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Saree ka Business Kaise Badhaye: Change your eyes, the views will change, today’s topic is going to be our attitude, this topic matters a lot, be a student, be a housewife, be a business, try to change your environment, whenever you wake up, wake up laughing and remember God Almighty even if the business is small. Whether you sell mungfaliyan or have a pan’s throat, but man becomes a hero only through holes, when you leave the stairs, you are going to come across many problems, many problems are going to come if you have won the man, friends, then it is only a matter of the world. It is different and the result that I am going to get is going to be very positive, friends, as you keep your attitude towards yourself, the same attitude is reflected in your behavior, in your words and in your nature, then I am Shashikant Marathi, Nayi Soch Nayi Disha Company. I warmly welcome you and friends, today’s topic is going to be our approach, talk on this topic because it is very important, be it our relation, our family relationship or our attitude towards our business, this topic means a lot on all these things.

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Keeps and says no friend The way you are looking at this world, you are going to see this world in the same way, our attitude, our attitude, if we change our attitude, then the positive result of that affects a lot on our live, be a student Be it a housewife, a business, then try that we have been positive, try to change your environment and the most important thing is that as much as you keep yourself positive, friends, your result is going to be as positive, pick up in the morning, break the first lap that God Thank you very much, you have given us such a wonderful day, today whatever I will do, I will do all in a positive way and the result of all that I am going to get is going to be very positive when you talk like this yourself to God the Almighty. If you do, the relationship between our two becomes very strong, you are doing business even if it is a small business, but what you have to see it, what is your attitude, which is the attitude, if it will be positive, friends, then you should know about it. The result you are going to get is also positive for you.

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Finance is going to be available even if the business is small, sell mungfaliyan or have a throat of a pen, but from what angle can you make that business a small thing, it becomes a hero from very important zero, directly no one goes there to you. You have to climb straight CDs, you have to climb the stairs and in between them you will be disappointed, you will come, people will laugh, make fun of you, say what they are doing, it is not about your bus, someone in your family has Did friends listen from here, get out of here, it is less of the world to pull tighter than if you said that the world would say anything, I would go my own way.

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No one has anything to do, he thinks that I am the king of this world, I will do my trick So defintely friend no one can shake you no one can put you in the lamp why because you I have decided that yes I can do it, I can do it, no power in this world can defeat me It is different and it is said that whoever won the place, don’t worry, don’t worry and the biggest batsman, Kesaria Textile Company is fully ready to support you, friends, start the business, our relationship is going to last for a long time. That is, today you started if you got a good response, then wait for the response and take it to a good position, you want me to keep more variety and keep more products through which I can give better service to the customer, then all d Best, our special, with you, for the last 45 years, our aim is to give you the best product, so that you can give good service to the customer, here you will get the complete collection of ladies wear under one roof.

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No need to go to visit and when you think yes here If you should be current then you are welcome Sara’s whole collection is waiting for you friends if you like this video and the things that were said inside the video, do not forget to like share comment and if you have not subscribed to our channel So subscribe don’t forget to press the bell icon because you are going to get new notifications new videos, then I do your friend Shashikant Marathi with some new topics in the next video, thank you till then bye-bye.

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