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Pure Banarasi Saree Designs : And no more, some new collection with Disha which you can see, I have brought Banarasi varieties and many dark colors are going to remain in it, sarees of light colors are also in most demand in our Maharashtra and Bombay side. There will always be a test of the century. If you start from, then definitely keep it till the last so that if you like any design, then you will be able to know about the price very quickly, so now see this collection which is complete in organza. I have come but inside it you get full touch up of Banana C. Now you can see the carry pattern is made inside it, you can see the name of the catalog, it is going to be named Nai Naveli Silk and inside it is complete. You will see less pallu of jaripatte, you can see something in this way you will get the very best look of tasals It is found and inside it also you can see the whole thing, if you are going to get the weaving concept, then these Banarasi sarees are recognized only according to the weaving, the color design will remain, they will give you a set of four to five pieces.

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You get something like this, you are going to get the packing and you can see inside it, if you want similar colors, then you will also get the catalog which you have, you will get it along with it and here you can see the complete volume. The number is also given so that you have to take screenshot and connect with our online team, rest of the numbers are given on the screen, now you can call or message us, then move on to the next design, why see this collection which is complete now. Inside the dark color, I am showing you in which you can see the front only pallu pallu which is very much liked inside the century and Banarasi sarees which are recognized only because of some pallu and border, so its Inside you can see the whole of the skirting you are going to get touch up and here you can see the border Made with very fine detail, you can also see this whole collection booty, the weaving accordion is made here and now if we talk about the body part of the century, which you can see, the thin part remains inside it as well.

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You must be seeing that it is a very dark color but it is a very pleasant color, the designs made inside it are very beautiful according to the zari and the border made, you can see that it takes four days when such sarees are included means If you keep such collections in the present time of Ganesh Chaturthi, the time of Ganesh Utsav, then you can set up a margin of up to 80% and sell out all these varieties very comfortably. Even if you are starting a business, I would like to tell you that right now there is a golden opportunity for you, without thinking of today or tomorrow, you can start your business today and keep a minimum budget of 10,000 and something like this. You can easily order the collection in various ways, see the variety that is now available, completely in this way you will be able to do dark colors inside. But inside it you can see the colors that have been done inside it, you can see very cute silk threads have been done inside it and with this also you can see that the whole concept of frill has been made because the sarees that are Banarasi. We are going to see tasls and frills, and inside it you can see that the whole which is going to be party type, it is going to be seen in this way, this whole catalog will be named Super Song Silk, which means catalog. The name is going to remain the same so that whatever it is, you will only message us in the message that we just want to see the variety of this method, then you also get the facility of PDF, so that you will know that how many colors will remain inside it.

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Yes, you will definitely keep in mind that whatever colors and whatever designs you like from here, you have to take them completely set vice, because here we deal only in oil selling, then the next design increases, why this Now see this color, this test is our proper, which is the test of Maharashtra, because such designs You all know that there is a lot of demand in Ganesh Utsav, but even in normal wedding parties, such concepts are very jealous, inside which you can see the whole weaving concept of golden color. Small carry patterns have been done inside it, you are going to see that too in the pallu, you will see the whole concept of blue color which is going to look very cute after wearing and you will also see inside it. You can see that you get very soft material and inside it you can see that the whole border has been made, that too is going to be found inside the carry, if I talk about the name of the catalogue, then you can see Tulsi Meena Silk. By name this whole catalog will be with blouse piece means you will get full length of 6:30 here any century if you take quality best you will get best no compromise in quality ji han lahariya sarees So it happens but what is here you will get some wave pattern design inside Banarasi itself.

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Yes, you will get the pallu, inside which you can see a very cute jar type pattern has been made in the pallu, the touch up of the diamond of Siroj is also available because here you are going to see the complete design of the peacock, you can see inside it too. There is a jhaler concept and the sarees that we marry are also in great demand, especially red color, so you all know the red color, it is always done within the auspicious time within the auspicious time, it is always called Fashion Garden. From this whole catalog is going to be there, you can see how are you going to see tagging of Kesaria Textile Company over every century, on which you do not get the catalogue, the next variety, why see the next collection, something like this From what you are going to get inside cotton means that inside cotton Banarasi right now you can see the complete golden color puri weaving design made inside it and here also you can see the whole of what you have here. There is going to be a mesh type pattern, that too is a combination of light and dark colors with small flower designs. In that too, if we talk about the catalog name, then you can see that it is going to be complete with a wonderful name of cotton, inside which you get a complete setup of five pieces, then the button next design is shown in many varieties inside today’s video. Wally, if you like any collection out of this, take a screenshot of what you have, so that you do not have any problem in ordering all these varieties, in this also you can see the collection that is complete, which is complete. Royal collection is going to be available means that if you want in a party or inside any wedding functions, then such variety will run very much, that means if you want to do business from home or if you have a shop, then you must keep such designs.

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So that you do not get confused somewhere inside the variety, just the collection that is liked by you, you have to show the same collection from here, then see what is the next variety, in a similar way, you can see all the collections of all Right now we have some new design here because according to the festival season some new new varieties have been included here, inside which you can see the whole inside of it which is made from Cirrus diamond, this design is made pick off. There is a type pattern which you can see here, it has been made through weaving, here the entire border of the whole is also going to be seen in the same way that means tone to tone which is the design concept and not the same collection here. You will get Kumbh, which means if you want a variety of contrast with similar colors or otherwise. If you want an accordion design for your particular test, then you will get every concept here because the quantity which is starting from 175, last if you want design up to 4000, then you will get that concept here, so grow next collection Look at the next collection, in the same way, you are going to get a variety of cotton silk, inside which you can see the whole of the gray color weaving concept has been made inside it, inside which is the post which you have. The entire border of pink color is going to be visible and in this you can see that this entire catalog is going to be named Ramaiya silk, that too with the setup of five pieces, you can see the pallu inside it has a zigzag type pattern.

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Which is some new concept and inside it you can also see that the layer time which has been designed, you are going to get it completely through the bell type pattern, this design is going to be seen by you according to the complete belt type pattern and border. You can also see in this way very cute and very soft You are going to get the material here, which is very much in demand in the South Side, so what kind of designs did you like today’s collection, then you will definitely tell us by commenting and if I would like to tell you the same If you want to do diet purchase, want to come to Surat, then you can do the direct pickup and drop, do you get the facility and if we talk inside the address, then only 10 minutes away from the station, we are also inside Millennium Market Inside Block First Floor 3031 & 3032, where there are many more collections of this method, you can purchase directly from the team, if you come direct then no foundation is going to remain inside purchasing and if you do online purchasing If you want, it is necessary to keep a minimum budget of 10000 and everything can be asked for advice from you, you also get cash on delivery, you can purchase through video call, in your language, you will have a sales executive both offline and online. If only you get it, then the collection of the whole ladies way in this way I wonder how you get it in a Kesaria Textile Company, that too catalog vice is needed non-catalog if you want variety, every design is going to be available to you, then how will I keep coming with Kesaria Textile Company and bring some new to new varieties then Till the time you stay connected with us like this, subscribe to our channel so that you will get notifications of many more new videos like this and don’t forget to press the bell icon thank you!

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