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Jaipur Kurti Wholesale Manufacturer: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you in Shashikant Marathi from Kesaria Textile Company with Nai Soch Nai Disha and today our video is going to be specially inside Kurti department, in which you will have to watch many videos till now. Will see the collection but today I am specially showing you some yearning collection because there is a demand from many customers that brother show us something new, show us some new range, show us some new concept which will be sold out immediately after coming here and You will get a great response, you can see tremendous concepts, tremendous creativity and such concepts that you have not seen till date and we want to give you such patterns and such designs which can make a difference in your business.


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Friends, you can see whether it is print work or embroidery work or you have hand work in this way, all the concepts are going to die under one roof, where friends by Kesaria Textile Company, we promise that till date you have many Hey, you must have seen the concept but today’s concept is going to be awesome and unique, so in this way you are going to get print simple sober collections here because you know whether you are a green housewife or a job worker.


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Be it teachers or whatever what ever but what is everyone’s choice that every time we want something new, we want some new concept, then let’s see the concept, but we are going to see some samples, in which you will know that the concept will remain. It is tremendous and more than one, you are going to get it, so as you can see, inside the opinion file, you will get the complete concept, obtha work is going to be found in the file, then you are going to get it and talk about friends Kurti You are going to get more than one amazing concept here and we try to give you some new pattern every time, give you some different concept which can put you in your business, so in this way you will get 2 tones. Whatever you have or not, you can get the kurti and paint with it. If you want, then next I am going to show you some single kurtis with great concept, which is going to be a great demand table for you, simple sober look is going to be there, but you will get full embroidery and story work inside it, that is, friends, such collections which Where are you going to find those who can’t find you even after searching in Surat?


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And whenever you come, you will get better than expected and you are going to take more than expected from here, then it goes on, next we are going to see the sample, how it is going to be, what is the matter, today is going to be fun, friends, because today The concept which is different from all and you are going to get more than one concept here because you know that Kesaria Textile Company is in your service for the last 45 years and we want to give you whatever concept whatever pattern be given to you don’t stay with you Rather it will be sold out immediately and you order us immediately that we give you the way you speak tomorrow, then we try our best to give you more and more new patterns.


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As you can see the complete work of water sequence is going to be found inside it along with the print you are going to get along with the file you can see the pendant that you are going to get tremendous tone parrots There are and what you are going to get here is that you will get the complete samosa lace with cut work, that is, you will get the trendy look of the whole and let’s talk about the neck, you can see the complete samosa lace.


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You will get water slippers with embroidery touch up and if you talk about sleeve, you will get full gota patti lace and samosa lace on sleeve, that is, such a collection of rockets that did not stop at your place. Send it with speed, then when you have this, will your friends have customers, but hope More than the ones that will be taken from here, then next we are going to see some unique petals which you are going to get in the catalogue, like if I speak to you, the name of this catalog of tomorrow is a set of arts, in which you will get a set of designs from one You will get more and one in which you will get embroidery.


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You will get less hand work or not, all of the patterns that you will get inside it will be different, so on the next quarter, I am going to show you something. Along with the water sequence, you are going to get the complete collection of the entire collection from here, so friends, today’s collection, how did you like today’s video? What demand goes on at your place because we will try to give you better than that because you know that Kesaria Textile Company does not just speak, it also gives, so we want you to keep getting such collections which will help you in your business. Friends who put in four bucks, so I call it our See you in the next video with some new concept thanks for watching till then bye-bye.

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