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Jaipur Kurti Plazo Manufacturer: Hello friends, how are you all, Barkha welcomes you again in another new video of Kesaria Textile Company, today I have brought some Kurtis collection for you because Kurtis are in high demand and you are selling from home too. You can purchase from us, then you can keep this type of collection at home, see the design of simple kurti, it is very cute, three fourth sleeve, which you are going to get in this way, you will get small booties in it.


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What is available with sequence work is also given on the neck, complete sequence cover and thread work is given, if we talk about the length, then see that it is of 40 length, you are getting this type of kurtis, see the next one And I am opening this collection with the bottom Raion ka jo hai very cute collection hai aiseki dekhiye nek pe aapko jo hai pura zari ka work aisa mil gaya simple shoba hai aur look sequence ka jo hai touch up diya in it hai file varchar aur aapko ki three four sleeves jo hai aane waali hai length see full length aapko itsi milta hai like this st Talking about stitching it is very unique which is our stitching with interlocking system.


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Which you will get in the bottom look at the net you will get touch up very cute boutique style collection I am showing you full 14 You are going to get this work which is on the eyes, you are seeing that it looks printed but it is not printed, it is fully worked with thread work, it has diamond work, 3/4 sleeves is coming. In this way you will get touch up with belt sleeves, look at the modem of the net, you will get the design on the pant, very nice print, which I am showing in the collection. This type of collection of prints is also in great demand at this time, you are getting thread work on the neck as well and see the type work in the middle, which is going to be available like this.


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This is what it is, combos like this are also available here, and on this whole look like this, you will get the exact style of the booty, like this The work is going to be available here, the work is going to be available here and the one which is in the bottom side, in this way the bulb is going to be available, full length kurti is going to come in this way, and with this, you are going to get the dupatta in shades.


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If you want to get a dupatta like this, then this concept is only for dupatta and kurti, like van piece is in demand, then see the van piece that I am opening for you, then see this full length kurti for you. You will get below which is frill’s which is design like this with full circle which is like this you will get van piece which is available with us. I am opening it, see the work is done very well, what a lovely color combination of light and dark, which is on the neck and in the front, you will get five with this kind of thread, which you will get in this way. Hai Puri Kurti which is like this you are going to get in print so to make only one kurti unique see how beautifully designed this type of kurti Collection that you can keep at your shop, you can sell from home, let’s talk about the next variety, let’s talk about some unique and heavy pieces, so let’s go to the collection of silk like this, if you want to take your For showroom etc., you will find this type of collection here, you are seeing full front you are getting it on five and you are getting full collection of pearls, sequence work is also there, you get it in the middle.


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Aapko dekh chhoti chhoti booti touch up raha hai iss chilke ka collection hai yeh with inner saath inner bhi main aapko karti hoon inner ke saath jo hai yeh yeh hai yeh hai yeh inner saath yeh jo hai aapko hai usa collection You will get it this way this bottom is going to come pant pant is very much in demand these days and if we talk about dupatta then see dupatta which is its life then this type of dupatta which you have with sequence work which you have here Yeh dupatta mil jaane wala hai pura sequel ka full length dupatta yahan pe aapko mil jaane wala hai chalie next variety mein aapko show karti hoon one more very unique With full thread work, which is in the front, you will get this type of work, file print file, this type of mirror work will be found, if I talk about please, please see this type of work, which is some unique design. You are going to get Dupatta and talking about the suit, so look here you are going to get this type of bottom, in which you get this type of work on the entire pant in the bottom side also, this type of skirt if you are here Selling from or selling on shop, you also get this type of skirt here, in the bottom some such type of pant is found in the bottom base which is according to the girls, in which in the bottom side you will find this type of skirt. If we talk about Inaya Pant, then you will find designs like this in our place.


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If we talk about chicken plazzo, then this type of chicken plazzo is also available with full work. See it is possible to show the whole collection in one video, you can take it here or contact on the number given on the skin, as soon as you can Tract karenge the kind of retirement you will get, you will get those collections and you can purchase them. In the next video, I will be present with a variety of Kuch Aur Nahi for you.

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