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Fancy Saree Wholesaler: Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company where at one place you get the complete collection of women’s foot, inside which you have all the scooter leggings dupatta plazo suit materials lehenga as well as if you want patterns like conversation then that too you will get here at manufacturing rate If you are going to get the accordion, then let’s move towards the design, look at the pattern which is going to happen now, the first article is a very beautiful pattern, the pattern that will be made inside it and you are going to get the complete chandelier type pattern of the cut work done here. This will be the catalog and the road is available, now the sarees that remain with the length of 6:30, you are going to get the cut, you get the proper cut that too with the blouse, then see if the collection is this chiffon too.


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Is going to be found inside it small Looks like you are going to get this concept because of the tone-tone of this border, now let’s talk about its catalog, then it is going to get a complete catalog named Arjun, you will note down the catalog name immediately so that you can get the PDF of the varieties. If it becomes easy, then move on to the next collection, look at the next pattern which is going to be complete, here you can see the bell type pattern has been made, which you get silver and gold with the diamond of syroj The color pattern that has been made does not bring even more nikhaaye within all these centuries, and if you go to take the concept, then all these collections are going to be in very high demand, then the designs are just a lot. If the price is going to change according to the pattern, then the next design increases.


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Inside which you can see the complete and this check pattern accordion is found here you can see that there will be a complete catalog named box patti, which is what you have, the whole catalog vice means that the one that becomes the catalog and not the saffron will be on manufacturing next Which is the collection, in a similar way, you are going to get a lace border here with the design of Sirose’s diamond, inside which you are going to get the touch up of diamond and you can see that this is the complete name of the range roof. In which you can see the whole design of starting has been made here, which is the concept of satin strip and you are going to get the lining as well, so there are many collections inside the semi work sarees which we have in the same video. If you are not able to show you through all these collections, then if you want to see more, then how can you subscribe to the channel of this Kesaria Textile Company but at the same time if you want to see a particular design, then within a few minutes then which Inside the search option inside the YouTube channel, only you printed century or whatever.


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Since then, how is the Kesaria Textile Company, if you search, you are going to get all the patterns of Sara right there so that you get an idea that what kind of patterns are made inside our on-manufacturing, then it grows. Next Variety Why look at the next pattern which is yet to come, this something you get dark color accordion you will get the complete contrast basis of the color which will remain, inside which you can see van side complete carry pattern for you It is available and you can see in this also you can see that there is a complete Kerry pattern which is made of copper accordion and inside it you do not have a catalog which is going to be named Watermelon Nine which you can see. Catalog name is not it, you will definitely take a screenshot because if you get the pattern of the century that is going to be found or according to the same, then why increase the next variety, see this next material which is chiffon busses and in this you can see the complete In the same way, all the diamonds of Cirrus are all trains that are not of Diamonds of Surat.


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It is going on and you get all these collections in the same accord, there will be no shortage in designing, so far you have seen different different collections, you are going to get here in which you can see that in this also some bell design has been made and There is going to be a complete catalog named Ganesha, so you can see from the samples that live here, everyone has a set vice inside which if I talk about the shed, then see this, in this way you get the packing complete. You are going to get the catalog together with the complete branding of the Kesaria Textile Company and if you talk about the price, then here you can see all the varieties that you are going to get from the barcoding system, no matter what the price of any collection, you can change it. If you are not going to get all these collections which will remain, you can also purchase through live video call through online three, why do we also design, see the next collection which is flower designs have been made inside multiple colors which are You are going to get the whole machine work too, the small ones that build up inside it.


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It increases the beauty of the century inside the pallu of the century and this collection is all India, it is liked everywhere, that means you are up or from Bihar or we have someone from Rajasthan or else. Some collections happen in the property of our Jharkhand site, so you are going to get every single collection here, so the next collection is the next collection, you are going to find something inside a strange pattern, inside which has been reduced, the whole of this which is double border concept You are going to get here, you can see the lace border which is there, you get it inside some queen pattern and such is the variety, you get the setup of six pieces inside everything dark color, it comes the same way. If you want variety inside the whole figure print, then you are going to get it through the entire catalog and inside it you can see completely what you are going to see the peacock pattern here because There are collections like this and some such designs are preferred inside it, which are more like the accordion than letting them take something, and whenever the customers want to join us here, neither they have to join with happiness because they would have known.


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It is here that there is no variety that is there and the design is different as well as the quality remains intact, so what do you want to say about all these collections, how do you like the collection, by a small comment, what you have Will definitely tell us the rest of the designs here and I will keep bringing them for you and if you are who If you want to see the video inside the language, then you must tell us by comment that you want to watch in Hindi, inside English, Telugu, Tamil, inside each language, like you get sales executives, neither do you want to watch videos in the same way. Also, there is a facility to watch on YouTube channel how or Kesaria Textile Company being the biggest manufacturing company, as well as the one who wants to join the customers here, there is a family environment with them, you are going to get it every time, which if you yourself Want to fulfill once for direct Purchasing even if you come to visit normally, you get pickup and drop facility and whenever you come to Surat, only 10 minutes away from the station is Millennium Market which is Camilla It is at the door and inside it is just in 3031 and 3032, where you will be able to see all these varieties by yourself by coming directly to our sales office that the collection that we show you inside the video, you are going to get the same collection, so new with this. Mansi will keep on coming with some news new collection Thank you!

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