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Biggest Printed Saree Manufacturer: Hello friends, I am Shikar Marathe, with new thinking new direction, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, friends today’s video is going to come, daily use sarees, in that you show different print collections showing some different practices. I am going to let you know how important this collection is and in this you will see that the collection which is going to stay, you are going to get different quality on top of it Prince, you will get many in quality but I will give you one by one. I will show you so that you will know that in the fabric that I will show you, you will get a lot of friends, just you have to select what kind of print I want, so today I am going to show you the catalog inside the witness, you have to print speed ladies inside the first lady. There are many to be found, but I will show you one by one, so that you will know that the one and a half of Delhi where is so wonderful, so let’s start with Switzerland, which I give you aah fabrics, how to print you in it meet So let’s start with what kind of collection you will get then you can see that the prints you will get are going to be very different inside the trick, the fabric is very good, the light fabric remains but the prints you will get a lot in it, see.

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There is a cloth, it is called weightless and in this I will show you that the pattern of tying is taken inside the chunari pattern, you will find many designs but you know that in the families that are going on our festivals right now, what is the bondage Lahariya collection is very sick of such collection Our mothers and sisters demand such a collection, so keeping all these things in mind today’s video is being made and it can be seen that the entire tying pattern has been taken, the print of besan maroon color has been taken and the tailor on the side. And the green color is taken straight in this way, the whole other beauty looks very nice and let me tell you the prince you will get in this, you are going to get different because you know that you are going to join with the manufacture.

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The demand that is going to be different, then you will get the design you want within the same pattern, you will get it here, you just have to make the selection so that you will know that what I am going to get here is the quality and the quality. I am going to get it, so that I can see that you will not face any problem in my business, it is very good and you know that the layer which is there is always in demand because of this. If you like to wear this type of collection and wear very much, then you have done like this. You are going to get a blouse for this mantra, so let’s go next, I am going to show you the paper board, yes friends, fabric is also the name and Katra is the name of Katra, this ancestor is a tree, it is lightweight but it is going to get a printer.

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How can you see how you are going to get, let’s see how you are going to meet the princesses that I have met, let’s see how its print is going to be and Virat is going to get you like this inside it, how wonderfully you can see inside it Can you have taken orange color, blue color has taken full printer job inside it and coffee color i.e. three-in-one scanner had taken complete catchup of printer, let me tell you that you are going to get it and get it. The paper is inside that triangle shape, the whole printer is taken inside it, the print is taken inside the circle, which prints you different different, how much you need different prints in it and you think that I have such a collection of gruel cover, then you know It will work how to meet you and if you are Surat then give the number to you only. So that you will not have any problem in reaching the Kesaria Textile Company.

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Friends, you may think but you had a collection in this, it is going to be very good, Prince you are going to get a lot, so let’s see that the star is going to get you prints only inside, you can see the old fabric like this and If I talk about the print, then the whole printer is playing inside it from the triangle and the fabrics are perfect, even a moment has been taken great for the printer inside, that means whatever is waiting for you to come to the Kesaria Textile Company. It is going to end later, friends, because I told you earlier that we are a businessman, so there is no problem in doing business, that is the name of the subscriber we get, but this is the whole ghrita, friends, I am going to show you. I am going to get this collection, what kind of friends you will get brown, but you are going to get fruits together or not, what a great printer scanner you will get in these one combos and till the file its like Look at the beauty of everyone The whole career pallu is going to come with the file and after that you will get this very best color which the person will get, basic then the whole green color set has been taken and after putting the file four moons in this sari It seems that this way you are going to get collections different collection.

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You can get how much fine fabric is hitting the rest of the whole shine and after the fruit the saree is looking very lovely friends and talk in fabric so very much You are going to get light weight and very good service, so that you do not need to be afraid that the fabric is so good, so the collection is going to be very lively and luxurious, so you can see now you are going to get the complete file inside You are going to get a collection of icing on the gold, if we speak of it as powerful, you are going to see here friends, last but not the least, but there is no difference, let me tell you that here you will get the complete collection of work. Friends, I have given you only the sample but apart from this I will fill you up. After that you are going to get you here and you are going to get a lot in you, after that you will get and then you are going to get the total, after that you will get your pimples in the blouse you get here and readymade bags and mills. After that, sit with the heart and get the scarf, you will get the complete collection of Kayan Tower, after that you will get the complete collection of suit material, you are going to get the bed seat, yes friends base that you are going to get the complete collection of yours.

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The wait will be over, only how it was inside the Kesaria Textile Company and it is a matter of getting so many items under one roof, that means it becomes a pleasant thing to say yes, friends, this is our beautiful, it is our quality that you get only one You will get the entire collection of Star under the roof, which will save your time, you will also save money and whether you will get the complete range of quality here or not, you will get on positive as well as the best quality because let me tell you that Kesaria Textile Company is absolutely juvenile in its quality Because there is no shortage due to which you will get better product and you can provide better service to the customer from here, then friends, hope that you would have liked the collection shown in today’s collection, if you understand any print, then its shirt Take it, send it to us and it was through the video that you can see the entire collection of Sara, if you have made up your mind to come to Surat, then what to say then it will be pleasant to say because here you will get to see all the corrections and the things of you people. You will get to see all of them here, so friends, if you have not subscribed to our channel, then do not forget to press that bell icon because this will give you new videos, you will get new notifications, which will help in your business. You are going to get a lot of help so I hope you have liked today’s collection a lot, then I get shikar marathe next video with new quality, thanks till then bye-bye.

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