cirrus’s diamond here.

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It is going to be available here, you can see the lace border is also done very beautifully and with it you can see the whole work in the bottom, so see the complete work that will be with it. The whole of which is that you are going to get a tone-tone scarf, which means that the scarf according to the contrast is very wonderful. There is a great collection and with this, when you wear this suit, you can see how beautiful the match is when you are going to get it, because the sequence that has been reduced inside it, you are going to get top-notch accords only, because how rate is in the Kesaria Textile Company. When all these designs are made inside the tree, care is not taken only in making variety, but it is also kept in mind that which type of design will look good on which collection and which dupatta with which variety. If there are going to be more suits, then I will keep coming to Himanshi collections. If you like this type of collection, please do comment a little that how do you want to see more collections, where do you belong from, you can also tell your location so that the same According to us, we kept bringing the collection for you, if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then do it quickly, then do not forget to press the L icon so that you will be connected with us like this, thank you!

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