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Designer Ladies Suits Manufacturers: Today we are going to see some samples on the quarter box of georgette mostly to rose golden jerry white mirror diamond combination simple sober lazy you will get attracted unless you come till you come you will not get friends drink ho bihar Be it Maharashtra or South, you are going to get the test of all over India under one roof, so through today’s video, we are going to cover you, we are going to see samples inside the suit, especially cotton, in which there is a very good collection. If I am going to show you then I am going to show you friend Shashikant Marte Hai Nai Soch Nai Disha Mein Kesaria Textile Company warmly welcome you let’s start the collections and see how the collections are going to live in which you can see the complete You are going to get Golden Jari in contrast, you are going to get embroidery thread in this way, friends, let’s talk about fabric, very good, you are going to get complete average over Fox Georgette, it is very attractive and beautiful.


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Whose look is it going to meet There is creativity in it, you can see the neck, it is made very beautiful, it is made of gray color thread of embroidery, and along with it, the whole of copper golden zari is printed inside it, it is very tremendous, you will get its dupatta. Wala hai jo aap ki sakta hai Heavy aapko pura pura perk ki going to get gray color touch up inside it and jess style ki koi pura koi ki golden jerry touch up inside it 2.25 meter Plus you are going to get a dupatta of 2.5 meters, you are going to get a salwar, that is, you are going to get a full guaranteed collection, so let’s move on to the next quarter, above the entire glaze, you have got the combination of this tone. Tone you are going to get diamond touch up inside it i.e. combination saara ka saara you are going to get different if we talk about sleeve so you are going to get full net that too with cut work golden zari has been done inside it Na.


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Collection of all very best and attractive diamond You will get less buttons also you have been given golden keys let’s talk about matching then light dark vision Sara’s whole collections are going to be found because till you don’t come then you won’t get friends so whatever connection of my request you have understood Have you taken a screenshot and you want to see the whole collection through video calling, then you can see the PDF link given to you, through which you can see the whole collection, you will get four side lace golden The place is like this, Lahariya plus bhutti ka aapko touch up ka gori hai hai kabhi lenght hai ko ko puri proper youtube ko late mil mil gaya hai aur hatke aapko aapko aapko collection aapko hai aapko chahte hain, so let’s go to the next collection which I am going to show you. It is a matter of very wonderful and lively Krishna, in which you are going to get complete cutwork in Daman. Beautiful, you can get new patterns, new creativity in this way.


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If we talk about the sleeve, then it is very attractive, you have been given inside it, in which you can see that you have taken touch up of golden thread, touch up of red color has been given inside it and the whole cutwork has been given to you inside it. Dupatta is going to be found inside it is going to be made of satin with small butati with cut work and you will get the whole collection inside it there are many varieties but due to time limit we have shown some samples Through which you will come to know that the collections that are going to be very tremendous, if you get them, then go on, inside the next cotton, I am showing you some samples of prints, in which you are going to get embroidery touch, samosa lace is going to be found. The complete touchup of the white mirror silver zari is going to be available, due to which the suit which is beautiful was very nice, you are going to get it, inside it also you will find very different design patterns because the simple ones are different.


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You are going to see different creativity found here. Let’s talk about strap, in this way you will find tone to tone scarf inside it, you will find new patterns inside it, you will find different patterns on the top of the fabric, then let’s talk about next, then let’s talk about satin. Above you are going to get the complete collections inside which you can see the contrast and tone to tone inside it has a very nice touch up and let’s talk about the collections so wonderful you are going to get the variety of collections inside it Many friends, you can see lightho, dark, up, Bihar, Maharashtra or South, and you will get the test of India under one roof, where inside the Kesaria Textile Company, I request you to visit once. The dupatta is also going to be amazing, the entire boutique touch up has been given, you are going to get four side lace of Puri Rane color, that means the collections are going to be very fabulous and alive, then let’s go to the next fag georgette.


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Above I am showing you the top of the cirrus and along with you the whole print Ted inside this you are going to get Daman then you are going to get the full touch of it when you talk about the neck then in the neck you are going to get a strip of print in it with buttons i.e. collections the way you Demand karoge uske according saara ka saara aapko milga hai print ho did ho fag georgette or cotton or glaze ho jitni variety hai chanderi ho all over india ka test you have to get it under one roof and talk about the collections So very wonderful and nice you are going to get the collection dupatta.


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You can see how wonderful dupatta is given friends and you are going to get lace on all four sides with diamonds of Firoz, that means you will get all the different collections So in this way new patterns, new designs, new collections are going to be found here, friends, I hope you have liked today’s collection very much, if friends liked it then do not forget to like share comment and if you have liked our If you haven’t subscribed to the channel then don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you get new updates. New videos are about to get new notifications so I will see you in the next video with some new variety till then thanks for watching!

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