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Heavy Work Saree Suppliers: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you in the Kesaria Textile Company of Shikar Marathe with new thinking and new direction and friends today’s video is going to be a festival cutting yes friends and in today’s video I am going to show you print catalogs in above And in that prank and you are going to come different british different designs are going to come different patterns front start chiffon base i am going to show you some quality today i will show you some quality that will be showing on top of meat vep will show inside test That but when we are about to start with the chiffon print, you can see that the print is exactly in tying pattern style and its border is covered with golden zari, so what are the ways in which it remains absolutely demandable. And you know that print evergreen in every atom updates so only inside the phone you will get two products, in this way the whole is going to be found in the water and the whole is full and lace you can see till the end you get the lace add some women light They understand that when we get it, then the lace in it falls short.


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Which is the beauty of the sari which is reduced, the pattern that you will show in the next is going to show the final camera inside the style which is going to come inside the standing printer and in this you will get the printer and you are going to get many more amazing collections. Sara is there but I will show you some patterns to choose from so that you will get an idea how you can see the collection, you will get the print in it, you are going to get absolutely traditional, what you have inside 26 different laces in it is taken from Contra The collection you will get inside is the salary you will get outside, you will get a lot of prints and friends, the blouse you are going to get in it, in this way you will get the contrast with the full length of the product we see inside by printing You are going to see that even then there is a very good constipation even if it is spent and there are two in it.


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You are going to get all the things of that unit, yes friends, in this way the Everest you will get is going to be different. What is the play in silver only inside the phone and what you will get inside it and then you are on its border, what is the play along with the skirt, yes friends, in this way the skirting contacts were in high demand right now And it’s only a matter of what were the number of debits only. Can’t wear separately, which is in great demand right now because the customer you know that their demand is also different, the zari border next came the box inside the golden key and the whole of the cirrus ke The entire collection is taken inside it, so that the beauty of the year is not looking very good, you can see that the entire collection is taken on Irfan Base with golden zari, inside the Times of With Sooraj, the beauty of the detail and If it is also looking great, then you can see that the blouse you are going to get is going to be found in tone tone and which Thakurs will get all the different ones, so friends, it has become a matter of your friends and different.


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If it is brilliant, then the receiver of the customer who will go to you will also give you the glory that will be given to you. If you can, then they are going to get what you are going to get inside the trust, they are going to get the silver way inside it has taken the golden zari stalled and prints you will get the catalog you are going to get that tunic blouse you see So in this way the contract is mixed, let’s go to the next way trust, now I am going to show you just like this, in which you will get a glimpse of me hanging like this but inside it you are going to get the prostate now with samosa with its samosa I have taken the printer scanner and what is taken from diamond inside it, the way today is subscribed to it with all the color which is sari and unique and center I have taken fabrics and its combination is very good And the different types of print combinations that are there, the demand for all the collections of that kind is still very good, but if the result is better, then you will get all such things here, it is in the next.


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I’ll show myself he’s going to stay bizarre Yes, now what you will get with Royale along with add WhatsApp is going to get great, from which you will get the response, that is also going to be very great, that is, the concept you will get under one roof is going to get different different and print Talking about Prince, what you will find in it, you can see very wonderful and wonderful people, its total is taken completely inside the coffee color. If you have been wearing different types of this, then you have different quality, there is some creation inside it, so if this kind of collection will be in the short, then the customer will definitely get that timbdia, then if you see, then you will get the blouse in it. The contest is going to be found inside, next I will show you, you are going to get your favorite inside a single printer in which the fighter has been placed and you are seeing this kind of skirting pattern which I told you, the contact is in very high demand right now and what you want You will get the print, it is going to get better flowers than you.


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The gray combination is done, seen with golden and the mehndi color is taken 2 inches inside it, the saree looks even more beautiful and the whole juice is knocked inside the reason all that is looking very fabulous, different prints are different And which app you are going to get inside it is going to be very good, you can see that the whole butt is up and this time its blouse, so in this way you will get the complete totke and its blouse complete. But not the least says neither in the same way AB which is going to show you all the development center in Kolkata, in which you will get many prints but whatever collection you will get here, you will not get anywhere else Yes friends, our goal is our effort. You should get better productivity so that you do not face any kind of problem here and when you come here, there is a window facility for you, what you have to do is that the number above the skin has been given to you.


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We have to call on the number so that you do not have any problem in coming here and at the same time you will get the COD requirement for you. Arrangements have also been made for this and delivery for example, if you understand this product, then you can order it through withdrawal and when you do a little, you can do cash on delivery and you feel that I have protection. I want to visit once to see the whole collection then you are welcome, come see how many remedies you can get under one roof So do it now, don’t forget to press the bell icon and you will not get this kind of collection anywhere, then I will get the message less, not in the new video, thank you for the quality dreams till then bye-bye.


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