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Designer Saree Manufacturer Delhi: Friends, today’s video is going to be a collection of cement and K and you know that such collections of cement in which you are going to get vestige are going to be very different and job work is going to be done inside it Embroidery Heart Touch off and Siroski i.e. the collections you are going to get within a single section and you are going to get wonderful and wonderful, then I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company with Shikar Marathe Nayi Soch Nayi Disha and friends today we are in this video. We are going to cover that how the planet which is going to give us is going to live, you can see this, only on top of the phone, you are going to get the tone tone and all the work on the contract base and talk about the fabric inside it. The fabric you are going to get is very light and you are going to get the signature, call from this number the cup coat is 30 and better and let’s talk about its catalog, so let’s do Kepler, Kunal, you will mention this to me.


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Don’t waste what is going to be received and talk of class Do friends, you are going to go full time of all the matter, there are many collections but one by one I will show you some corrections in which you will know how important the collection is going to be, so next I am showing you Jarvees I am going to show you the complete simple and sober correction of the one whose catalog if you talk about Play Store and Katrina’s name is you will mention, now let’s talk about les kitab dete ho purna ka full tone tone les diya hai with then her Later on i.e. the collection which is going to be very spectacular, then next we are going to see the bizarre fabric above, you are going to get lace on full contract basis and at the same time you are powerful if you say the name by walking on the catwalk. You are going to get the collections, he is going to get very wonderful and the king is 2012, you are going to get the entire collection of the corrupt person Sara, you are going to get the collections in this, you are going to get that too lovely.


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That is, as the name of the catalog is, in the same way you can You are going to get the work inside it too, it is simple sober but the work which you are going to get the blouse, you are going to get it, then in the next I am going to show you the developed coronation above you are going to get the contrast like Sara’s Sara, if you talk about it, then you take it. May be lace is very powerful then while talking about a concept then you are going to get it in Contra voucher and talking friends the name of this catalog is Jaspreet so you can see you are going to get very cute collections then you next hum chalte Well, you are going to go to the entire collection on the basis of Sara’s entire contract base, let’s talk about the collections in this, the collection is going to be very good, friends because you know whether it is UP or Bihar.


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And Maharashtra be it South or where will you get the whole collection, friends inside the Kesaria Textile Company because our motive is the same that the collection given to you should be better so that you should not have any problem, fast and we have this that whenever you come You will get new every time and we wish you If you are given such a product service, so that you can give good productivity to the customer, you can take it completely, you are going to wear golden zari boot on viscose, what is the name of it, then congratulation is also the name of the person you mention.


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We are going to see this, which will connect you without any problem If you say that, if you see it from a distance from such a cute collection, then you are going to get the name of this event on Instagram, then those going to the toilet will go to the black aapko hai stone work as well as with the cut and ie. How cute is the collection, friends, you will say at a glance whether or not such a collection is there, then we will have to keep such a collection at our shop that unless the collection is better, then you will not get the result of the batter, then you can see what I am showing you next.


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Showing over Simar who is going to leave you in minutes like this It will take you tone in time, that too cut that suicide is going to get you all the best of so many cats, so next I am going to show you the whole life of Sarah on Columbus, this is definitely going to go to you Contra to you Lace Mil Jayegi side Patti’s work done very lovely work guys if we talk about Kepler then collections is the name of its catalog in which color comedian you are going to find very cute then next you will see a lot of friends anyway but It showed you something like you will get an idea that you are going to get the complete collection that you want inside cement, apart from this you have late options here but for punctuality I am showing you some collection.


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I will give you an idea that how the collection is going to live, then you can see that you are going to get a complete golden zari on top of the bizarre, you will get the total lace, this friends collections are many, will see complete correction so you in Kesaria Textile Company but show you some samples which you will get an idea how the collection is never bay so there are complete collections all around, where do you belong from, so come visit I don’t know if you have to purchase a If you come then you will come to know that what is the collections favorite range, you will get all the collection and talking friends, if you see all the corrections, then video calling has been kept for you, DDA facility has been kept, after that cash withdrawal is kept for you. If the condition comes, then better arrangements have been kept for you from here, so friends, I hope you understand today’s collection of messages, but if you have not subscribed to our channel, then subscribe now do not forget to press the bell icon, so that you Sara’s entire collection is going to be found in the next video with some new year me till then thank you for that.


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