एक लहंगा घर बैठे मंगाए फैक्ट्री रेट मे Velvet Dress & Lehenga Designs 2022, Bridal Lehenga Wholesale

Bridal Lehenga Wholesale: Hello I am Himanshi with a new concept for you, I hope you all will be very good, your business will also be going very well, so what is the new variety for that if you want to include and that too lehengas If you want to keep our collection of lehengas, then the first one which I am showing you in the collection is very beautiful, this is a galilish lehenga over a soft net. Also worked, if I talk about it, this coding work has been completed, it was done with silk thread and here you see the whole of the whole, which is a big type, this puri design has been made as well as real Needlework has been reduced, so you see in this you will also get the inner can attached together with the double can, so if you want to order a collection of this type, then what do you have to do for this variety of you? Will take screenshots instantly so that you will be able to know the price and even more if you want to order a collection which is there.

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If you want, you will also get the facility of PDF, if you are wondering how to join a Kesaria Textile Company, then you can call us through the number given on the screen, if you want to message us, go to the description You have been given the link of WhatsApp, yes, through the link of WhatsApp, you can join us for diet, then we move towards the next collection, then look at the next collection which is going to be collected, it will be silk basis, completely this is what it is. The material is silk basis and inside it this whole printing has been done, which is a digital print, with this you see the issue is less, the sequence is also less and this whole house will remain which will not give you 5 to 5 1/2 meters. It is going to be there and at the same time, see that someone has got the complete branding of the Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get this complete catalog under the starting digital name, then you will definitely remember the catalog name so that it will be easier for you to get these collections, so let’s move on to the next Here’s a look at the variety which is the next concept inside the lehenga, it’s a complete net.

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It is above but one of its features you have seen is that what has been done inside it, all the mirror works have been done inside it and the material which is net which is very soft material and inside it also you have to start the inner Inside it is included because you can see the tone tu tone you are going to get is the double can and along with it its inner has been done back so that the gear which it has, we can see it rising even more And the fairness that will be there, you will get it very well. First of all, it is important for you to know that if you want to do business with the lehenga, then how is your area vice test going because if we take it and take it and your area’s accordion is the same. If we are not able to get the sale then we get a little nervous that we started the business and we could not get the profit, so first of all, understand the test, after that we do the collection thing, then we move on to the next concept, why see this The next one which is still going to be a concept, this is some light weight collection, it is inside the net itself.

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It has been done 12 black you will get the proper and with that you see here what has been made, its complete issue is done with the stones of silk threads done to it properly inside it and see in it too Beyond this, you are going to get all the same concepts, then such a great collection which is there if you want to purchase in wedding accordion, keep a minimum budget of 10000 and this collection is what you can order through world by shipping then growing Why is the next variety, the next which is the concept, this is also a lehenga, but whenever the sun comes, first of all we see where the lehengas are the best to meet us, then you are directly thinking of this style company. If so, stay here and visit and here you can see what you have, so here you can see, in this way you also get varieties of crop tops, inside which you are going to get countless designs.

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All the collections that will remain, you also get set vice, some if you want to get single then single too You will get but all the details will be available to you through our online team, you can connect with the sales executives of each of our languages, here you get a mix of languages ​​here, so if you If you want to watch the video in Hindi, in Telugu, in Malayalam or in Tamil or even in English, you will get complete facilities, for that you will be provided with a proper link, so see the next concept, this is very much. It is a beautiful pattern because its color is also very unique and the material which will remain inside it is not satin basis but it is made according to the complete crush pattern, inside which you can see the border is very beautiful And here the whole sequence of what it has been done is on top of the A linings, which is going to get a very different pattern.

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This variety will get full front and back side The pattern is there but along with it you also get full sleeves, so I hope you have liked today’s varieties very much, so I will keep coming with many more collections, but for that I will definitely ask for your comment. We will wait for you, how did you like today’s collection and where do you belong, what varieties do you want to see more, now you can tell us by commenting, rest of you, how are you textile company means go to youtube, lehengas, how are you textile You search the Kesaria Textile Company, you will be able to see many varieties which are here together. so till then thank you tata bye bye!

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