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Trendy Kurti Manufacturer: Some of the collection from the segment of kurti Rayon coming very cute simple shower embroidery with sequence light work jaipuria print which is in demand all over everywhere and tu piece three piece all collection you will be available here Van piece gown is also going to be available here and our bottom wear is also available Hello friends, I welcome you again in another new video of Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking, new direction as you all know that This Kesaria Textile Company is manufacturing all women’s wear like saadi lehenga kurti dress material all type of collection you will get under one form you don’t need to go anywhere if it is manufacturing then single piece like this you don’t get set vice here In this way you get the collection as if it is a set of four pieces then you have to buy the complete set. Today I have brought some collection for you from the segment of Kurti, so if this type of collection is what you want.


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So you can purchase here at the earliest With plazo saath yeh jo hai collection rayon ka aane wala hai look very cute we have soft cloth when you come here you can also visit ak here you can purchase here aake because this type of collection if you like our If you buy from here then you will get less price because this is the surprise that you will get a lot in retail whether it is uniform or office, if there is retirement in any place then you can find this kind of collection in our You can purchase from or can order online from Next, I am showing you one more collection, see this very cute collection which is available in daily wear, we have labels here, Rayon’s cotton work, see what it is. The whole work of thread is coming, this type of collection which you will find here with bottom, this collection is coming to you. Plazo and kurti set, which is very common to us, look at this type of collection.


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You will find here those which are less available in daily wear, if you are selling from home also then purchase this type of collection. Can and do not delay in this because you also know that this season has started for your selling because festivals are also coming, marriage season has come, then till April, you have to sell what you have to do, you are doing business. If you have stock then as soon as possible you can purchase stock don’t delay in it next one more which I am showing party wear collection to you with daily wear party wear kurti with tu piece three piece all collection available to you Look like this, I am showing you the collection of steel, look with work, pearl work has been done in it, it is a very cute unique collection, you will also find this type of party wear collection here, along with this you will also get this dupatta.


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And look at the bottom, in this way only the bottom of silk has been there, on this the bottom is also done a little like this, you have party wear collection, daily wear collection, all kinds of collections are going to be found here, this is the next one that I I am showing you three piece, see if you are looking for daily ware for your home or If you want to purchase for the job etc., then you can purchase this type of collection from our place with dupatta, which is going to be available to you, see all these collections of very cute cotton raiyans. You will find it here in white, if you want a collection specially, then look, I am showing you another one of white, which is going to be in great demand at this time, especially when it is in demand, if you do not have this collection, then you can like this Collection of which you can keep in your stock and you can also buy dupattas etc. from us, so many dupattas can be included with it by PDF Mangva and prepare your own set, but next one and I am showing you the collection very cute simple shower this is suit which is like office wear people go to office it is necessary for there they can buy from us which ladies go to schools demand of century kurta.


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She can also purchase from us if you are single etc. means you can book in this way. If you do not want to buy, then you four or six people together can do purchasing in this way, but I am also giving you the idea that you are going to have to do this kind of correction and if you are selling from home, then naturally Which is, you should have all these collections in stock at this time, see the daily wear, this is also a simple show with very cute embroidery, the sequence is lightly worked. You can contact online Next see I am showing you in another kurta this kurta is on silk on the sign and look at this which is very onion simple work makes your kurta a bit unique Next one more I am showing you the work of sequence, you can also wear simple and shower party wear, you can also wear this type of collection in light festivals, so you must include this type of collection in your stock because you also have to wear it.


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There will be no dearth of varieties and you are seeing that we don’t have varieties here. Ray is available here, as soon as possible contact the number given on the screen, place your order and if you are coming to Surat, then definitely visit Kesaria Textile Company once because when you will get such collection here then only you will get it here. Its quality will be known if we talk about Jaipuria, Jaipuria print which is in demand all over everywhere and remains throughout the year, but this season is about to start, this time it is Teej season, more festivals are to come. So there is going to be a lot of demand for this type of collection, all these types of collections are going to be your next bill here, see this very cute cotton pe which is of sequence work, I am showing you this collection. Simple Shoba is very unique, so please like and subscribe to our channel because you will get information in advance about whatever videos will come and what kind of collection you want to see and which collection you like, definitely with us in the comment share it.

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