कॉटन साड़ी के सबसे बड़े मैन्युफैक्चरर | Latest Cotton Silk Saree Manufacturers In Surat

Cotton Saree Manufacturers: Hello friends, Kesaria Textile Company in this way, welcome you guys Manapasoon, who is your video Rana, the new idea, new direction, we have adopted the same business, so 15 you Lado’s atrocities thoughts are difficult in Maulana, every video song So that new idea new direction han idea just think about your manatalap massage color sir one to one ke aapne ko me thor lena tyapan can get wire mitrano start or who are making today’s cotton sarwar collection sequence work is embroidery concept your far new Naveen sit re reason man, neither aapla kade ke nabination nor customer you go to lesson layer nahi sir hope after getting collection your bet na rahe ki ke liye conceptuser coaster for the Kesaria Textile Company then then garland india very well conceptualized The son is not your passing, Asha has less of work, sitting in your nets, the concept is the first impression, what is your request, madam, that you are a crooked object in your own time and if you stand on the thalina, then the problem inside the object.

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My Kesaria Textile Company business recording then I call collection then business recording to information tower nahi tumhi kutli hi problem to you script which is to get your number or call you ever so 10001% full life so mean I also provide so much in grand century How to manifest Hai collection is not cotton based hai collection company doing diverse concept answer majera til sir looking for customer product next main you are dabna aare chacha tumla simple sober to mala mein concept dakhvah hai fabric ka sara le anita president requirement simple sober century hai empty which How much is the leaf, then the continuing concept will become Khalsa Educated Concept for Aawart Honey Rally Achchi Meat, toh garland sit rahe rahe baga, how many good types i.e. plus Customers come The Properly Dila Dena Re Par Asha Variety of Concepts Your real garland is most welcome Your number You can call us Middle Tumhala Directly Kesaria Textile Company.

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I have seen your item, the truth is what happens, the truth is heard, the truth is not the truth If it happens and only talk then your concept is all simple in asha type jaricha patta kitne le embroidery touch up dil ​​hai jhalar ka kam ke ke asha type variety of cotton sarvancha sarvbharathi classical collection jo bhandara te kaisa-kaisa type chana kashyap Fabric sir by asha type on midnare so mean full when full organza flower sell ray with continued concept kill sir ashapura speed which regrets extreme who truth for demand comes then next up and ball will die our digital print full is less than rubber print of roof For handmade server i.e. Asha Prakriti collection Asha type collection pe mala first mein til the north next your pana rawat continued concept madhe which your samosa border sitting rest but not list can also be full collection Cause notification when you usually have to help channel subscribe.

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