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Jaipur Kurti Manufacturer: Hello friends, I am Shikar Marathe with Nayi Soch Nayi Disha, I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company and today our video is going to stay and is going to be inside kurti station and inside kurti we are going to watch some new videos today In which you will get the print, you will get some calculation, after that I have a different vestige, inside the kurti section we will see one by one, so that you will know that the collection that happens is very important to change because you know that change is the law of nature And if we do not change ourselves to our business, our bad this and our creativity, friends, then we can be behind in business, then we do not want you to be behind because you have chosen Kesaria Textile Company, then your and our friends It is going to be very good and unmatched because we want you to be given such products, such services should be given so that you can establish a benchmark in your city in your city in your area, you see the loot is changing everywhere So in this changing environment it is very important for us to change.


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If I show you Shivkant, then this dish will start what we are going to see inside it today, friends, if we talk about the range in the kurti center, then it starts at the ATM here and in this collection you will get a lot of pride, you will get different. If you are going to get different, then let’s see that inside the kurti which I am going to show you, you can see that inside the printer you are going to get the complete collection, which I will give you in this way the designs inside the white you will get different And in this, with two buttons, some prints have been given white to you, the edit has been taken from the comment, so that you get some newness, then if I talk about the print in it, then you will get different friends colored, you are going to get different in it. And let’s talk about quality, by giving you the best, our aim is to give you better quality, so that you could make great progress in your business in your field, this I will give you a lot of designs, etc.


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You will not be separated and Talk about science that you are going to get a lot because We want friends that you get the answers of your business, then inside the business you get all the things that a customer needs, because you know the product to the customer, the better the product, the more you can give a better account here, then the relationship Inside you are going to get the complete collection of kurtas from here, you will get the oil, please only oil is taken inside the entire golden color and you are going to get the best print collection inside it and updates then the complete button In this, for simple sober, he or she is such a character, friends who are working women, who are government teachers, whoever is an officer relative, they like this type of collection because it is their personality, they look different.


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Next what we are going to show you, how it is going to be, what a wonderful combination you have taken, you can see the combination of cream and gray color taken by folding white, friends, this fabric is great, it is beautiful with reverse wrap inside you full fabric of The light fabric is absolutely possible, in that you can see that the oil patched up is looking good and we will see whether the samosa border has been given by you or not. If we talk about friends and creativity, then we do all the things keeping this thing in mind that the customer likes your product, but the quality you are providing with the product, which is giving you, the customer Be satisfied with that thing and you will see that this death is good, Frida will get different and the fabrics are wonderful, friends are getting different, different in this way you are going to get the quality here so next we are going to see white If you will find many designs in the collection you are going to get inside, you can see that all the collections will run with you on 15th August, but the ladies who are the girls in our school going search, its up to you.


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Happy you can give them the product, come to take some samples inside it, you will know that The quality that you are going to get inside it, how you want, if you want, then you are getting a very nice file with print, the whole fruit of it is there and the button here you will see exactly the same. According to her golden color is here, then her golden button has to be taken here and if you talk about it, then you will get a trick from the dupatta or it has taken you in contrast and if you talk about the stomach, then friend you are going to get this way. Hello friends, you have taken the complete combo of the practice within a contract You will see that the entire fruit is stuck inside Reliance Life, you will see that the center from the triangle is completely open and dripped and in this way you will see the print inside the box, I have got a simple sober pattern and you are going to get it.


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This thing is going to be very nice and amazing, in this way you have got the button inside it If you talk about Contra Sikander and paint, then friend you are going to get the mehndi color inside the contrast in this way, which is dripping inside, then according to it, finding the paint here, the contrasting whole cloth breaks you with the friends you get inside it like this The design that you are going to get Prince, you are going to get many friends but I told you earlier that the video will be very long and then you will have problems in it, then I showed you some samples which I showed you so that you must have got an idea of ​​what the collection is. If you are a kind of person, then this copy is again inside and with it you will get the treasure of yes friends, but if you talk in his house, then only 75 paise is at your place, but what it is, it starts but you have a churidar in it.


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Will get uncle and he will get cigarettes, in this way you will get many patterns, you will get different designs which will help you a lot in your way, friends, I hope you will like today’s video in good quality and if any tip This is that if you want to know what is the number given to you on the screen, you can tell us what we can do for further improvement in this, so if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now don’t say press the bell icon, it will happen Friends that you will get new videos, I will get notifications which are going to help you a lot in your business, so I get Shivkant Marathe in full new video with new sit, thank you till then bye-bye.


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