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Saree Wholesale Market Kanpur: Semied work golden file with mirror in chiffon based on tu don u sequence route tu his aapko golden card gram base u golden jarim as well as under gravity you are going to get complete work of embroidery silver color when you click here If you come, you will get better than this, so I give you so much guarantee, Hello friends, the collections that you are going to get are going to be different and you know friends, when there is a touch up of embroidery on the diet. Cirrus diamond work goes on top of it, when the concept runs differently, neither the look of the cell is very beautiful and it looks very pleasant, then I do not think second to it I do and today’s video is going to be our diet, it’s going to be all over it and within the diet century, today I am going to show you such a treasure, seeing that you will say one after the other that the feeling of this kind of Kesaria Textile Company is so beautiful, beautiful, dangerous Happens ji han friends because we want you to know something new every time you watch the video.


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Get the concept because our policy is the same that whenever you get a new one, you start, then you can see that you are going to get a bandage on top of the golden file in which the look is going to be simple sober but what you are going to get in it Friends, because the concepts are so many that we cannot cover you in one video and let’s talk about blouse, then you are going to get the blouse in such a way that you will get tone to tone with embroidery with sequence on the cheek. And friends, talking about the design in this, you are going to get many designs. Next concept, I am going to show you that the phone is going to get the best pay on top of the copper, with the mirror, that is, whatever the concept is going to be contrast base. We are going to live in which you can see that you have been given border cut work with mirror, talk to friends about the designs, then you are going to get many designs, just simple simple we are showing you century one as you guess It will be known how the collections are going to live, how they are going to live. Coming to the catalogue, premium vans is the name of the catalog in which you are going to find a lot of designs, so in this way you are going to get the complete heavy concept of embroidery with mirror on chiffon base with samosa lace.


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Together because you know that the demand of ladies is very different, so their demand is different every time, so keeping in mind their demand, you are going to have all the collections and you will get many designs like in next If you talk friends, you are going to get tone work over Simar, who talks, then you can see that you will get lace, don’t you get a touch up of sequence with embroidery, the name of the card catalog is, you will mention such If you understand the concept, then take a screenshot, send it to us so that we should not have any problems in providing you the product, then you can see the next concept I am showing you above Simar, in which you have 22 in this way. Going to meet and let’s talk about work so you can see it Te Ho To-Toon you are going to get a touch of golden with embroidery inside it, the concept has been given inside the patti type design, now the next concept is going to be ours, you can see the play store 60 ga bass you are going to continue golden You are going to get lesoge big lace you will get with rebellion ie concept you are going to get different and the women who do jobs are teachers which one is very good for them their choice remains the same.


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If we want to get simple sober and nice attractive collection then you can see I am showing you a new concept above Vichitra in which you are going to get maroon color lace in contrast, big lace you will find here in pallu fringe You are going to get this blouse with work, all the concepts are going to be different, in the next I am showing you the strange favorite above this in which you will get piping on the contrast base lace will get as well Together, if we talk about Bhutto, then inside Bhutto you will get the Embroidery Golden Jari i.e. three in van concept and talk about the catalog, friends Jaspreet is the name of this catalog, then who is our next person living on chiffon base Hai Golden Jari with Embroidery is going to get different touchups that too along with Diamond the name of the catalog is Jackpot you will mention Next is our resident You are going to get a complete silver color work on Georgette you will get Diamond inside it It is going to be found and as you come up, small butati which gives a very beautiful look to the clap, then next we are going to see above Simar in which you are going to get the complete work of mirror Naroli of this catalogue.


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If the name is next, which one is our living in which tone work has been given to you with golden diamond friends, talking about the catalog, you are going to get a lot of catalogues, only a single sample is showing you, so that the idea will be given. How the concept that lives inside did work is going to live So you can see that you have given piping on top of the satan, you have got the complete work of golden jari here, you are going to get golden diamonds inside it and as you come up in the bridge, you will get inside small butis. The collections are many but you know what variety it is not possible to cover in a video, so we try to show you 8 to 10 varieties in which you will get an idea.


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The collections that are going to live, how they are going to live and you can see that there is a storehouse of centuries around me, when you come here, I will get better than this, so much guarantee I give you then the collections and the variety I saw You must have liked it and friends, if you have any queries, do you think you are a housewife or want to do business on a large scale, then please my request to you, if there is any, then you have been given a number on the screen, call so that we can can help you in a very good way and the negative thoughts going on inside your joe minds We try to short out the points that are going on, friends, if you have not subscribed to our channel, then do not forget to press the bell icon now because you are going to get new new videos, you are going to get new notifications which are your way. I am going to help you a lot I meet Shashikant Marathi in the next video till tadtate flare Collection together then thank you!


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