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Cotton Saree Manufacturer from Jaipur: Hello I am Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction from Kesaria Textile Company, and how are you Kesaria Textile Company, which you all know is Surat’s largest manufacturing company, where you can find many collections in womens here. You get every variety like sarees, kurtis, leggings, dupatta, palazzo suit, materials, lehengas, bed sheet, but today we are going to have a small look at how the patterns and collections are made here. You get the accordion of packing or as you can see when the live purchasing of the customer is going on, here the self persons who are with them give very good guidance as to which fabric is it or yours.


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According to the test, it is going to work or not means if you want to do business from here, keep a minimum budget of 10000 and all the collections in this way, which are now available, will be able to purchase the set very well from here, if I talk about this you can see something in this way you know meet You are welcome to set up the phone piece, barcode system is going to be there, that means you have to purchase directly here, the price is in front of you, if you want to see the collection, with quality, you get all these varieties available here, the rest are here All the collections which are segment wise are going to be seen by you as you have just seen the collection of Banaras century, similarly this is the collection of the entire century, isn’t it the concept of Banarasi century, that means you can understand the entire area only after seeing it.


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There is no dearth of variety here because thousand plus products are available for every segment wise, in which all India tests are available here, if you want Ask in this way, variety of packing, you will get that also from here, rest whenever you come, you also get sales executive in your language. It should be easy not only to know but also to order your parcel Go because world wide shipping is available through cash on delivery, if you do it from anywhere in India, you can easily order all the collections through pin code, but here you can see if you want some backless types sarees collection.


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So that too you will get here quantity which is 125 starts from 125 now this whole segment which we are looking at here you are going to get collection of Prince Sadi where you can see some varieties of asking packing also you will get You get it and here you see, wherever your eyes go, there is a lot of variety in this, you get a lot of collection, now through this video, I just want to tell you that whenever you join with Kesaria Textile Company here There will not be any shortfall in the pay collection, so whatever the price, you get very affordable here, all the products which are quality best fabric, you are going to get very good, this is guaranteed to you from here.


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And in that also sometimes there is such a problem that the customer comments to us. By way of telling that Madam, the variety you have shown, even if we come directly, are we going to get the same collection, then whenever you come here, if you want to visit directly, then the same collection which is being shown to you in live purchasing from here. It is going to be available because this Kesaria Textile Company is not just a name here, it is also the biggest trust where deals are done in the collection that will be shown and similarly here you will see that there is a lot of rush from the customers. Because the baltible season is going on and in the festival season everyone wants that some new collection should be included in our shop, so here you see many campuses are open here, through which if you want something like this Along with the variety catalog of pooch packing, you will also find that collection here and in the same, if you want our test up of Rajasthan, you want Bihar’s collection, you want Maharashtra’s collection, you will get every single concept here.


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Whether it is print loose centuries banarasi centuries catalog collection Yes, every segment wise you will get the collection here, so what is the last thing I would like to say to you, subscribe to our channel as soon as possible, all the variety sets are wise and the sale is dealt with, how is the Kesaria Textile Company Exporter is also there so that you can get all these varieties through Wi-Fi shipping, whatever you are purchasing from each collection, as well as what is there, you will also tell through comments and which varieties you want to see. From where do you belong so that you can get good updates and how to stay with it, any century banarasi century printed loose century collection from company or you want to see suit materials just search on youtube You will get all the information about the same connection which is in high language, you will also get full facilities of the video, so that if you do not face any problem then I will keep coming Himanshi with new collection from news to new history till then. Thank you!

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