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Saree Manufacturers in TamilNadu: Banarasi sarees in sarees but friends you know that inside Banarasi you get such clothes, such friends, such designers who will fascinate your mind and when the saree is in your mind when the customer says what it is from the collection then like this I could not make you from inside today but I am going to show you pattu sarees inside porn from Banarasi, which is very much liked especially with and in Maharashtra tour state, so I am hunting with new thinking with new direction I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, friends, today’s video is going to be a photo on the saree or add such collections that every citizen should feel and how many friends that if any collections were done, any print or any sari would fascinate the woman. If there is a collection then we need a quick sale, do we need such a product, such a quality that if we get inundated from the root from the root, then 151 some collections I am going to show you the print inside that pattu is inside the sari, then you will see.

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All so beautiful on the valve of the one who takes the coat from your mouth Yes, friends, it is so beautiful, the print inside it is so digital, whatever look is going to be inside it, today I will show you, without taking much time we will see how the collection inside the pattu saree is in front. If you are going to live, I will show you by opening one side but the rest of the folder will remain in it and I am going to show you one by one in this way, I can see that you are beautiful friends, you can see this amazing ad. The love that it can give, the digital print is very wonderful, you are going to get it as well as you will see its border, the work done inside it is very cute and talking friends, look back and see you with this treatment in it. Friends, this will give you an idea of ​​how beautiful you are going to look, then you will get the tone tone you get in it, that if you are going to get a border of green color, then how much money are you going to get for green color.

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Inside you peacock you are going to go to the digital print of the whole then fly Bride you will get roses in this way which are different and you are going to get inside it, later you are seeing that you will get the whole pallu in this way, you are going to get inside the medium and talk about the back. Back you are going to get the complete additive which is going to go away from the flower tap, in this, if I talk about Prince, then you are going to get a lot of collections inside the pattu saree, now let’s see friends because when we talk about the collection, how retail In the Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get such a fun and wonderful collection which will captivate your mind and when you have such a collection here, friends, you are going to get a lot of benefits, then talking about this type of blouse, you can see that your backside It has come then you will get the frequency of this blouse as a whole, whatever it is, in this way you are going to get the full blouse of this shoulder etc. You have a very good one and our motto of 65 years company is to give you a collection that suits your needs.

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If it is going to help a lot, then we are going to see its color one by one. You are going to get the whole collection, friends, I will show you that much, you will say that what is the matter, you are going to get here from the great collection, hey pallu, you will get the whole, you are going to get Rich, yes, I told you first. As you are going to get the border, you are going to get full tractors, but especially because of this, you will get the background job, which you are going to get the back side, that way you are going to get the whole thing inside the jail or the leases. Talking about the house, then the combo that comes in it has as many prints whether you are going to get it separately or not, one by one, I will show you so that you will know how the collection is going to live. It is going to be so many that you will open the print of all that you are going to get different. So you can see Next9 I am showing you send it inside the prints you will get, friends, you are going to get different or not, as much as the collection of saree will remain, you are going to get the wonderful prints inside it, you can see how awesome the pallu is It looks like friends, you will get this couple in a very great way, then you will see this, so the print which is taken inside it is very special inside the straps, friends can see the whole digital and small and small flowers in it.

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Go inside and have used the medium inside it, which is looking very beautiful, sit with your heart, see how you are going to get the collection, what is the matter in a very tremendous way, you are going to get all the storage of Sarah inside Peacock You can see that if I talk to the smuggler, then you are going to get his contract basis because in this you are going to get the complete prince cut of green color, according to that, you will get all the collection which is going to be found inside that means inside the stone. I’m the third more he’s gonna get you like this Whether it is or not, you were going to get prints inside it as much as you open the saree, so here I am going to get you a peacock with full flowers or not, the collections will be very nice and cool, then let’s see which print to take. How is it going to be found, what is the matter, see how this saree will be collected, friends, you are also going to enjoy the collection, you can see inside your business, you will get the complete pickup inside the pallu and then its back.

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You are seeing that you are going to get all of Sara’s Peacock Peacock Morni Peacock in the contract base, friends, that’s why it is said that such collections are going to be found, what should I say, I see you in a tremendous way, that the friends who are going to get it. How is it going to be found inside the pattas, just you see what it is, it is very tremendous friends, as many friends as you will see, the more you will see the collection, you will not see the ghost, what is inside it is going to be amazing and wonderful from the collection. It’s a wonderful thing when such a correction is made. Hey friends, you do not need to worry in business because as soon as the customer comes, he immediately said that show me the patti sari in which you are going to get the design differently, so I hope you liked today’s collection.

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If you will get more designs inside it, but I told you earlier that our video of today is going to be only and only Pattu Sarees is going to be above in which you are going to see the design, you will get all the different ones like this. If you are going to get it, order a video call, the link is available for you, the video is available for you, can you do it through the video, has the shoulder been kept for you, from which you are going to get a lot of benefits and if you come to Surat, then all the things Krishna, you are going to get to see this, then send a message to Marathe, I hope you like today’s video collection, but if you have not subscribed to our channel at all, do not want to subscribe then press the Bell Icon so that you will get new- You will not get new videos and will not take notifications which will give you a lot of money. So more helpful and like share anna says thank you for till then in the next video.

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