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Designer Suits Manufacturers in Surat: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, if you are looking for a good manufacturer, then I can confidently say to you that you have chosen a good place that the Kesaria Textile Company has continuous clothing business for years. It is inside that we make this person all the products that today we have many old customers who have built trust in us. We also add such customers who want to do new business, due to our rate and quality, today we are able to supply all over the world, this Kesaria Textile Company that is our old customer, I thank them very much. But built faith and kept placing orders with us from the front because it is a tradition with which we have been dealing, so hope you will also do business with us because this is our reason why your success is our identity With this hope now I can say Pune Please join us and do not keep the foundation with the Kesaria Textile Company, thank you very much for this, it was all action Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to the new thinking and new in the Kesaria Textile Company of Marathe and today I am in front of you.


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If you go and after the dupatta, then those who speak in this way in the dupatta speak the rooster print, in this way you will find it inside you can see you and the dupatta that if I talk then you will get the whole and then the ghee which suits It is going to be complete, in this you will not have any problem in any way and if I talk about this printer, then you will get a lot of designs in this printer, you are going to get a lot of different Krishna inside it and today I will tell you I want to show you a lot of bread but because of time bonding I can show you only I am going to show you some selection things because when I show all the items, then the video will become very big and you have a lot of problems till today, so in this way you will get many collections, you will get different prints inside this thing. You will get different next, whatever work is done in America, the sequence work is done, the work that is done differently, you are going to get many such websites in it, but before that I want to request you that if you If you are watching this video, then if you have any problem on the number which has come below the alarm in this video, if you have any problem regarding electricity or you have made up your mind that I have to start business and decide.


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If you want to join the Kesaria Textile Company, then do not delay, you should call on the number you see on the front because after calling you will be given a great facility here which is pick and drop because after coming to Surat Many customers who sleep in me have to deal with many problems. They understand below that they trouble them in different ways, they have to face all the problems, so if you do not have to face all these problems, then you are being given a number of skin looses, you can call us on that number. You can get rid of the problem because you do not want us to cause you any kind of inconvenience, so the Kesaria Textile Company has specially provided the facility of pick and drop for you, so when you want to come to Surat, then you can call us. Do it because it can solve all your problems, so this is how we go, sitting next, I want to show you, in this way you can see the work done on top of different trees with the camera, you can see very nice Krishna and placement is simple and sober inside it there is ad tractor recording of that subject daily use I am showing you the collection of suits in this you are going to get simple and sober things which will make it easy for you to sell if you also know and simple of picture And sober she would have been simple but when she was ready her people would be much better It looks very cute, so in this way you will get different designs inside it.


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If it looks like this, you can see that you get different designs inside its fast, in this way you get many designs inside it here and after the dupatta, what a wonderful dupatta to you. Zari is taken inside it and in this way you are going to get the complete dupatta, so in this way you are going to get a lot of variety inside the suit, you are going to get different inside the suit, so let’s go to Next 9 News to show you very inside debates Cute and the MB work done in it is done in a very nice way and along with the diamond which is attached to it, the beauty of the suit looks very nice and the suit which was done by writing and together with Samosa takes are also in high demand, so in this way you will get samosa hello for this, so in this way you can start your work. They are there and you can take better benefits from here, then you can see how beautiful it is that the past question has been taken from the cheering and along with it, the work of guava has been taken inside it.


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You will get designs and talk in designs, then you know where I stand there you will get the treasure of this photo here and in Kesaria Textile Company you will get many collections like this any time and if you talk about dupatta, then I You can see that the best scarf is made of it, in this way, if you see how beautiful the scarf is, then in this way you are going to get many collections in Kesaria Textile Company, friends, so let’s go to the next design, you can see the color How lovely it is taken and the tamarind kajal worked in it, the further work that has been taken is taken inside the tone, you can see the recording of the color of the suit, there is a yellow color here and blue together If you take it with this, then how wonderful I feel in it and you will find many designs in it here. Suit is going to be available because the work of the suit is such that the best collection you keep here will be custom made to you, then you can show them different varieties because no business wants the customer to come here and come back. If you go to your Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get a lot of collections inside this design, and talking about dupatta, you can see this dupatta is very nice, in this way you will get the whole dupatta in it.


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But I am going to meet you because I have not necessarily seen you Rajiv, so after a few days you will get better When you are going to get the collection of which horoscope Aquarius and if you want that we have pain in a video, then you can also watch it through video calling but if you have made up your mind, Surat has known me and third question companies give me many Krishna in his shop and I want to make my business shine, so most welcome, welcome to come inside the Kesaria Textile Company and see that you will be given the best thing here, so don’t waste much time, come here for yours. Welcome and you have already made up your mind, then come here and see here how best you are going to get the best collection here and if I tell you, if you come to Surat station then it will be 10 minutes from there. Rasta Hai Milan Hum Textile Market Mein First Floor Block 3031 32 First Case Ring Road Surat This is our address and by clicking on the number given to you on the screen, you can talk to our person who guides you better.


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The line will be found here and you come here, it is very best because coming here After that I will give you a complete guide to the proper place, so friends, how did you like this video and what I showed you about the treasure of lies, how did you like it or do tell and the first thing is that if you subscribe to our channel If you have not subscribed then please do it now and don’t forget to press the bell icon because because of this you are going to get many videos and all that notification here, so do our channel till now and press the bell icon and you will get many more like this If you keep getting all the notifications and videos from here, then you do not stay in the next video, but till then thank you.


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