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Fancy Silk Saree Manufacturer: Whenever you want to join the Kesaria Textile Company, you keep getting the updates of the new collection from time to time, so there are other new collections which will be very beneficial for you in your festival season. Those are the budget you just have to keep a small one of 10000 because when we sell then it is necessary to have more variety and at the same time when color options are available then we get even more convenience then today’s collection will be The quantity which starts at Rs 145 is the last one, I am going to show you the varieties up to 6000 here, in which if you like any collection, you can send us a PDF message immediately, that means you can order the PDF through that.

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Can or you want to know the price, even then you will get the complete detail, which you are looking at this century, you can see that you are going to get the dark color and the border, you can see the full touch up of the lace border here. That too goes with the touch up of stones, so here are the varieties according to your taste.

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Will get means you must be seeing this variety of ours which is more friendly in UP and Bihar, the next concept which is going to come, you are also going to get something. A small booti is going to be found with it, that means it is inside the whole mass and inside it you can see the whole lace border, here you get the weaving accordion, there is a mausoleum inside it, wasn’t it very beautiful made with and such collections which remain we can find inside very rare gas this whole catalog is going to be named plus point in which you can see completely you will get this dark color but dark color is but it is Now look at the design of the century, it is very unique, which has been made with embroidery look, the colors have also been done very well, and that too with the diamond of Cirrus, you are going to get this border, then such sarees are We will get a lot of designs inside them and for that we have to do this very quickly.

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Go inside the script, WhatsApp link has been given to you, directly message whatever you want or make a video call and sitting at home, you can order all these collections with a minimum budget of 10000, so see the next collection It is going to go inside the net and inside it you can see the black color which is the favorite color of many people, why not because the black color is the most unique, so you can see the whole thing. Combination of black with golden has been given inside it, that too with deep designing and here you see proper inside the bottom you get the design of checks, the border is also made inside its small carry pattern, that too golden stone Along with the work, there are designs inside this collection, seriously, you are going to get 10 plus, because every time you get a new collection inside the net, then look at the proper blouse which you have here. Up is going to get proper, you get the design of the back side, please pattern is also available here.

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If you bring it then you get packing in this way, there is complete branding of saffron inside it, the colors are also going to be very good, see the props, which is set up in this way, the colors are designed in this way inside it. Catalog is made which you can see you are going to get it on all sarees then see the next collection it is going to be georgette basis inside it has been propped up with touch of sirrus diamond yes you can see Volvo name There will be a complete catalog and inside it the work of silver stones is done which we call the diamond of Sirus, the next concept is that you are going to get the props inside some cotton, look at the props.

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You get the full embroidery work here. The touch up of the lace border has been given, the net pattern which has been made inside the bell design is very beautiful, big sequences have been done inside it, which adds even more shine to it and inside it. You must be watching this work because it was done by Girija, subscribe our channel and hit the bell icon. Press it by commenting, you will definitely tell by commenting that how did you like today’s varieties, just that I have not shown you the price, then a little issue is going to come because we are not able to tell you the price, for that you can direct our online Can definitely thank you!

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