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Top Saree Manufacturers: Hello friends I am Shashikant Marathe new show new direction with Kesaria Textile Company and aapka jo hamara video rahe hai wala hai against semied work ke upar aapko hum chalenge dekhenge vichitra fabrics ke upar aapko pura ka pura jo hai contrast base pe aapko work mil You are going to get small butes in this and if you talk about lace, then you will get very beautiful lace inside it in gray color and you can see the border, you will get very beautiful border in which there is a touch of embroidery. Up is given along with Siroski’s line which is given two lines because of that which is gray’s which is very good comment it looks inside that means you are getting these van combination inside it like this border then you.

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You will be getting the second border, because of which the look of all is going to be very cute, you will find such new patterns, new designs, you will always get here, then the next collection we will see embroidery on the bizarre fabric. With golden jerry’s touch has been given like the look of corn is very You will find it attractive and if we talk about the border, then you can see the Chiku and Rani color inside it, that is, the contrast of the whole, inside it you will get the collections and let’s talk about the cutwork inside it.

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This is the way of the century you are going to feel very good in this in which you can see that on top of the net you are going to get the entire silver series, on the contrast base you are going to get the entire series and there Tiger is the name of this catalog of collections, you will mention it because when this thing is in your mind, then you should keep in mind the particular thing that I want these collections, I want to show you a very strong connection to the road, whose name is Raja Rani. And like the name Raja Rani, you are going to get less inside it, as you can see, the whole touch up of Golden Jari and Ambodari has been given, inside which golden diamonds are placed, due to which you will get the look of the century. is going to go and in this way you will get new patterns new designs every time and You can see the border, you are going to get a very nice big border here because there are many customers who demand that we want a little bigger border, then you will get a bigger border here, let’s see the next metro.

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You are going to get creation in the whole jhumka which you have because the design of the jhumki has been given and along with the small designs which you are seeing but the ones which are given are looking very beautiful, it looks like gold earrings. If you apply inside the century, you will get the complete look of this type, if you talk about it, you can see the border which is Puri’s Puri, you have played the whole touch of medium with gray combination, what is the matter, be very tremendous I am sure that you will get the whole cobweb, you will get the trap combination, which has taken its border, it has taken a lot of new and tremendous because right now such trends are going on a lot and the demands of this train are available to you. It is very important to show off and if we talk about blouse, then you can get a complete blouse like this which is made of viscose.

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It is going to go and you can also see the design of the blouse, very beautiful friends, in this way, the whole look of it, which is going to be absolutely jaribed, is going to take you, that is, as many concepts as you will get, all the designs you will get All the accords are going to be found in more than one demand, if you talk about it, then you are going to get the name of this catalogue, gold and silver, then you are going to get the matter favorite, you are going to get the touch of Cirrus inside it, due to which The look of the century is going to be very lovely to you and you can see the beauty of the golden zari inside the cob that has been given to you. The name of the catalog is the next collection, it seems that we have inserted a diamond inside the gold, in this way the whole look is going to come and let’s talk about the concept, the whole concept is going to come full all over and this You are going to get different types of new designs, if we talk about lace and cob, very beautiful, you will find cons inside it.

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If you are going to get apt then friends today’s video today’s collection will be understood by you if there is any query like you are a housewife or want some information on business you have been given a number on the top of the screen we will call you on that number You can take all the information, if you don’t think that I have to visit the Kesaria Textile Company once, then you are welcome here, whatever language you find comfortable, you will be given the proper language, you will be guided, so that you will not get any trouble now and in the future. Friends, I hope you will understand our video and today’s collection, but if you have not subscribed to our channel, then subscribe and do not forget to press the bell icon so that you will get new videos and new notifications. If you are going to meet then guys, I will see you in the next video with some new variety, till then thanks.

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