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Surat Saree Wholesaler: I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking, new direction and friends, today’s video is going to be on the bridal collection and inside the bridal collection, today I am going to show you some words so that you will get an idea that the collections which How important is it and let me tell you that the life of our business is our products, if our products will be fantastic, then the response that you are going to get is also very positive, so today we are going to see some samples in which I I am going to show you Cocktail Fabric Saif Two is very smooth, just you are going to get it together, talk about it in the house, then you are going to get the first test only because if you talk to you, then tone you like this. The border is going to be found inside the tone and talk about Katrina, friends, DJ Flowers is the name of this addition in which you can see that you are getting the fabric wonderful but at the same time it has given a drain button only from the border.

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You are looking for her most trendy look and you know Friends, when such a collection is in your place, then we cannot call it a booty collection because the collections that are found inside the booty are very wonderful and wonderful, then you can see the whole of the scriptures and despised diamonds. Lahore you are going to get ketchup and till the end you are going to get along with the border of service you are seeing and talk about clothes, friends, cloth is a little butter cloth, what I said, you will see it, you will know something once Whenever you are here, let’s see once how you are going to get fractions inside the Kesaria Textile Company, how is it going to stay, then the blouse is going to break you like this and then connect with its diamond to see that the next concept If you are going to live like this, then you will get the same pattern inside the next too, but people are going to make you a little different or the whole of the add-on, you are going to go to the Play Store in jail step like this here is full of memories. It is filled then later the gap is given to you that you will get it.

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Whatever question you are going to get, you are going to get a little different because the ladies who are in their demand that I want a little simple sober collection, then a collection for them is very beneficial and very good and friends talk when you see. Can be very light and very cute is going to take its favorite, which is going to look very cool and talk about blouse, then you are going to get blouse, it is going to get total time inside which is going to live only with dimple So next, I am going to show you the whole of the whole phone, you are going to get a broken phone inside the satin, only that you are going to get more of the sequence within every week that comes inside it and let’s talk about the border, then it will give you the full details. The whole is only going to be found and talk about Kepler, then there is a newness in the cut, that is, when the train is running in the train, you are going to get all of it in the medium, on the contrary, how wonderful it is, on the contrary, you have full sequence inside it. You are going to get the border of the cross along with you in the whole temple of the whole.

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I am going to go and you will see that the work that is taken against this cleanliness is that camphor, you are going to get the trap concept, friends, border tone tone, you are going to get the whole thing in this, just talk more with me and That you are going to get the complete work of the other person, whether there is no code kept somewhere or not, you are going to get full paisa vasool contact inside it, so after seeing the complete saree and lace, you are going to promise again. The blouse you will get with the border of the status and the contract base that you are going to get its blouse next concept I am going to show you above the super net in which you are going to get the complete sequence work in this way you will get the complete sequence work within tone tone. Going to see friends, you can see the name of this fabric is the figures and the lace you are going to get, you have mixed the whole tone tone inside it, that too only along the border, but after the sequence, the sun has to clean you very much.

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With Maine Aapko Dori Ka Ka Ka Kaar Hai and Saath Tone Tone Aapko Sequence It is given inside like the beauty of the sari is looking very nice, how is the work going to be done inside the person half a half, you are going to get the whole class inside it, then you will get the border of the pansas along with the sequence. You are going to get the whole of it inside it, you can see that from beginning to end, you have the complete sequence with only diamonds, going to the male and talking about the blouse, friends, inside the blouse, I am going to get you only the demand. That is, you are going to get a tone tone blouse inside it, so there are many collectors but today we are showing you only some corrections so that you can know what kind of correction is, then I am showing you the next georgette fabric inside you. I am going to show the collection in which you are going to get Sequence with Temperatures, in which you can use it in a few different ways.

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yes very Great great look coming inside it because friends you are going to get tone tone lace on both sides of it inside it, you are looking very beautiful based on the embroidery sequence inside it, friends, so many people like this you will get one roof Where are you found under Kesaria Textile Company and friends do you know that the Kesaria Textile Company has been contributing within its textile since last 45 years and our aim is to give you some new pattern every time. Which one is given, do you know that change is the law of nature, if we do not change with the change, friends, then we may have to face a lot of problems, so in this way the concepts that you are going to get, which one will you get? I hope to show today’s video, I will understand all of Sara, but if you want to ask something by saying that you have a problem, then you have given a number on the screen, by calling on it, you can get all the details of Sara. If you can do it with Chhota Bheem, then friends collection is in front of you, then I get it in Marathi. I am with something different in the next video. Thank you for that.

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