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Saree Wholesalers in Surat: Want to see many more varieties, quickly go up to YouTube and search Bridal Shaadi Textile Company so that you get the particular channel that is there and you will also be able to know well about all the varieties Hello I am Himanshi How are you from the Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome all of you and then the first one which is about to be collected now, look at this in a way that is completely what you are going to get on Organsa but the design will be absolutely amazing and see how long the colors are going to be There is a setup of four pieces, colors are also told to you together, so see that this century is about to come, which is unique and with the setup of quantity 2 pieces, you get the softness that will remain completely different. You will also see the color of the party wear concept, you are going to get four types, the whole work has been done inside it, see the border, you are going to see the whole vine pattern inside it, then the design which will remain inside it will be kamrettli which is there for you.


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This whole concept is going to be available up to :30 meters as you give You will get this whole concept as much as I told you, I will tell you in details only and with the same you want to put the blouse that is going to come in the proper back side or you want to give touch up on the sleeves. So very comfortably you can give it means that whatever variety is going to live today, if you want to do business sitting at home, if you want to keep a collection of women’s way, then you can also include that century.


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How century you have to sell but if you know how to do stitching then your blouse is going to be sewn by you, so for that if you have aster’s retirement or want readymade blouse, then you can get them here too, then see this next The concept that is going to come is in this way and you must have seen a very lovely century inside it and inside you see completely you must have seen the border of the cut work, which is absolutely unique, that means here you will get It is very cute, very broader and inside it is done here, less than the flower pattern released Along with this, small buttes have also been made, there is light inside the all over pallu and there is a complete set of pieces, yes, the budget of minimum 10000 is rakhi, now you can get the whole collection sitting at home, then see this inside the blouse.


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The whole pattern must have been visible in the neck, just here you get the complete design of the sleeves, the color combinations of this type inside the net, which are the designs, we will get more here on our next which this concept is going to be something In this way you get the catalogue, now I am showing you the catalog directly because it does not have any catalog name particular, so you will take a screenshot of it so that you can easily know about its price, then see this color combination now It’s going to happen a lot, because this is all our night functions, it is a party wear concept and if you are running your booty then definitely include such variety because what women need is absolutely the variety which That till today no one has worn it or it should show the most different in its functions.


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Look, this century is about to last, something like this will get you inside the rangoli pattern and in this you will see the complete mesh type design here, the gills have been reduced inside it, that too silk threads of multiple colors Along with the variety, you also see this design has been made very carefully and not only this, but you are going to get it completely inside the bottom also means that till 4:30 meters you get this complete design. The next collection is going to happen in this way, you will get the century looking very nice looking through the catalogue, so now what it is, we directly see which is this pattern, which is the proper which you get here in the same way There is going to be a touch up of diamond which is very beautifully made, it has full border with katwa and with carry design you will get this century which is going to live right now it is shining this is it and made inside it There are small butte collection so on both sides you can see very cute border concept, Maharani concept will give you this century You must have been looking inside because you get the touch up of all the stones inside it, you can also see the colors right with green in it, according to the small butte done to it, so you see that the embroidery look is going to be proper.


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And all this will be complete in this way you are going to get this concept blouse which will remain its very best, look at this blouse you have seen the proper which you get the design of the back side, a very unique pattern is going to be found inside the sleeves as well. I will keep coming with new concept from news till then thanks for but if you have not subscribed our channel yet then do it immediately and don’t forget to press the bell icon.

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