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Jaipur Kurti Manufacturers: Hello friends Message hunting marathe new thinking new direction with Kesaria Textile Company warmly welcome you and friends today our video is going to be kurti learning center here today we are going to see some samples which will show that kurti If the collection which increases within a week, comes to our shop, then we are going to get a very good relationship, so without taking much time, we start this collection and see how the collection is going to stay. If you look at the Reliance loop key, you are going to get silver foil in this way as well as if we look around the neck, then in this way you will get Kathak tree with samosa lace ie the collections are many, so you see May be you are going to get samosa lace from the bed inside it too and talk to the collection very nice and office collection you are going to get inside it friends next I am going to show you complete simple sober on cotton base The Collections That You Don’t Want To Get Android With You Uber Like This The whole of her is going to be her own collection, there are girls who go to college, she is very good, she used to like it along with the woman who is doing government job, if there is a teacher, then she is such a simple sober.

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If you like the collection very much, then you are going to get a lot of color chart design in it, if any correction is understood, friends, take a screenshot, tell us how the correction is and at the same time let’s talk about the next concept, then what you will get If yes then and with the sequence, I am going to give you the complete Android app in this way by doing golden and silver in the admit class, so I will also give you the full effect of honey and which is white color that you are going to get typing nickel access a lot. All but I am showing you some samples so that you have an idea how this collection is going to live, so if you understand any question, then take a screenshot after that I will arrange video calling for you like You will know how the collections are going to stay If you are, then you can see that you will get silver inside the tying pattern, inside it you get the complete budget that is, you are going to go to different color charts in this, the color combinations are going to be different and let’s talk about the color chart.

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So whatever color you have, light dark is going to get the whole of it or not, as you believe that I want light, then where is the whole collection of Sara going to be clearly found, but how it is inside the Kesaria Textile Company because you know what Like the company has been contributing for the last many years and it is our endeavor to give you the best product so that you do not have any problem in doing business, then if you see, you have been given the total inside it, then the contract Base I give you this gray color inside it, what is multi that when you were given inside it, which is the kurti very people feel it by you and you friends here I have given you umbrella cut inside the flip print fabric Talking about, you are going to get a very soft cloth, but you are like this. You have been given the whole beanie on the bandages within the tone tone, so the collection is many, so in this way, by collecting your friends, I have shown some samples of kurti on a single, I will show you the cap and only show it and from which you know It will work that you are going to get the complete collection of Ladies Way here, so let’s see how the collection is going to be for you, then you can see that inside the film you are going to get all the collection of Sara in reverse love, in which you will be hugged.

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Inside you are given the work of samosa pipe with a gallery with mirror, you are going to complete the work of apprenticeship, then golden you have been given the work of golden flower with print in it and inside Shiva I have attached samosa lace to it. Collection which is very nice living friends that we see the paints that you get in this way the link collections you get inside the trick is very great arrange if you talk about this then ₹ 2 center quantity ₹ 300 to you Here it goes to the starting range, there is a lot of correction back inside it You are going to get a lot but we are showing you some samples so that you will know what kind of collections are, so next we will see only scan space, now inside this we are going to see the garbage collection in which you can see them, then you can see it. Inside, the work of multi with sequence has been given, due to which you are going to get the look of the kurti very nice and while talking, so I have also been introduced to you the complete sequence and multi-collections, many friends but I told you earlier that you I am just showing the sample, were showing you some samples for time bonding, you should get the ID that the collection that is going to be there, how can you see that I don’t waste I get you parents, Chandrashekhar above but the scarf which is its very You have taken the whole sequence, that is, you are going to go inside it through the whole sequence and then later you have given it in the border, you have been given complete golden zari here, there is no dearth of collections, the collection is full of treasure.

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If it is lying By the way, you are going to get a lot of different patterns, so next we are going to see some collections and votes inside the water meter, talk American friends, then the collection starts at your own here from the unit rs.75 above your 75 In which whatever you are going to do, you are going to get very comfortable railway, you will get this cloth, quality inside it you will get very good plazos, you will get many of these collections in the plazo center, I will show you only the sample I am living inside, that how the collection is going to live, so in this way you are going to get the embroidery inside the quarter, inside the plazo in which you can see the whole work of this is taken inside the collections.

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There are many updates, so from here to here, you will get the entire collection of kurtas under one roof, so friends, hope today’s collections and you will get what you want. If you have understood, then in this way you can make videos for new collections. You can call cash withdrawal if you keep this and come to Surat, then the arrangement of pick and drop has also been done for you, then I get the message of Marathe in the next video but if you have not subscribed to our channel then subscribe and bell icon Don’t forget to press, friends, because of this, you will be notified of new videos being made minimal, which means that your website means a lot to you, thank you!

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