Why trust Kesaria Textile Company Surat ?

Surat Saree Manufacturers: Customer comes here from everywhere and goes happy happy after purchasing all the products. HYPO TO SALES once again heartily welcomes you to the Kesaria Textile Company and you know that how is the review of the customers who come inside Kesaria Textile Company, how are their experiences, we will share them with you in the video inside YouTube. Sara would tell, but today we are going to have a live conversation with some customers that where they are from, how they have experienced here, then they are going to do all the things van by van, because until you do not know how The atmosphere that you get inside the camp, everything that you get, touches the heart of the customer, because doing business is at its place, but building a relationship is at its place, because you know that trust is where everything is. If you feel something different about the place and the atmosphere there, then in this way you can see it.


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Now here we have print catalog section inside where you will find variety of different fabrics here you will get different things because all under one roof you will get complete collection of ladies means a different When it comes to that way, you will get the whole collection of Sara here, everyone comes up home, be it Maharashtra, South, or everywhere, the customer comes here and goes happy purchasing all the products because he knows The products that are found inside the saffron, all the things that are found in different different places, you will get them here, so in this way you can see that the whole collection is going to be found here and let’s talk about the customer.


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All the customers come here, be it from South, be it from Maharashtra or up Bihar, all the customers come here, so in this way you will get a lot of collection, you will get all the things here, so in this way se sir namaskar sir mumbai ok marathi namaskar customer cirotik hone de deta hey Kesaria Textile Company mein aata ok ok no p Inside the problem section and where you are now seeing the customers who are purchasing now, they are seeing the collection because you know that all types of customers come here, they complete all the collections according to their own because everywhere The test that is done is different, so when a customer comes here, then his selection is definitely going to be different, so we are going to talk to Sir for a few minutes, Sir Namaskar Proper OK.


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Customer tell him please first time it will be session in that section tell good name Ashok bhai Parmar ok to sir many dams nahin humne god break kariye ki response because you sell out like this here you know that All types of customers come, so we also talked to Sir, he is from Vadodara, Gujarat, so here the collection customers come from all the states, they like the collection, everything is liked by them, so in this way new- New customers are going to meet at your place, you can see that there is a crowd of customers now because it is Navratri, so they are going to meet customers, customers come from different states and they purchase according to their own and leave happy.


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This is the first point, so once you also take it, as you can see that the rest of the customer is going on here, now inside the suit material collection, you can see that the customer is here, the salesman is properly guiding them that which one How do you keep the collections because you know that it is Navratri now and many festivals are coming Dussehra and La hai Diwali is coming, different festivals are coming to you, so it is very important to keep colors according to the festival, friends and inside saffron you are getting complete collections of ladies, where you can find kurti dress material from century to century. All the lehenga saara is going to be found here, so let’s go to the next section, let’s see how the quality of the collections are going to be available there, what kind of collections are going to be there and you can see that the entire treasure of centuries is full of you. Whatever variety you ask for, whatever collection you ask for, you will get all of it here, whether it is a blouse piece, a kurti, you want a bottomer, you need an aster fall petticoat, all the colors of all, you will get it here, so in this way You can see that the relationship between the customer and the collection is very strong, because when the customer comes, if he gets the collection from his man, then his talk is different, then you can see here also, live purchasing is going on here. They are being shown all the quality that suits the bottom of your collection.


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Single piece or whole thing is shown to them here and if they get their test according to the accord, then the customer can purchase it well, so friends, this is how customers come here, be it Bihar, Maharashtra or Delhi. Yes, all kinds of customers come here because you know that after coming here, it is very important to get the complete collections of all the ladies under one roof and you will get all such collections here like Now you can see here no problem here as you can see you have full lehenga crop top ho saara ka saara If you get the collection here, I hope you have liked today’s video and today’s collection and if you have any queries, then you can call us on the number given on the screen and If you want to come to Surat, chicken drop has been arranged for you, friends, see you in the next video, but before that friends, do not forget to like, share, comment and if you have not subscribed to our channel, then subscribe and do not forget to press the bell icon. From which you are going to get new notifications and new videos, see you in the next video, till then thanks!

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