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New Business Ideas 2022 India: Friends, the product is the biggest pillar of our business, in any field, we are doing less, learn, teach and follow it, you have to decide where to get the product, there are many mediums through which you can sell your product and people You can connect till you are not connected, friends can not achieve all the things that other people are doing inside the business, then we can also reach it, we can travel in this business Hello friends, I am Shashikant Marathi New thinking with a new direction, I warmly welcome you to such a Kesaria Textile Company, the topic that is going to remain is our decision, that is, what decision we take in our life and that decision is our life on our business on our circle. How is it affected, we are talking on this topic and with this we start with the decision that we take, but when we follow it, some people reach the top, some people get stuck in the middle.


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We go and some people make them fit, we take the decision, then we have to walk on them. All the things have to be followed, by following which we should also take our business to its peak, take it to the top, where we have a dream, dreaming is not bad, dream, but how can the government make those dreams. What things can follow me or how can they climb in Syria if we follow all those things we can reach there we too can have a successful business You can become, learn, teach and follow it to do business, not everyone gets coins, they learn while watching or doing.


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If I am a businessman, what will I have to do first, I have to know that thing, how it happens inside I should implement such things or follow which things, so that I can be successful in my business, first of all, if I talk to friends, then I have knowledge and knowledge, then I will not face any problem, but if I have knowledge No friends, then you should be worry free, Kesaria Textile Company is ready to give you complete knowledge, then any Language should be in Marathi Hindi Gujarati Tamil Telugu Malayalam English in any language, here if you like sales, then in your language we will guide you properly how you can become successful in your business.


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Let’s talk about the second topic, friends, the product of our business The biggest pillar is the pillar and the more wonderful the product, the more our business is going to be alive, you have to decide from where should I get the product, then we start from our state from the district wherever we get the product from Surat Textile. Talking about Surat Textile, it is a hub, but here there is a supply of sewage all over the world, so you know that if you are taking a product from your state, then from here it will be available to the merchant who is a trader by adding his margin.


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The decision that you have to take, you have to understand, how can I make it meaningful, come on the third point, how to sell the product, now how to sell it, then the easiest way is to digitize Sara’s whole India has become the whole world digital tight You will also have to connect in it, unless you are connected, friends, you cannot achieve all the things inside the business that other people are doing, so through this also you can achieve very good success in your business.


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And let’s talk about next point’s margin now how to set margin I am new in this business normal range whatever we take, within the century of daily ware, we stall by keeping margin of 10 to 15-20% You can get out, but as the quality becomes best, which has to be kept in mind that what is the normal range, how much margin has to be set in the collections, it is very important to understand how much margin has to be set inside it, so these are small things. If we are following friends, then we can get very good success, friends, I hope that if we follow the points we have discussed through this video today, then we will also implement it in a very good way. can be successful in this business then i meet shashikant marathi some new top in next video Thank you for being with that till then bye-bye.


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