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Digital Printed Georgette Saree: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Chicken Marathe with new thinking and new direction and friends have put today’s video and it is going to happen on top of one day collection, yes friends, I am going to show you some new words inside tying different- Thank you, but you are going to show change and the thing is, the collection you are going to get is going to be wonderful and best, so today and you also know that now the festival is the essence of Rakshabandhan, so this is Sara’s entire collection is going to be her accordion today and today I am going to show you one by one collection which will remain dam my special video Yes friends, you are going to get the whole tree of Sara different, you are going to get different creativity and simple sober.


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But you know that in the festival, all of them have their roots, there is a lot of demand for them and keeping all the things in mind, today’s video is going to be the one who is our fabric friend, he is very internet desk Coming up and tying in the catalogue, the catalog will give you a lot of Now let’s see the collection of the villagers which is going to stay away, it is going to be very simple, sober but keeping our business in mind, so let’s start that which practice I am going to show you inside the collection today. If yes then let’s start after you can see that you are going to get a simple sober print, exactly like this you are going to get Contra Sikandra collection and the thing is, you are going to get a lot of friends inside it, so let’s go see that its How the printer is going to get you inside But the green color strips given in between are not, so that what kind of collections are there for the other looking beautiful of the sari, they are very attractive, on this Prince has a lot of importance.


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So you can see all those things and you talk about blouse You can see that the blouse is absolutely its share in Congress, keeping its point in mind that the whole plane is going to get a lot of accordion collections, but the fabric you will get in it is going to be different inside you. If you get some lace, then if you get it here, I am going to show you in which you talk about religion for the front, then friends, take it inside as if broken by war, inside it you can see three or four types of color combinations. The center is a triangle shape print, but if you look inside it, then the queen color red color is taken in such a way that the friend booty looks attractive and the sports item looks great, then you can see that the cut you will get is going to be compensated and Along with this, you are going to get a blouse inside the contrast, you are going to get samosa lace on it, then I am going to show you the type in the next, that the name of Akshara is the name of Akshara, meditation is done inside it and the young man will meet you inside it.


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You are going to see that time I will tell you that the scrub creativity that you are going to get on a different, how is it going to be, then you will see that in this I am going to show you the heavy work but how will the work be practiced, I am going to show you here that you It is going to be good, you can see that there is complete contrast for its work, its background is taken yellow color and the border for its side is added for maroon color Very nice concept here you are going to get border free Hui old man, which job is that too heavy, we have taken this fabric collection too much that complete golden zari work has been attached to it in the contract, green colored dumris are attached to it, so that the people of the sari become very heavy.


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Let’s see in this way that whoever is going to live this way, let’s see how we are going to get the creation that is going to be found here, then let’s see you half a year How can I see all the lovely and wonderful looking friends who meet you, the pendant is lovely but the sequence which is inside it which says that the stars are twinkling in the day is such a look. Bake so when the light is coming on it, the recipe of it looks very cool and trendy or not, the collection is very wonderful and you are going to get great, then let’s see that the file you are going to get in it is in full figure. You are going to get the lace, you are going to get the whole thing, that is also the sequence VS you will get friends, you will get a lot of collection inside it too, in the file I am showing you, in this you will get the dam mat-up from the design of the figures.


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All inside you can get to see you and your creativity, so let’s see how we go next The whole of the whole is taken with the royals, golden zari has been worked in it, the profile and the lace you can see that the whole saree which is so complete is still not finished and here only 10 points here But the back of Chittor gave the lace of the blouse here, they said the professor is going to get you, let’s see next go butterfly, you are going to get the whole border, but how is it going to be printed, let’s see, so that we get an idea. It would seem that how we are going to get the prints in this fabric, then the name of my catalog told you that the name of the butterfly, see its name, so if you keep such a collection, then by definition you too can vote as a butterfly inside your business and make the customers better. If you can give service, then you can see that the whole is distributed and inside it, the entire border of golden viscose is taken, you can see on both sides, you are going to get a lot of prints, you are going to get a lot of creativity, you just have to like it.


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What kind of collection do I want to keep here? If so, then you see that the whole bar matup is taken in it and as well as the blouse that you get inside the whole medium, your next friends, what am I going to show you that you can see of Bhangarh. The whole truth inside is taken only within the decision, but the styles that have been done in it are completely different, they tied the bandage on Patna and then husband, like this within a week, what is the play and border you can see it. This collection is taken inside the complete contrast, you will get a lot, you will get a lot of practice, but friends are giving only if you are such a suffix, then the benefit that you are going to get is good and wonderful. I hope you have liked today’s video very much if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now don’t forget to press the bell icon then see you in the next video with Navratri till then thank you!


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