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Boutique Blouse Manufacturer: You can see this first article which is going to remain in this way you get georgette basis inside which the entire sequence is reduced, princess cutting is done inside it because after wearing it is very comfortable, so here you You can see that in the back side you get a rounded design, that too here you will get a lanyard pattern, you will get regular sleeves, and on the side you will see the tasls that have been made here today on the pillow. Accordions are looking very beautiful and such varieties will be in high demand right now, so if you want to know the colors of all these varieties, then quickly go inside the description, there you have been given the link of WhatsApp so that you Which is no need to do by number directly which is you can join with us then growing next design and see this next collection which is going to happen you will get full work with ongoing work you will get stones work done inside it sleeves you Look at the proper here which is desirable you will get which Pura heavy creation has been done, you can also see in the back side, the whole design is made here, so many such collections are available for you only in the Kesaria Textile Company.

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So see this in the back side, you can see the complete The whole of which is bell type pattern made according to the triangle piping concept and inside it you will see the whole pattern on the top of the sleeves also see here tomato tom will be full touch up here in the front you get its good interlock Finishing is going to be given to you, you also get the margin, so let’s move towards the last variety of today’s video, see the pattern according to the cut work, yes, here you can see the design that has been made, not the complete cut work. The concept is here, the figure designing that you get, has also been worked inside the sleeves, and many such designs are available here, so through today’s video, only I have brought variety for you, four concepts, four concepts Out of the many designs, which one do you like the most, you can contact us immediately. If you will definitely tell through the message, then you have been given a link of WhatsApp inside the description, so that you will be able to purchase online that new collection which is not fast, with a minimum budget of 10000, then see that today’s collection is going to be inside the blouse.

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Which our quantity starts at 79. Inside the readymade blouse and the first collection you see is very beautiful. This is the first article that this neck base collar is given here, the concept of stand collar is made here. You can see in the back side, in this way you get the patchup of the hooks, see the prop, here a very beautiful pattern has been made, along with this you also get the lanyard and with that, if you want to attach the sleeves. You will also get a touch up of the sleeves and the margin has also been given to you as well so that it becomes easy for you to loose and tighten what you have, so here you see when we take the blouse readymade then we have a facility inside it and You get what is constipation, you are also going to get constipation, so that such a variety After wearing it will be seen with a lot of finishing, so we have seen this in the first article, but whatever collection you purchase from here, you have to take the complete set vice, because we deal only in fall sale, in single piece.

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If order is not accepted then why see next collection why see next collection which is very beautiful you will get net basis princess cutting is done inside it touch up of stones also you get full and sleeves you see complete You are going to get the flood type pattern here, which is made with a very cute design, such blouses, you all know that the girls who are now, they like some such concepts more, they are of the century. She also likes to wear some lehengas, or even today according to un crop top, such varieties are sold very much, so see the next collection, you will get something in this way, completely you will get sequence work inside it.

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Piping concept is made here fully here which is inke People also get finishing, see here, here you will get proper interlock finishing, in this also you get the touch of sleeves, that is, all these collections that I am showing you, have western touch up inside the blouse, but With these if you have retirement with sleeves please you are going to get attached with it the next which is coming right now is of proper velvet very beautiful touch up has been given and inside it you see sequence has been reduced golden sequence That too according to the triangle and here you can see the design which has been made today according to un tassels very cute look inside it.

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You get the size which will remain free size you will get the fabric you will get different different Like see this which is properly on the variety organza, here you see very lovely stitching done, in the side you also get a complete touch up of chain and here you can see the pattern that has been made. It looks very beautiful, that means there are so many varieties today. The drop top is going to last a lot, so you can order such collections quickly and start your business, because if you start your business within such a time, you will get very good facilities, so at the end of today’s video Variety we see, see this is a very beautiful pattern, you are going to get it inside the whole mirror work and you can see this whole paste and touch right here, there is only one, stitching has been done here, which is very You are going to get beautiful patterns, so today I have shown you all these collections and I will keep coming Himanshi with some news from new concepts till then, thank you!

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