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Kapde ka Business Ideas in Hindi : You do business of clothes, you are also successful, you watch videos on our days, you watch motivation videos, you watch product videos and you think that I don’t have to go to Surat, you went to Surat, also went to saffron, we are very happy. It’s done, friends, there is a break here, what do you think you are coming for the first time, how we will present it, someone will be happy, this product will be what not to ask, how to ask, the price will not be high, will not all these things You keep thinking, just friends, I want to say something to you on this topic, Hello friends, I am greeting you again on behalf of Kesaria Textile Company.

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I ask you one thing if you go to your house and say anything, do you think the rate If I say this, then the people of the house will understand that I am an idiot, I do not have any wisdom, asked another one, when you reach home, you ask for a glass of water, ask for tea, ask for breakfast, do you have the idea whether it is bad man Will you think again and again to ask for water to ask for tea, nor the same thing I want to say here saffron You have gone to the Kesaria Textile Company means you have gone to your home, once you are to your home, then the responsibility is either ours, friends, you come, you are connected to our family, you have become a member of the family of Kesaria Textile Company.

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Friends have become family members, it means that when you do any kind of purchases in any department, please open up means talk openly, don’t have any shame because you will be ashamed because you will be our friends who are our efficient sales team. Perhaps now you will also see in the camera, this Puri sales team is for you, you take out one bundle nikalwaiye 100 bundles from them, but you will satisfy them only then you will sit in peace, do not think that this sales person I am asking to get four bundles I will give 10 bundles to 100 bundles, there is nothing like that, they have all the energy to give you satisfaction, friends, the matter does not end here, come out of your environment and come to Surat.

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Have surveyed the customers who come to you in your showroom in your shop. Time comes, what kind of things do they believe, you have experience, just what is the need of your customer, take that in your mind and come here and request us, I will tell you if you come and you speak in front of me, I am a salesman, you are my You will not say no, I do not want this cloth, I do not like this red color, I do not like Leela color, hey sir, you are the seller, you are the one who is not the wearer, who is the one to buy your customer, then think this time What color does your customer like, which fabric, wants to take kurti, wants to get lehenga, wants to take century, what does your customer want to take, you have just this thing I want to tell you friends, keep the customer in mind.

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Request us, ask us, we have a variety of 100% ladies ready to wear, you will find it in the entire showroom, you will see me behind you, all types of fabrics, all types of clothes are available with you, you just say the problem is that we are yours. Going into the heart, in the mind, I am not understanding what is your need until you make your request. If you do not speak openly to us, then how will we know what you need, so friends please once again I request you to understand your home and openly request us that what is your need, we can even give life for you, this is saffron Thinking of Kesaria Textile Company, friends, I hope you have understood this thing, try it once.

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You will experience angined such a customer, take satisfaction from here, have bought from here with complete satisfaction and today be successful in one place Please friends, watch this video not once, not twice, but thrice and understand what I have to say, what is my feeling and what I want to explain, you are saffron, there is nothing in the middle, there is something called shame. Not only do you buy comfortably and have found yourself on a new peak of success, friends, hope you have liked this video of mine, if you have liked it, then definitely like it and do not forget to subscribe to the channel, friends definitely press the bell icon So that I can open my showroom and myself in front of you and say something thank you!

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