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Top Women Kurti Manufacturers: Friends, today’s collection is going to be inside the kurti and you know that kurti is an integral part of women and without it we can not imagine and you know that the collections are going to be there but wonderfully luxurious and awesome. It is because it is said that no friends, first impression is the last impression. And you know that kurti means such creativity, such a collection that every woman is like a brother and we want that the collection that you have got, when you show it to the customer in the first time, then the customer should say the same thing that the feeling From what collection and friends, we want that in this way the collection shown to you in the Kesaria Textile Company is going to be shown to you perfectly and we only believe that we are contributing to the textile film since 45 years. We are constantly trying to give you some new concept every time.

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If you are given some new creativity, you are given a collection inside a kurti that can put four things inside your website, then we start how the collection of kurti is going to live. You can see that inside the Ryan print file, you will get the complete collection of prints in this way but at the same time you will get the touch up of embroidery which looks very beautiful inside the neck and friends, when there is such a collection it is not fun. Then look from you, inside the sleeve, you are going to get a golden thread inside it, you are going to get piping inside it, talking about the collection, you will get a lot of collection inside it, you will get the designs separately, so next let’s go on I am going to show you inside Files Love, in which you can see the silver color, you are going to get a file touch here, then as we come to the neck, you are going to get samosa powder with story work in this way, that is, creativity will give you every Let’s talk about the inside concept range of kurti you have in your collection from quantity 99 You will get a single kurti, you are going to get the whole collection of three piece Sara, so let’s go friends, how is the next concept coming.

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How is it going to get less, talk about clothes, then get the full clothes of Rest Love I am going to tell you earlier that in whatever designs I am going to show you, you will get something new inside your head and you know that change is the law of nature and we want you to do something every time. Be given a new collection so that you can set a good benchmark inside your business, then you can see that you are simply sober in asalab in getting such collections in which you are going to get less of embroidery with you in sequence. It is very attractive and friends talk about the fabric, the fabric is very light and you are going to get many designs etc. In the next I am going to show you inside the chanderi fabric. I am going to get less with the thread ie Collection is such that every woman should talk and talk, friends, then you are going to get inner in this too, so that ladies are going to be comfortable full, collections are going to get a lot, I am showing you samples in van by van, so that you will get an idea.

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The collection that I am showing you inside Kesaria Textile Company is going to be like, so let’s go inside the standing I am going to show you the whole whole thing, you will get the whole lot of embroidery on the contrast base, then you will get less of the embroidery with the sequence. You can see in Daman that you are going to get the entire band of Daman in this way and see how much color show has happened, friends, when you had such a collection in your shop, or friends, you are going to get very positive results. So next, I am going to show you back the whole of your triangle set over Chanderi, you are going to get less of the embroidery with the sequence inside it, you are going to get the color chart in the light, so let’s go to the next collections as much as friends. Showing you something new every time It is going to be found, you can see that you will get the whole tone on the tone base, you will get the piping with embroidery with pearl work has been reduced i.e. friends, when the collections are so wonderful and lively, then what is going to be fun to say, then you can see.

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Ho next, I am showing you in umbrella style, yes, friends, many women demand that we have something on the long side, then the collections are going to be very lively for them and friends, when you have such amazing collections when you shop If you keep it, then you are going to get a lot of help inside the business, then you will see that you are getting less of embroidery with mirror inside it, then if you see then you are going to get the sequence of M in such a way that you will get the pendant in this way. You are going to get the collections every time you are going to get something different, so next I am going to show you inside the reaons club what you are getting less of diamonds with rebellion, which makes the kurti look very beautiful and friends when If there are such collections, then there are batsmen and batsmen in our business. We want you to get all that credit in your system, all that you have thought or not, I have to prove my benchmark, I want to progress in my business, so my request is that you keep such collection, you 100% If you are going towards success, then let’s go to the next collection which is going to be organsa farewell, on top of this you will get complete embroidery with mirror.

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Talking about the quality of the clothes, you are going to get great and lively collections. You are going to get a different concept, next look, you have to get the sequence above the print, you are going to get a different concept, that is, friends, whatever concept you see, you see you print flower touch up inside the elephant. It has been given inside it, that is, whatever your customers will demand, whatever your concept is going to be available to you, then all those who are going to see next said that you have been given the complete work, simple sober, the look you get in it.

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wala hai i.e. Kalek Question is such which is the meaning of every slogan, then friends, I hope you have liked today’s collection very much, if you understand something, then take screenshots, if there are some queries, then the screen number has been given, call video calling has been arranged for you. Also keep the arrangement of cash on delivery and if you come to Surat, then here you will get all the collection under one roof ie you have to call for that so that we can get you control system from here. I get this number in the next video but friends, if you have not subscribed to our channel then do not forget to press the bell icon because in this you are going to get the notification of the videos which are going to be very helpful in your business. so I meet shashikant marathi in next video with some new concept thanks for till then bye-bye.

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