कपड़ो के बिज़नेस में धोका-धड़ी से कैसे बचे? Saree Manufacturer in India | Kesaria Textile Company Surat

Saree Manufacturer in Pune: Sometimes the variety starts from ₹ 25, only the team gives the video till the end, even after watching the video, there was a variety in Seriously 29, if we are getting such a cheap stool directly from online, why visit the supplier means to visit What is going to come out, we also make the full online payment, which varieties are being mixed inside it and which are not sending, you are going to know a little bit, we saw something else, but something else goes out, the fabric is not known. How to get ready made stools in such a cheap variety, don’t think with new direction.


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I am Himanshi once again, how many varieties starts from ₹ 30 on behalf of Kesaria Textile Company, that means that too within Sarees. Let’s say that even if someone said that the variety gets started, then how can you ever have thought that if I talk to the Kesaria Textile Company itself, then the collection starts from Rs 45, which is here. It is also shown but there are some people who live only on YouTube for example. Qin also mentions in it that many collections of saris are found within the quantity 25, but many customers are also such that they go on watching the video till the end, even after watching the video till the end.


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In the video, they did not get any result, they did not know whether there was any variety in Seriously 29 or we were getting a century for 25 rupees because that sample was not shown at all, because such varieties do not exist at all. If we are involved in the textile business, then we too get confused that if we are getting such cheap stool directly from online, then they think that once we take a chance, then we see it, then they are in the circle of taking chances. I also make full online payment, but after making payment, your responsibility is complete, after that when they are sending which varieties from there by mixing them inside it and which are not sending, you are going to know a little but when they The parcel comes to us, we saw something else, but something else goes out 25 century people made But the century is shown inside it, heavy work has become a century, semi work has become saris.


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The textile industry of Surat is very famous because it is here as soon as the cloth is made, the design of the clothes is also done from this, the setup is here. You yourself also think that if the fabric is not made, it is in such a cheap variety, then how will you get the ready made stool, then once you see this box packing also, there are many people in the box packing, the quantity which is ₹ 50 is ready to give you but now you see the variety inside it, how wonderful you are going to get the variety, that means how beautiful the fabric is that you can sleep yourself, sometimes you can guess that this is the spirit of the century. What if you are getting this full variety in ₹ 50 because how is the Kesaria Textile Company, then if I talk about all these collections, you get fixed rate accordion like we have pay bar coding system I told you in the beginning itself.


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All are going to meet the recording system sometime so I will at last I would like to tell you this that you do not get confused at all, if you are watching the video of the Kesaria Textile Company of Atlas as well, regarding the varieties, then you know about the Kesaria Textile Company till the end, whether that company is where it is located, where is it seriously There are many customers connected there or not, which is the variety as the collection is, you have to visit by visiting it because without going directly to the Kesaria Textile Company within the festival season, you will not be able to know from here if you want to join online as well.


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Those who are our sales representatives are very supportive, you are going to be given very good guidelines, you will also be guided well about the accordion test of your area and the variety you want to order from here, you will find the same whole collection here. If you are going to meet with me, then keep this thing in mind, watch the same videos of the YouTube channel on which you trust, then I hope you all will be good, your business will be going very well and you should progress like this, this is our wish. Till then thanks for bye-bye.

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