Cotton Dupatta Manufacturers in Surat | Surat Dupatta Wholesale Market | Krishna Janmashtami 2022

Cotton Dupatta Manufacturers Surat: Hello friends, I welcome you very much in Marathi Nayi Soch Nayi Disha with a message and today’s video is going to be and stay inside the dupatta section and you know how many growths happen inside the dupatta which is quality The cloth that comes inside it comes all different, but today’s video is going to stay on Garhwal, this decision is going to be on Garhwal and you are going to get some newness inside Garhwal which is the creativity that you will get inside it. Activity is going to be found inside, you will get a crush, you will get to see something new inside it, let’s start with the quality of the dupatta, I am going to show you the quality inside it, you will understand that which fabric It is very soft but it is shining fabric, you will see it is simple sober but every item has its own importance friends and I am going to Ashoka all those importance so that you will know that because of constipation. how you pull it as much as you pull it If you sponge like this, then whether you get it in your spoon position or not, the cloth is different, the work you get inside it is different, so in this you will see that the newness you will get inside too.


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If you are going to get something different, you are going to get the quality of the cloth completely, but inside you look at the thing, friends, the biggest backbone number is our product and the product which is good, the result is double, it should be consumed and the customer will like it. So what do we need friends, the next one who is going to be new inside our dupatta, inside Garhwal, you will see that the whole of which is wrapped inside it, then golden zari is inserted inside it, which makes the dupatta look even more beautiful. If yes, then you will get sequence work inside Garhwal, this will also get viscose work or ad quality such that every woman will like and our aim is to give you such quality which can help you a lot, then you will see that this In this way, you will get something new like this inside Garhwal Cotton all over here.


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Friends, you can see that it is completely folded inside Garhwal cotton in such a way that you are going to get its full strap or not, the colors you are going to get inside it, you will get different. And what to say in the combination, you are going to get mind blowing, then in this way you are going to get different different or activity inside it, so that you can also take your shop towards a better direction by keeping a good collection, so let’s go next I Told you earlier that today I am going to show you the quality inside Garhwal from which you will enjoy, friends because Garhwal fabrics are very good, now look, the urban fabric is the rest of the tone tone inside it, we have done the above work. With 2mm of the sequence inside it, the entire sequence has been stepped, tone work has been taken, 2mm sequence has been supported and you will see that the whole sequence has been laced with most of it in America and the world.


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This is what we are going to see next Work done friends is inside Garhwal cotton but inside it you are going to get the whole animal, we will see in which the concept of jar is going to live like this o what is it very nice all work to meet whatsapp It is the one in which you update the whole net of how cute you have taken and friends, women like it very much even from such angles, unlike anyone we keep in front of the customer, then the response should be very If it should be good then you can see that in this way you are going to get the complete collection inside Garhwal and let’s see how our WhatsApp living inside Garhwal, how will you see that Mewat, he also took the whole network of WhatsApp white inside him The floor has been taken, the distance has been worked, so let’s see how the color combination is going to be in it, o it has also set you a complete triangle, who can call the star work inside the cashew cutlery set, which whole net is dry In this too, you will get very different color charts. If you talk about it, then you are going to get the complete color chart inside the dark shade, you will get all the colors inside it, so that if any customer demands that I want dark, I want light or voter in, then Sarah’s whole.


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So friends, I have given the sequence of this, then I have taken the bandage of the cycle and have done various work to you or not, what are you going to see inside it, then let’s see what kind of concept is going to be found inside the dupatta. So friends, in this way you are going to get the whole of the whole, what is the matter very good or not, I have taken the matter of provision in the sequence of the dupatta, the patchup of the Android people is taken for the poori of the wife and in between The entire sequence of the DM’s entire bar inside it is now taken inside it. It has happened and then when we come to the last, you will see in the last that you are going to get all the work of all the various things inside it, there are going to be color combinations, very nice and beautiful living like going to customer demands. If you do the show immediately, then the customer will like it immediately, then let’s go next, next is going to come, inside the ad, inside the Garhwal cotton, the whole tone tone has been removed from the embroidery inside it, so see you are definitely going to get the thing in it.


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Which way, where is the very nice simple sober to be found and this is the concept, it is liked by very many women, in this way the butt has taken you, you can see that there is more like this inside What is the pattern you are going to get, what is the matter, you are going to get a look inside it, friends can see the tone tone inside it, the balloons are full, that is, what is the money that if you like it, then it is complete and It is filled inside don’t take what inside it for that which makes the scarf even more beautiful and beautiful. It looks like the collars are going to be weak in this, all the friends you get are different, in this way you can see that the entire sequence has been completed, then the green color of Alexander Jerry’s entire work has been done with this oil.


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The whole tape is made, which makes the scarf look even more beautiful and lovely and friends, you know how many votes are in the scarf, in this way you are going to get the complete work of the whole sequence, it will work inside it and if If you have understood a product, then take a screenshot of it, send it to us and if you want to see through this reservation video, then you can see and make up your mind to come to Surat, then it is a very good thing because here you will get more If you get to see gravity then I will meet Sanskar Marathe Pune with my favorite in new video but if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now don’t forget to press bell icon because this will give you new videos notification which will be yours. Vacation helps you a lot, so see you in the new video till then thank you!


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