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Work Saree Manufacturers in Surat: Hello friends Message Shikar Marathe, Nayi Soch Nayi Disha, I warmly welcome you to the Kesaria Textile Company and today’s pairing is going to happen and Christine Lagarde is going to be in because now Rakshabandhan is about to come home Navratra is going to come like this Many festivals are going to come and you know that as the festival starts, then our mothers are sisters, their demand also increases, so how can we fulfill those demands, today’s video is going to be recorded and you will get this In the video, I am going to show you all that one and a half sati of the catalogue, this prince’s sari goes in all different fabrics, so it has happened, friends, that the kind of customer you will have, in the same way you can demand them. But it will be possible, how will you keep all the unique collection of Sarah in your shop, then you can fulfill the demand of the customers on every word and you can get to see this type of collection because it is the only for Kesaria Textile Company.

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In Kis How Kesaria Textile Company, you will get all those things and Well, we are going to provide you, which will make it very easy for you to do business, but the customers will not leave you completely because the collection you are going to have is going to be amazing and wonderful and that whole collection of this whole today. I am going to show you but today I am going to show you from the catalog along with the collection, it will give you insight into how you will get the perfect thing you get in Kesaria Textile Company and you will get quality boys because our goal is Giving the best product to the customer makes it easier for him, so those who start today’s video have made something unique, something special is going to happen because all the afters are in front, the mixture of all those things, you will see through this video. I am going to show you the first fabric I am going to get today, so that inside the bicycle strap inside the tips and you are going to get seats today, friends are going to get very wonderful because now our mothers and sisters who are their demands that us printer If we find the starting strap or some such fabric inside, then you can enjoy it, then you can see that it looks very beautiful and talking about the starting strap, then this printer looks very wonderful and very unique to you like the setting strip.

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You can see here I am showing you that the print you are going to get, you are going to get something unique and very special because we know what our customers want, keeping all that in mind By keeping all of us, we make all the videos so that it can be very easy for you, then you can see that in this way you are going to get the print here, inside the satin belt and if I talk about it, you are going to get the colors very wonderful and different. Apart from this, the pattern which is going to be found in it and it is just simple, you are going to get prints inside many such satin plates, due to which you are going to get a lot under doing business and many blouses then you will get blouses like this in the contract. You are going to get this kind of unique collection with typing How to bill the medical company but if you like all this correction, then you can not mind through email and if you have something clear in your mind by offering anything extra then you can call us and ask us but how The number is given above you on the skin.

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You can call us from that number and whatever your diet is, whatever you have questions, whatever you have to ask, then we will try to start all of them here, then next The word that you live you can see strange and then it is going to happen inside it, in this way you are going to get a complete catalog eight inside it you can see what I am going to show you all of it is taken in gray color With diamond touch and blouse also you are going to find it very cool and very unique and print we see bizarre and what you are going to get inside it is going to be like this with complete diamond till then All the people who are living in this way, you can see that the great combination has been taken along with the fist of it. I have kept golden inside it, all the beauty of it and looking very nice and it is a matter of fact that for Congress, wash it with Amazon and wash it from inside, it makes all the beauty look even better, then like this Unique Collection What you are going to get, what I told you that you are going to get the same name as Sweet Lady in this way, then like the name of Kepler, then the Everest that you get is also going to be sweet and very cute.

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You can see that this way the browser is going to come, then f4 is going to rob the hole in the Contra voucher, so this Calling us to see which one is unique and great, you can order everything through video, but if you like something, you can send this cream to us, I have been given to you through that number. From this you will be provided with all the information, listen who is going to live inside the weight reduce, you can see that in this way you are going to get this connection, that too with samosa lace because now our mothers are sisters. There is a lot of demand for this type of lace, so keeping that demand in mind, you can see the treasure of this print you are going to get, for the lace it has got this contrast and the flower that is with it. The borders of the sun were engaged inside the drivers, because of this, the beauty of all was looking very beautiful, that thing I want to tell you that in this way you can see the complete catalog of you, very brilliant dark color.

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Inside you are going to get all the contact of this whole and the thing is that the fabric is very good fabric black And in this way you are going to get work in it with full confidence, but if the lace is complete then you are going to get it and if you talk about the blouse, then you are going to get the blouse in this way in the contract with the whole district in the next your local The train is like living it like this, it has a favorite name, then you will be absolutely happy to see it, you too are going to like all these things, you can see that in this way the whole of it is going to be Catholic and if I If you do stupid acting then the packing is very nice, what unique you are going to get, even if you get packing like this, with the barcode, I am going to get you all this stuff, then what is the best inside the benefits to show you in the next You are going to get tone tone lace and you are going to get the full flower of this tender contact, now some Mata Vinod Jain temple needs a laser added, if you want a bigger border, then keeping that in mind, we have kept that thing in mind. For what kind of sin is this kept, then in this way all the things that you cat The logs are going to be found, you can see that the printer is going to be great and wonderful and you know that you are going to get different prints in it, you will get different figures in this way.

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You are going to meet the whole unicorn here, so you can see that this is how you are going to get a blouse with lace, friends, today’s video was the same as that and you are going to get a lot of things in it, only sarees are not available. You will get ready blouse, you will get pimples and you will get petticoat, you will get many things, you will get all those things under one roof, so I hope you liked today’s video very much If you want to use then this point has been given a number, you have to call on that number and the thing is, if you have not subscribed to our channel then do it now and don’t forget to press the bell icon because because of this you are going to get the notification very much. It is going to be a big benefit, so let’s meet with Laga in the next video s thanks for you!

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