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Wholesalers of Partywear Saree: So in the same way here you can see that in this way you get the packing of centuries and if we talk about the designs inside it, then look at this, in this way I am going to show you all these sarees whose price will be as per quantity. Starting from 99 and today’s collection will start from 200 and in the last I am going to show you the varieties up to 600 so the concept is going to be like this if any if you like it quickly screenshot If you go to take it then see this is the first collection, in the same way you will get this cotton base and the pallu which is going to remain, you will get the proper pallu, inside which there is less of the entire zari, golden zari and Along with this touch up of diamond of siroos has been given, you can see that nowadays whatever new fashion accords are in high demand, then tasls have also been done here, in the same way you have something inside this whole century. In this way lip pattern is going to be found inside the bottom which is a very cute concept and its The border will definitely be visible, you will see that means you have to do business and if you are also thinking of joining a manufacturing company from where you can get new patterns inside the collection, then there is a quantity for that.

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You can join with Kesaria Textile Company because here every time there are changes inside the collections, then the next design keeps on growing, why see the next concept that is about to come, in this way you will get proper net work. Will go means according to the bell pattern this design is going to be available so see the props here which is also released, weaving design remains all this and see taslph from today it is in the same way you are going to get tasls So we are looking at cotton sarees, but cotton saadi, you want to see many more collections inside it, go to YouTube quickly, find a cotton saadi, how to Kesaria Textile Company, now search, you will find many collections which are the same. If you get a small perspective together, then it has a design. Look at the props, you are going to get such good designing, according to the embroidery look, then flower designs have been made here in its diamond, so you all know that whenever we do business, the mind of the customer is different. There are different types of accords, we also have to include the concept in such a way that you can easily sell all these collections, then move on to the next designing.

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This is going to be like this whole catalog called Miss Kajal and first of all I would like to show you the border of Rambo Linings inside it which has been released according to the best collection and this whole century. No cotton is going to be found inside the cotton, which is proper, this is cotton, inside it double color combination has been done, and this zigzag type pattern has been made, the whole machine has run through machinery work. All these varieties are made according to, but have you ever noted what is the specialty of the century? What you have done right now, you can also tell by commenting, what is this century, what is the new collection, what is the new design, because this is going to be a suspense for you, so I would like you to tell us by commenting, then we grow Why the next variety, see the next variety, in this way you get a contrast blouse together, it is a very soft material, and in this you can see the props, which you can find in a catalog called Mika Cotton.

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See the props in which it is going to live, in the same way the entire file has been done here with the lining of the whole satin strip, which is a very good concept, why will you get something different, something new, because on If there is manufacturing, here the collection which remains or the customer’s test is observed, whenever the customer comes, first of all they demand that’s why what is the new collection in the Kesaria Textile Company, then what is there as a new collection, here it is complete. The set vice collections that remain are shown by opening them. We meet them in sales executive in their language and in the last when we want to connect with customers, we get their reviews that if we want to purchase, if we want to do business, then only acid is required, if we want to join with Kesaria Textile Company, then we grow in the next variety.

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And the next collection is going to be a party wear concept in the same way, inside the cotton, in which you see this pallu, which has a new look inside it, that means here the accordion design of the temple has been made, samosa lace border. It has been completed and inside it pattern from jigaj means triangle also we can call it according to the triangle this whole concept has been made, inside the bottom of the design which will be of the century, here you see the flower designing, then the collections which There are many ways, but there are many ways, you have many ways, the next concept is that it is inside some quota checks, yes, it is all quota checks material, but it works in our south side, look at the props, it is very soft, it is folding, then Also you can see how much softness you get Will take it and here you will see that this whole catalog is going to be named Komal Silk, take a screenshot, yes, because through the name I have told you, you will be able to get PDF of it, because its varieties are different.

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There are different types of methods, now PDF is also available, we have what we have, you get catalog books, see the props that you have, you will get catalog books in this way, and see the colors in this, you will get many different methods, especially this is You are going to get a setup of 8 pieces, inside it, want to know about the total colors immediately, which is in the description, the link of WhatsApp is given, yes, you get the link of WhatsApp as well so that you will message us and Jo hai directly join us then I hope you would have liked today’s collection very much and I will keep coming Himanshi with new concept from news but I am going to wait for the comment that what is unique in that century. Ok bye bye!

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