Gujarat के जाने माने Saree Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Silk Sarees

Wholesalers of Silk Sarees: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company with Shikar Marathi Nayi Soch Nayi Disha, today’s video is going to be, he is going to be above Bridal Collection and you know that in Bridal Collection you would get such Vestiges. If you find such a collection which can make your business shine, then with this style, today we are going to see some collections in which I am going to show you a few years inside the bridal, so that you will know if the bridal collection is there. If we have it, then what to say, the post itself is going to make a pure march, like you are going to get the whole velvet money, with the cut you can see that friends.


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You are going to get it very wonderful In between you just find that what you catchup my data collection that you are getting, that mole is cute and nice and this type of collection is going to help you a lot in your business. network and this way you have You are going to get the full velvet of Ra’s touch boot, so there is cleaning work inside it, friends, this is the most important thing because the more successful you are inside the sari, the better your look will be or the more clear you are going to get, the more you will get.


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Helping because the special thing about your business is that your product and product city will be good, cleanliness inside it is seen only because the customer comes to us, neither he would say that I am not satisfied with this quality Show me a product inside, in this way I need creativity, in this way work needs a different style, but if you see it in a different style, then we have what we have to say and all these things should be reflected in your product because the product I am interested in all the finer details of all of this, friends, it is very important to give it to its imaging, the work that happens inside it, the creativity that you get inside, you can get all of it here, so you like the strange fabric inside you The whole tower is going to be available with you. With you, you are going to get creativity and if you talk about the border in this city, then you are going to get complete typing in the border, here you will get rid of the difference of ribbon and the stone which you have taken is on the contract basis.


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Due to which the beauty of the saree is very beautiful and wonderful, friends, you know that when we have such a collection, then what to say because such collections are repaired and if the correction is with you, then it helps a lot inside the business. So on georgette base we are going to see that on contract basis you are seeing all the gold inside you, along with you have been given even diamonds and if you talk about class, then you have been given typing if you talk about lace. Golden Zari has been given and fine updates have been given to you, friends, you will not see any harm anywhere, you have worked very closely and the entire cast is going to be available on any date and such jar concept which is suitable for women. Likes it more and when women like collection like this, then their friends If something unique happens inside you, if you have submerged the mine scanner, then inside the net you are going to get booty in this way, the whole pearl work you get to get the whole network is done and the whole tonne concept is taken inside it and like this.


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Only collections are there, friends, they are more in your demand and I had to tell you friends that you can see your entire collection through video, if you understand any question, then take a screenshot of it, send it to us and tell which tree you belong from. When you do or tell you which language will be suitable with everyone, then we can show you the whole collection according to that and according to that we will show you all the quality of Sara so that you will know what kind of collection in your face. It seems that the color chart of the level works, then by taking care of these small things, we start all the things, then it is going to be very good in the result, then you will see in it that you will get the complete diamond here. All you need to get from touch and go here You will get and you have taken a whole year here in the border, that is, which is the only app that women like very much and when we have such a collection, then what to say then in this way you The unique and different cost of the friends you get, from which you demand or the customer asks for from the bed, hmm can see the complete collection here, so in this way, if you talk about the collection bay, then you have to make a difference here.


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It is very important to keep the balance, then you will see that you are going to get the whole thing on the Rangoli fabric, I have played the protector here, along with what you have done here, yes friends, it is very nice people to use this saree. If you have come to Surat, then it is very good because after coming to Surat, you can keep a little look here so that you will know that there is only one roof. Underneath you get the entire collection of Sara and if I talk about the collection, here you are going to get the entire collection of the dealer, you are going to get the Prince catalog, you are going to get semi work, you are going to get the bridal collection, you will get one and a half everyday in cotton.


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After that, you are going to get all the collection of Sara in the situation and you will get full credit for tying Leriya, inside the lehenga you are going to get chanting, tapa yoga and you will get all the collection of Sara under one roof. Stay tuned for what you know and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel Do it now don’t forget to press the bell icon because by this you will get new videos and notifications which are going to help a lot in your business so I walk to Sanskar Marathe in new video I am with you till then Thank you.


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