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Silk Saree Wholesaler: The one who has laughed the world has created history, what is this direction company when customers come here, their parcels are located here, the customer’s stool has also been removed, this is our billing section, all the fabric of elasticity, whatever you want You will get it with full quality and the variety you are going to get here is different, you do not need to go anywhere, in the Gotan section, you are going to get all the varieties here, here now from the customer inside the suit board right now Doing live purchasing step by step, everything is provided to the customer from here, you took it from here that I want to be successful in business, no power in the world can stop friends Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company. I am that this company is not just a name, it is a belief where you can come and see all the things of the work and you can also message him, so here I will tell you all the things step by step when the customers come here. The parcels are posted here van by van with all their serial numbers.


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Some are still engaged in packing, the excreta of the customer has also been removed, which is checked here, because all the parcels are being packed and you can see that what you are going to get here is reliable. You are going to have our billing section here, things are done here, so the customers come to us, they are given complete guideline on where you are from, whether you are going to purchase, business regarding, if there is any problem, then here you are small. It is made small, here all the fabrics of the whole of the elasticity are lying here, the loss which is the century, its range starts and I want to show you how the product you are going to get in its book will live Yes, of course you can see, in this way you are going to get 5.5 meters of century within 45 rupees, which you are going to get in different 10 11 colors, in which the fabrics you are going to get, then whatever thing you are going to get along with the barcode.


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You will get the whole collection with the complete quality, you will get the reliability, you will get the whole collection under one roof. It is about to go, that means you do not need to go anywhere You will have to start the thing from zero, you will have to face many things, you will have to face many things, but it is said that the place where the world has laughed has created history, yes friends, if we start any less, then people make us laugh. I offer you that it is not about your bus, you can not do it, but I want to tell you that when they laughed, but you know that today their name is recorded in the history, today these people read their history. How is everything possible, so the same thing applies in our business as well, we are going to run in the next segment, there you are going to get the treasure of diet centuries, friends, the variety that is there, all of them are according to our business. It helps a lot and the variety you will get here is going to be different.


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You are going to get all the collection of sir here in the state, by keeping such variety, we can touch the heights in our business, but to start a business, I want the knowledge of it, I want information about it, then from where will I get it which will make the screen more You call us on the number given to you and you will be given all the information related to product related business from here, so that you will not have any problem in doing business, but friends, this will be your first step many times what happens? We get shaken inside the first step because we don’t have faith in us, don’t believe man won to world won i.e. if you win your man, you can win the world, the segment we have come in is Bridal Collection Ji Han Friends, time is running out, all the products that are in demand are very wonderful and great and keeping all those things in mind, what kind of Kesaria Textile Company has kept the collection, in this way you will get wonderful and fabulous.


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That is, you do not need to go anywhere, just once. Yes, see what kind of concept is going to be in the cotton section here you are going to get all the variety here, right now inside the suit material we are also doing live purchasing from the customer, inside the blouse section they are seeing all the products and see them here Pay all the things that our brothers are telling in full detail that how you are going to get the collection here, it is going to be a section of tying and lehariya and the collection you will get here will get all the Rajasthani recordings of Sara If you will get Gujarat According then the next one who is going to live in your sex is Kurti Top Leggings etc. All will be available Customers are currently purchasing live, you can see that right now it is inside the lehenga section, the whole collection is kept here. Step by step, everything is provided to the customer from here, if I want to start a business, then who will I take advice, who is my friend who is doing business, then he will give me the right advice, I have textile, yes friends, here you will get all those things.


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But if you go to the right place, you will meet the right people. If you go there, the quality of the product you will get there is going to be A1 and then the customer will be satisfied from here, that is called a happy customer, any product is for example if I have a pen of ₹ 5 If I am buying for ₹ 10 then friends, whose loss is mine, because all that simple has bought all those things from the manufacturer, then what is going to happen to him that the loss of ₹ 5 is going to happen to me directly. If the same thing I directly connect with you, you are going to get green airtel, that is all the margin and people are taking the whole, I am going to get the whole of that i.e. the loss I was incurring directly He will become my profit, I will give better product to the customer within the amount and give better service to him, then what will be the customer, I will become a happy customer, that is, the small things that happen regarding our business, whatever troubles we have in our business. The thing is that all of them here I did not have to face 100 word person will be successful in gi business today’s video and it was regarding that in business you don’t worry at all, you just prepare in advance, friends hope how did you like today’s video don’t forget to share like comment and han If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, don’t forget to press the bell icon to get different videos, thanks for the next video till then bye-bye.


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