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Ladies Suits Wholesalers: Such a collection is full of stylish dupatta soaking you, the name of this catalog is very neat and clean work, which makes the collections very nice and luxurious, so friends, Suit Material Collections Such a collection that every slogan should be liked, I don’t think about the mirror. How do I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company with the new direction and friends, which is going to be our collection today, you can see inside the suit material from many collections but I am going to show you some of them in a selected license so that you The idea will be that how the collections are going to live, then we will start without taking much time, so you can see that on top of the glaze, you will get the whole of the whole cotton in this way you will get the golden issue. You are going to get a thread and talk about the catalog, then the name of the BMW catalog is what you mention, then you will get the complete color chart shown to you through PDF and talk about the color chart, then you will get the complete light.

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The chart is about to be received and if we talk about the dupatta, then the dupatta will be yours. You are going to get the whole thing here, in which buta touch up has been given, golden tere has been done to him and talking about the lance, golden lace is given all around, the concept is going to be worth the total money to you. You can also see the dupatta, you are going to get the full length of the dupatta. If you are going to get a lot of help, then next I am going to show you above the chanderi fabric, in which friends talk about light weight fabric but the designs you are going to get are going to be very good and talk work book you can see embroidery in it With the touch up of the sequence is given like the suit which is looking very beautiful and talking about the neck, you can see the name of bingo’s catalog which you will mention Gautam you will get this way dupatta ki baat karoge dupatta It has been taken very wonderfully, friends, you can see the whole sequence of you.

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You will get beautiful perfect border for this Hey work as well as two me sequence is given in this dupatta like the beauty of dupatta is looking very nice so next we will see I am going to show you above starting in which the concept will be complete to you The contrast is going to be on 20-20, you can see the border of Siroj in it but it is covered, so you will get the embroidery touch up in this way, right now with Firoz, the wrong friends desktop absolutely military fabrics you are going to get you If you understand any collection, then you have to take a screenshot of it, confirm what will happen that when you order, you should not have any problem with any progress, so in this way you will get the concept here. Next let’s go to cotton print, I am going to show you some samples in this you can see that there is less of white thread along with a mirror touch up like the beauty of the suit is looking very nice and talk friends, it is complete.

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Simple sober you are going to get a combination in this or You will get the touch of knee print above, you are going to get less of mirror and white thread in this way, you can also see that samosa lace is attached to it, if you talk about designs etc. then you are going to get a lot of video calling. If you can see the entire collection of Sara through the medium, then the facility has also been made for you through the code i.e. cash on delivery, so that you are not going to have any problem, then next we are going to see, you will get the complete golden color inside Banarasi style. It is going to be as we come up, so here the whole of the copper issue is reduced. Talking about the dupatta, you are going to get the dupatta as well, friends, you will get a stylish dupatta all over the collection you don’t get I am showing you the sample, so that you will get an idea of ​​how the collections are going to live, then the whole you will be embroidered with mirror and then you will keep in suppression you will get samosa lace but as we come up So you will get very clean work, the design is very cute and the neck is very beautiful.

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If you talk in this way you will get buttons and if you talk about dupatta, then you will get the whole dupatta inside the thread issued to you, in checks you can see very beautiful dupatta on collection inside A lot of friends but you know that because of time bonding, show you only some collections, Ankita concept you are going to get the suit material inside the collection, so I hope you will like today’s collection today’s video. If you have not subscribed to our channel then friends do not forget to press the bell icon so that you are going to get new videos, new notifications are going to be received which can make a difference in your business, then I will get the message in the next video till then Thank You for watching!

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