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Top Fancy Saree Manufacturers: We purchase a lot of sarees, but the retirement of some centuries is such that we need it all the time, so what is the concept of taking and giving? The Kesaria Textile Company is here the concept of the way you want not only sarees but here Kurtis ladies dupatta plazo suit materials lehengas or you have recommended blouse as well as you get petticoats also if you want aster then that too like the ones available here You must have seen many manufacturing companies but there you are not getting the phone, now it does not take much time, the collection starts from Rs. If you stay till the end, then it is very good because till then you will get a lot of designs, but I will not be able to tell you the price, for that I have reduced a small thing for you, that is, go inside the description, the link of WhatsApp you have been given a quick call You can call or message so that you would know about the price, then see this completely, now this century is going to happen.


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You will get it in the same way that you will get very lovely oil inside the likera fabric Now you can see the border with printing, it is a very wonderful border which is with Siroj’s diamond and this whole catalog is going to be named as Chandrakala, see the catalog name also here, you can know from the name of Chandrakala very quickly. Which is if you like this variety and you must have liked it because it is a whole party concept, yes you can see the blouses of the test running very easily and in All India, along with this you will get the running blouse piece here. If this is the collection, you have to purchase the toys from here, because all the collections we have here, you have to take the sets according to the hall sale and here you will get a lot of color options, for which you will get the PDF link. If it is also given, then see the next collection, in the same way you are going to get it.


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The inside of the chiffon is the chiffon shimmer which we also call the most phone and the inside which is embroidered with a lot of sequence has been done see the whole design which is made with water sequence and the border you see complete The whole wave type design made here is the same concept that you will get here, then the varieties that remain in our place, every time you will get something unique here and along with that, you will also get the blouse here. The blouse which is according to the running, we sew it according to the saree, inside it we have the retirement of Aster, so you will also get Aster here. See yeh jo rahega pura ka pura you can see the complete branding of saffron and inside it abhi yeh jo saadi rahe hai na l border saath aapko hai hai ji haan completely aapko yeh jo hai sequence ka kam It has been done inside the van side which is you can see in this way the figure design has been made It means that you get bird pattern and you will get flower designing with it, that means the concepts are also prepared here, which are unbelievable and such designs are very much in demand in our upo Bihar.


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This catalog is going to be completely, you will get this net century, that too with figure design, so see this very beautiful concept, completely you will get net pattern inside it and here you will get the sentence along with sweding work means silk With Dago, this whole concept is found and if you want to know about the designs quickly, go to YouTube and there Jo Hai Bridal Sadi, Semi Work Sadi Aap Jo Hai Kesaria Textile Company, search all at once. The listing is available so click on the I button and you can know about many more collections, but a small comment that you will definitely give us that which is the best collection you will get through today. According to the area, I liked it completely, which is what you get. Along with La Hai sequence, there are many designs inside Jee Han sequence, if I talk about the pattern, then in the last I will tell you that you are getting countless varieties inside it, because this concept which has just been done is very It is trending more because it is in high demand in foreign countries as well. Atlist, such varieties are purchased from our place, so we also do more creativity so that the customer keeps getting new patterns time to time.


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Why see the next collection, the next collection is going to be a catalog named Papad, you have heard it right, the whole catalog is named Papad and the colors of the century are very beautiful, that means it is bread color and with bread color in it The sequence has also been reduced, this is a very cute concept, that means we are telling you the full length, as far as you see, you will be able to see the full design and with the red color, Siroj’s diamond touch up has been given to it. And such patterns are mostly made on georgette, so you If you get it from here then see this complete I have seen all the saris I have seen you now I am waiting which connection do you like and if you want to order on de spotli don’t you dry me Make a call Video call Video call You will be able to purchase all these varieties while sitting in your own language with a sales executive so that you will get the information about the new concept related to what is there and which has been included here.


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But this is what happened after online purchase, if you want to do offline purchasing, immediately go to Surat, whatever is yours, call us from the station, pick up and drop, you will get the facility and with the same you will be direct whenever here. If you pay, then you will be able to purchase the complete collection of women given here together, you are not going to need to go anywhere else, then I will keep coming Himanshi with new collection from news till then you subscribe our channel SUBSCRIBE so that you will get notification before new collection and for this Whatever is with you, you will be able to place the order as soon as possible, till then thank you Tata Bye Bye!

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