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So you can see that the collections that are going to be different are going to be found inside the umbrella style, in which you can see the house plus the file that you are going to get touch up in, very different and you will get new Patches are going to be found inside it, as you can see, you are going to get the waves pattern inside the opinions, as well as its designs, which are very attractive and beautiful, you are going to get it. There are people and as they say one thing, you can see the neck very nice, inside it you have been given complete glass work.

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You are going to get the story work inside it, that is, as many petals as you want, all of them are different- We are going to see the next collection, in which you will find the patterns that you are going to have, you will also get the whole different inside it, as you can see, talk about the collections, friends, you will get loads of collections. There are different patterns, you are going to get all the collections, you are as much as you are. You will get tremendous results, you can see in this you will get the complete sequence touch, you will get the ballad work and talking friends, the style of the whole you will get, you will get western and completely different.

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You are going to get more and more designs, so in this way, whatever new patterns you are understanding, take screen shots, do video calling, whatever medium you think is ok, through all the mediums, you will All of you can see the whole collection, then talk about the patterns, then you will get different patterns, as you can see, very beautiful and attractive, you will get the fringe inside it, you will get the strip. Wale embroidery touch up and you can see it’s jhalar hai woh puri ki puri aapko contrast like belt aapko get it attractive tone tu tone inside aur baat karte de aap pura ka pura piping with aapko hand The work is going to be found inside it and the work is also so beautiful that in this way you Inside, you will find all the different colors, friends, whatever colors you are understanding, please like, share, comment, don’t say and now you tell from where you belong, according to your state, what kind of collection do you want?

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What do you want a new one, what variety do you want, then we will try to show you all the patterns and all the colors in the next video so that you do not have any problem in selling out as you have seen all the different patterns of the whole. If I am showing then you are going to get straight kurti inside which you have full light pattern with wave along with you are going to get file touch up which you have and let’s talk about neck you can see a lot Within the same beautiful style, you are going to get piping with katha work, that is, friends, as many as you see, you are going to get different and different because we want to give you some new collection every time, which will make you happy. If there is no problem in selecting, then let’s go next, what’s the matter daughter-in-law? That’s great friends, when you get such charming and attractive beautiful collections, then what to say, if you are jealous, then you can see the whole, you will get file touch, hand work, you will get story work, along with you will get frill.

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So you are seeing Puri’s Puri, you are going to find inside the contrast base, piping, you can see Puri’s puri is of red color, which is the touch of contrast embroidery, you will find inside it, we talk about the whole style inside the whole. If you are going to get the complete collection, then in this way you will get new patterns, new designs, whatever collections you get here every time, please take a screenshot and send it to us so that you can get more collections. we can help in showing and this type of new eppatak that you are seeing all of them are going to help you a lot in your business so let’s go to the next button we are going to see samosa piping as well You will get the complete pattern of the whole in this way, in which you can see the hand work with the whole of the samosa.

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If you are going to get the complete concept here, then in this way you will get new patterns, new concepts under one roof here, so friends, these types of new patterns are going to help you a lot. Hope you have understood today’s video collection, if you have any queries, then you can tell us and talk about the collections, you will get to see many statuses inside the kurta, like designs, adorable different Apart from those who meet you under one roof, then I meet your friend, in the next video with some new variety, till then thanks for watching.

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