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Friends, now we are going to walk the collection of Prem Daily Wear, there I am going to show you some collection there is a collection, if you talk about starting range, then you get century from quantity 45, like and inside fabric and color chart Talking about it, you get the complete combination of light inside it and apart from that, you are going to get a lot of variety here, weightless turkey is crepe, under one roof i.e. belong to the state, which language suits you. Is all the language will be provided to you And you can see that the collections you are going to get inside the box packing are also going to be inflatoon collections i.e. whatever you are going to ask for in the print, you are going to ask for variety, all of them are available to you here.

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If we go, we will see that the collections that are going to live, what kind of people are going to live, friends, you say, I want bizarre 60 grams, want georgette, want rangoli fabric, whatever is chiffon base, Turkish o ie whatever you say brother I want in the net as you say the collections, the kind of variety you want, the kind of creativity you want, you will get all of Sara’s where friends are only and only inside the Kesaria Textile Company, then you are going to get such a tremendous collection that friends see you Will you say no, if the variety is like this, if the collection is like this, then it is going to be fun if you talk about the collections of suit material inside doing business, then all the songs of all the best Pakistani suits are glazed.

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You will get the whole collection So friends, you have a lot of collections lying here, you will get total these collections, inside the print catalog you need Sara’s entire collection, you are going to get it here, you can see different different catalogs you will get in this way You will get mirror work catalog was there, if I talk about what is inside it, if you talk about the print catalog, then you are going to get the collections from Rs. Where will you get all the collections of Sara, where only and only inside the Kesaria Textile Company, the next segment that is going to be ours is the one who is going to live in Banarasi silk i.e. Kanjeevaram Dharmavaram also inside Banarasi, after that Pethani Shalu i.e. of All Over India You are going to get the collection and talk about the range, friends, from the quantity 175, you get the range here.

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Talking about the collections, you are going to get a lot of variety here, you can see the complete collection here. big is just let you come Where when you come, you will see the collection that you will enjoy, so in this way you are going to get the whole collection inside the light chart, you are going to get the whole collection the way you say it I am going to get such variety, friends, what should I say inside silk, when you see such a collection, when you see such variety, then you are going to enjoy that if the collections are so tremendous, so great, then what kind The benefits that we are going to get are going to be very wonderful and wonderful inside the website, friends and I am just showing you segment wise so that you will know how the collections are going to live.

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How do you have a heavy century like Puri’s Puri inside Banarasi, you will also get that if you talk about the range, then you are going to get the test of All Over India here, then our NexGen who is going to live here you can see the blouse Inside you are going to get the complete collection Hosiery blouses will be found inside the blouse, you will get readymade blouses, you are going to get all the collections of Sara and the thing is that you are going to get the paddy after that along with the petticoats because for a long time the customer mass the brother we have more If you want a new variety, then all the variety is ahead of you, then the next segment is going to be ours, yes friends, now Navratri has gone inside the print, so don’t think such a collection is going to rock inside Navratri and you can see Be it the complete Leriya pattern, be it the tying pattern, whatever is your retirement, where are you going to get all the leheriya and tying in the section, because in Navratri, such currency is booming, then the next segment is going to be inside the lehenga and lehenga.

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The variety you are going to get, you will get a crop top, you will get a crop top, you can see the collection friends are going to get like this, that is, if such a collection is going to make a splash of friends, then all through video calling all of You can see the collection, here you can see all of Sara’s who are our brothers through video calling, they are showing how the quality is going to be, what kind of collections are going to be, what kind of color chart If you are going to live, then you show the entire collection of this Sara to the customer through video calling, that is, we show the whole thing to the customer live and we will set the practice, friends, the quality we show you through the video, you will see the video. In calling Also show through the medium i.e. if the customer is satisfied, he sees the entire collection of Sara and Happy Happy Ho also purchases friends because you know that trust is such a thing that you have to make it, it is not found from anywhere and the second of faith The name is Kesaria Textile Company, so let’s go next, our statement is going to be a segment of kurti, friends and such a collection of kurti is going to be enjoyed by friends, then the collections inside the kurta are going to be amazing and tremendous.

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If yes, then we can see here that the customer came, he was shown the whole collection, how the collection is going to be, then you can see Van Piece Tu Piece Three Piece Sara is going to get all the collections and talk to Madam. Madam, if we talk about the range here, then how is the starting range, what are you giving with interlocking, the quantity starts from 89, talking about the collection, then Van Piece Tu Piece Three Piece Leggings Plazo Churidar Sara Ka Friends, you are going to get the whole collection here, so don’t be late So, after coming to this face and face, only one thing has to be done that you have to call the number given to you on the top of the screen, that is, it has been kept for you directly through pick and drop, so that after coming here, I You do not have any other facility, we want you to come to the right place, choose the right thing, do the right purchasing, that is, if all the less is right, then you are also going to get the result right, friends say no first impression, then friends will get it Thank you till then with some new things in the new video.

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