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Cotton Saree Wholesale Surat: Hello friends, I am Shikar Marathe with new thinking, new direction, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company. Friends, today’s creature is going to live and will be living in the section in cotton and I am going to show you some practice in cotton teaching center which is crystal One is going to be with us but we can use it in our business with a very big level inside our business, so today I am going to show you some one by one product so that you will know which product is there and on what basis. And what is its basic waist, how important is it to us in the business, so we will see that today I will show you the quality, you are going to get different prints, the quality which you are going to get differently, that is, wherever all of them are going. Right now Rakshabandhan is about to come, then Navratri is coming, many festivals are going to come.


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If we do, then the lights and the whole of it are going to come inside that means that the test which is going to be there is going to be all state accord because everyone’s test is different, you know that the Saraswati who is the customer of Maharashtra is different. It happens that the customers of UP Bihar sleep, their width is different as well as their customers were discussed, so keeping all these things in mind, 151 I am showing you the correction so that you will know what kind of collection is going to be and its The newness that is needed inside, how is it going to live, so the friends showing you the folder in the next, showing you above the head, in this you will get countless words, then the print has been given on it and take you something like this Going to meet school with and under you in patle in this way you Ko mukti jayenge en jo pallu se liye hai sem to sem you are going to get the part, you can see this way its scientist wants to show you that you have to get the whole print in this way and do color four that i Talking about it, you are going to get five whole in this way, you will get the paste of love, you will get the color of the dark, and even with the barcode, you are not going to get its collection, you will get a fancy bag, now you will get custom like this That if you go at all, then he will be happy or not, the product has passed, but anyway the customers of your packing will be attracted to you, so that you are going to get great benefits in your business, so it is a matter of packing that you will be interested in it.


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The prints that are going to be found in the cylinder are going to be very different and according to the test, because the friends you will get here are going to get the light, the dark dust is going to be found and the different Prince you will get in it. It’s going to be amazing and wonderful and you’ll find yourself in it only. If you want to see more design or order head, then you can see through video calling and PM facility is kept for you so that you can see the entire collection of Sara, can see the color chart, what is her dress, how is it? You are going to live in print, this is all you earn. Next, we see that the vision of print in cotton is what you can see, what kind of situation you can see in this way you can buy cotton. Inside check you are going to get prints like this and if you talk about catalogue, it was different in Kaithal Karnal then inside this event you will get prints which are going to be very different and I was risky for weeks. So the prince who lives in this way, you will get the whole of Jalaun, and the fruits you will get are going to be like this, the contrasting corridor is friends and different, then the whole of the printer has been put.


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The look has been given while the fancy has been given and if I talk about the print, friends, you are going to get a lot inside it. And talking about packing, then packing you are going to get something like this, then the whole of the whole will be made of four, in this way you are going to get the complete catalog and how are you going to get the full path with the back or not, which will be creativity. There are going to be some different, the way the packing is, it is going to be cut like this separately, now I am going to get you the catalog friends of Prince, you will get a lot of points, so you will get me inside the election like this. Friends are going to meet a lot, so let’s next let’s see who is going to live next and how is he going to live, yes friends, now the name of the next cut is Sonpari, you can see exactly 15 players inside the white printer but Friends, if it is a border choli, it has been done in the same name as the name, so people are going to live like this, then people have been very nice to it, its a great look, it is visible here that if we wear the blouse If Pallu sees how it is going to be stalled, then friends you can see how wonderful it is.


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If it is tapped, it will go golden, then it has a strap along with the print bodice inside the illegal triangle shape and the one who is the first to live like this or not, you are going to get some unique contact, that is golden zari Came inside but the center of what is taken is for white cream color, so the combination is very good, you get this name on gold, although inside this catalog you are going to get colors too, so you can see that Next, which one we are going to get and how it is going to be, then who will be next, who will stay inside your chanderi cotton, in this the complete work of the sequence has been taken, you can see and if I talk about the catalog then apart from this We have to cross the sequence on it tomorrow or not and with the contrast, the boutique is taken in it, so I want to tell you that the pallu you have taken, you can see with the fringe you get like this. Its pallu is taken in a very nice way, the lining is its pallu and the fringe which is taken is a cone made of yellow color angle. The whole work has been done inside the traceive, then the lines have become pallu, then what is the net which is to come, you will get the complete sequence of the whole sequence, you can see that the pallu is taken here and it is so wonderful.


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The whole sequence of the whole sequence of the mesh concept took its work inside the event that you have taken the Congress in the best way, so the design which you will get is going to be very different in this concept, you are going to get different fruits, which is this. Just like you are going to get the benefit you get in the skirt style, but the sequence that worked for it, friends, because of this, the whole of the net sequence has increased, because of which the beauty of the whole is looking even better, so its color licking light dream is fulfilled. You will get a lot of designs, just stay inside the video and if you want to understand any product, then send it with a screenshot so that it will be easy for you to help us, friends, now you can see that you are a plain saree and its border is golden color. Key’s reception pain or full full on cotton base The collection is going to be there and what should be the fast for this kind of women of Maharashtra South and especially the old age, which one do they like very much, so I told you that which one is going to stay away.


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You are going to live different, we see what kind of collar it is, then Pallu you are going to get the whole place lining and through the rest, he is going to be a part of it, that medium flame living Annie Simple Sober is going to be a complete collar and this Which type is in high demand because if there is a cotton dress, then you know that cotton does not run only in summer, now the demand for cotton has started happening in every season, so we are going to look at the neck to see who is going to live. How is it going to be, then I want to tell you that you are going to get the entire fabric inside the tax and through this, silver will do it, it is taken inside the prostate and the entire leadership is taken inside it. So let’s see how it is going to live and who is how it is going to live, then let’s see how much it will grow. It is not the whole of the whole pulse is taken only inside it and friends, let me tell you that in this way you will get the quota face updates, MB will still be there and you will get different different creativity from this fabric you get from here but its one We can use it in different ways, friends, hope you have understood today’s video, then if you see it in the fabric, I will understand you, then mash and get marathe something different in the next video Thanks for the time.


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